reprint, edited by David Britland, no year
1976 ca.
Written by Bob Ostin
Work of Bob Ostin
12 pages (Stapled), published by A Talon Publication
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
30 entries
Cover photograph
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Bob Ostin Introduction
David Britland Editor's Note
Bob Ostin The Vanishing Deck half deck with pull
Also published here 2
Bob Ostin The Optical Coin Production coin is produced between two playing cards
Bob Ostin The Lie Detector variation to Lie Detector in Fingertip Fantasies, only fragment of routine
Inspired byAlso published here 3
Bob Ostin Flash Cigarette Vanisher only description of effect, dealer's item
Bob Ostin A Better Cigarette Pull coin attached to pull
Also published here 3
Bob Ostin Backward Cards Trick homing card, with back of cards, variation of trick in Fingertip Fantasies, brief
Related to 3
Bob Ostin The Serendipity Card Change card is vanished and when produced it is diminished, brief
Bob Ostin Coin Through Hank handkerchief on table and coin placed on top, coin penetrates, with variations
Related to 4
Bob Ostin Sponge Ball to Dice
Also published here 4
Bob Ostin Skullocation Routine
Also published here 5
Bob Ostin Fan Hide Move one handed fan hides card, also as glimpse
Also published here 5
Bob Ostin Coins Across shell, last coin in spectator's hand, handling for last phase
Inspired byRelated to 5
Bob Ostin Picking Up the Pieces
Also published here 6
Bob Ostin Challenge Coin Across brief, with gaffed coin
Also published here 6
Bob Ostin Spellbound Variation climax for Vernon routine, coin changes to big dice
Bob Ostin Knife Routine no explanation, just reference to Fingertip Fantasies
Inspired by 7
Bob Ostin Thimble Vanish
Bob Ostin Sky Hooks no explanation, just reference to the book
Bob Ostin, Ray Grismer Ring and Cord variation on Ray Grismer move
Also published here 7
Bob Ostin Sleightly Haunted with small gaff
Also published here 8
Bob Ostin The Flugle Bug small object "bug" jumps out to find selection
Bob Ostin The Thought Transmitter using a box to transmit selection
Also published here 9
Bob Ostin A Use for the Faulty Follower (Vernon't Variant) ideas for Vernon's Variant (here called Faulty Follower)
  • To Add a Card
  • Lucky Charm Idea
Inspired byAlso published here 10
Bob Ostin Four In One Routine - Plus One variation on routine in Fingertip Fantasies, coin changes to matches, coin flurry, coin changes to cigarette and lighter is produced
VariationsAlso published here 10
Bob Ostin Liquid Production From Cup liquid production as an ending for dice stacking routine, brief
Also published here 10
Bob Ostin Coins Through Table and Basket Vanish four different sized coins, into glass, without extra coin
Inspired byAlso published here 11
Bob Ostin Corner to Corner Dice Stack dice stacking sequence, one die balanced on corner
Also published here 11
Unknown Material Other Than Published In Fingertip Fantasies
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