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Percy Abbott Introduction
Eddie Joseph Mnemotechnic Marvels general comments
Eddie Joseph The Numbered Cards words written on numbered cards
Eddie Joseph The Cloak-Room Attendant several objects are borrowed and each person gets a number in return, performer hand objects back to owner
Eddie Joseph Seeing through a Bag always three objects are placed in six different colored bags, performer is able to name all objects in each bag
Eddie Joseph Objects in the Dark various people select object and playing card, when they name playing card performer can name object
Eddie Joseph Locating the Page playing cards are chosen and placed between pages of a book, performer memorizes page of each card
Eddie Joseph Double Dealing deck is dealt in two piles, performer remembers both and names order of chosen pile, suit is chosen and all cards from that suit are named in second pile
Eddie Joseph Identifying the Personality business cards are borrowed and seven-digit numbers are formed by drawing checkers with numbers, numbers and names are remembered, memory bluff
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  • My Card System
Also published here 14
Eddie Joseph How to Prepare for a Series of Astounding Tricks Through "My System" knowing every card's position and vice versa in a memorized deck
Also published here 16
Eddie Joseph Formula to Find Out Where Any Particular Card Lies in the Pack knowing positions of cards after straight cuts
Also published here 17
Eddie Joseph The Card Fiend deck is cut and dealt out face-down in four rows of thirteen cards each, position of named cards are given, then spectator is directed to pick up cards, they are in new deck order
Also published here 19
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