Written by Anthony Owen
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36 pages (Stapled), published by TVMagic.co.uk
Illustrated with photographs
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Anthony Owen Introduction
Anthony Owen Big Survivor 2 prediction of chosen person, procedure similar to TV-Shows Big Brother and Survivor
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Anthony Owen RE: Monition two decks with different backs, named card is missing from one and found in other, two handlings
Also published here 11
Anthony Owen Ring On Notepad finger ring travels on spiral of notepad
Also published here 19
Anthony Owen, Pete McCahon, Andrew O'Connor, Richard Pinner Recaffinated Coffee performer pours coffee, milk and sugar into a cup and drinks it, then items are spitted out from mouth seperately
Also published here 25
Anthony Owen Out Of This House angle-jogging cards while dealing them on the table
Also published here 28
Anthony Owen The Amazing Karate Pencil Of Death coin through pencil
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