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Mike Pisciotta The Devil's Lunch Sack paper back as switching device
Mike Pisciotta, Manuel Llaser Ideas for using The Devil's Lunch Sack
  • Lunch 1
  • Lunch 2
  • Map
  • Music
  • Book Test
  • Magazine Test
  • Cards
  • Money
  • Drawing Duplication
Mike Pisciotta The Way I Use It several people take item out of paper bag, one spectator is chosen and has taken the forced item
Ted Karmilovich Target Number Spectator Force spectators name numbers, the one who get closest to performer's number is chosen
Mike Pisciotta The Natural positions of two names cards are known by performer in shuffled deck
Juan Tamariz, Robert Parrish Cover Card Deck Switch apparently red and blue deck, cover dragged over to other deck
Inspired byRelated to 15
Mike Pisciotta Vernon and Houdini Shit (and so do Ladies) about living in the present
Mike Pisciotta Into the Dead Zone unknown card placed aside, performer sets out to find mates but stops at three different cards which are left face up in the deck, the change to value of selection, non-stack version of Tamariz's effect
Related to 25
Mike Pisciotta Proustian Omens stop trick using a falling Telekinetic Pen/Timber as stopping sign
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