Written by William Larsen
Work of William Larsen
6 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by F. G. Thayer
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Language: English
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William Larsen A Count Down Detection spectator count down to a card near the top, remembers it and shuffles deck, performer locates card
William Larsen The Cut In Detection spectator choses any card, puts it in center and cuts, performer locates card
William Larsen Think of a Card spectator thinks of a card in the middle of an in-the-hands spread
William Larsen Shuffle It Yourself twelve cards repeated four times, fishing & multiple out for divination, same as Walsh
Related to 4
William Larsen A Few Hands of Cards Aces lost in deck, later they are dealt in a five-handed game, another deal with drawing, stud-deal in which the performer knows the hole cards
Variations 5
William Larsen Insertion Stacking with thumb count
William Larsen Multiple Riffle Glimpse top four cards glimpsed during tabled riffle shuffle
William Larsen Top Glimpse corner of top card bent back in dealing position under cover of right hand
William Larsen Cold Deck Demonstration red and black cards transpose as pseudo deck switch demo, no method
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