Written by Richard Kaufman
Work of Shigeo Takagi
120 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Ton Onosaka
Language: English
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Dai Vernon Comment
Max Maven Foreword
Shigeo Takagi Devilishly Direct
Related to 11
Elmer Biddle Biddle Load and Steal
Shigeo Takagi Takagi's Coins Across
  • Part One: ten coins travel from hand to hand one by one, with hand crossing
  • Part Two: three in each hand, all travel into one hand
  • Part Three: two in each hand, all travel into one hand
Inspired by 13
Shigeo Takagi Coin Vanish hand placed into fist from below, similar to Ramsay vanish
Shigeo Takagi Drop Transfer apparently one coin dropped from each hand, really bot from one, han ping chien like move
Shigeo Takagi Wild Time six Jokers change into duplicates of Two of Hearts
Also published here 19
Shigeo Takagi Flustration Move Handling
Two-Card Monte Move
Francis Carlyle Turnover Move
Shigeo Takagi The Wild Blanks five blank cards, one is signed by performer and signature transfers to other cards
Inspired byVariations 24
Shigeo Takagi Turn-Over Count double-blank cards
Variations 24
Shigeo Takagi The Solid Cup one-cup routine with solid cup finale, final load travels inside cup which can be screwed open
Also published here 26
Shigeo Takagi False Transfer
Shigeo Takagi Trans-Purse-Sition Chinese coin in purse transposes with three silver coins outside, unequal transposition
Also published here 32
Shigeo Takagi Purse Steal coin apparently placed in purse
Shigeo Takagi Trans-Purse-Tation four coins travel one by one from purse to hand
Related to 35
Shigeo Takagi The Ghostly Silk silk penetrates another silk that a spectator holds upright between his hands, no reel
Also published here 38
Shigeo Takagi Who Cuts First? packets in square, fake/crossed pick-ups
Also published here 40
Shigeo Takagi Scissorope scissors threaded onto rope penetrate rope
Also published here 43
Shigeo Takagi The Leaping Silk silk knotted onto rope, silk penetrates onto another rope
Shigeo Takagi Total Triumph
Tenkai Ishida, Shigeo Takagi Tenkai Optical Revolve Handling
Shigeo Takagi Cutting Display Variation
Related to 49
Shigeo Takagi Rising Triumph deck shuffled face-up/face-down, selection rises, then Triumph
Variations 51
Ken Krenzel Up and Up Rise
Shigeo Takagi Color-Shift Triumph color changing deck climax
Also published here 53
Shigeo Takagi The Oriental Coins four coins vanish and appear between two bowls one by one
Also published here 55
Shigeo Takagi The Double Thought
Inspired by 58
Shigeo Takagi Double Handling double turned over in one hand between fingers
Shigeo Takagi Convergence Hoe's sympathetic coins
Shigeo Takagi Coin Vanish with Card coin stolen out of hand under card
Also published here 62
Shigeo Takagi Rope, Knots, and Wand spectator holds wand upright, rope knotted onto wand penetrates it
Related to 65
Shigeo Takagi Double Cut and Restored Rope
Shigeo Takagi Monte With Four jumbo cards
Also published here 74
Shigeo Takagi Jumbo Card Elmsley Count
Shigeo Takagi Do As I Do Rope Routine with spectator
  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three (based on Cornelius)
  • Part Four
Inspired byRelated to 79
Shigeo Takagi Chinese Rubber Band Mystery
Shigeo Takagi A Beautiful Thumb Tie full routine
Shigeo Takagi Owan to Tama "Japanese Cups and Balls"
with three bowls, fan as wand
Shigeo Takagi New Era Linking Rings six rings
  • The First Link (A bluff link)
  • The Second Link (A bluff link and unlink)
  • The Third Link (A genuine link and unlink with the key ring)
  • The Fourth Link (Your two rings are exchanged with the spectator's which are then linked and unlinked)
  • The Fifth Link (A comedy link and unusual unlink)
  • The Sixth Link (The rings are linked and the spectator holding two linked rings is invited to stand beside you. You unlink your rings and, with your help, he unlinks his own rings)
  • The Seventh Link (The spectator is given two single rings. You hold the other two. You both link your rings together)
  • The Eighth Link (A chain of four rings is made)
  • The Ninth Link
  • The Tenth and Eleventh Links (The next two rings are joined with those already linked together)
  • The Climactic Long Chain
  • The Resolution
Shigeo Takagi The False Count
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