Written by Ken De Courcy
Work of Ken De Courcy
67 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings by Ken De Courcy
Language: English
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Billy McComb Prologue 1
Stanton Carlisle Prologue 2
John Wade Prologue 3
Ken De Courcy Prologue 4
Part 1 - Cards Alone
Ken De Courcy The Invisible Die and Card Trick card chosen via calculation with invisible dice, spectator sits on that card
Inspired by
  • card on chair in The Quaker Oat Book of Magic
  • "The Invisible Die" (Ken de Courcy, Magigram)
Ken De Courcy Down to Size having the spectator on stage sit on a chair, so he is not taller
Ken De Courcy A Routine for Frank Garcia's "Five Card Stunner" black Jack and four red cards, Jack vanishes and travels to pocket, repeats with fewer cards
Inspired by
  • "Five Card Stunner" (Frank Garcia)
Ken De Courcy Another Fallacy on women and card tricks
Ken De Courcy The Delayed-Action Eleven Card Routine
Ken De Courcy I Pass comment on the pass
Ken De Courcy Card Snooker card travels to chosen pocket, then it is shown that the card is in every pocket and the deck is a forcing deck, gag
Ken De Courcy High Spots on important moments in a routine
Ken De Courcy The Red and Black Computation spectator places some red and black cards in his left and right trouser and jacket pockets, performer divines numbers, with selected card
Inspired by 21
Ken De Courcy The Subtle Bits about having too many details in a trick
Ken De Courcy The Very Personal Card Discovery completely out of hand, spectator chooses a card and loses it, spreads deck, one card has his initials and it's the selection
10-20 Force adding digits and counting back
Ken De Courcy Inverse Ratio "the smaller the props the more showmanship is required"
Dr. H. Walter Grote The Master Mental Divination spectator and performer think of a card, performer places both in a glass, he divines card of spectator, then cards change places, duplicate
Also published here 26
Part 2 - Cards Plus
Ken De Courcy The Electrified Passing Cards both spectators hold a rope with light bulb in center that lights up as a card passes
Ken De Courcy Make It Broad simplicity in effect
Ken De Courcy Card on Plate performer enters while spinning a plate with one hand, with other hand he has a card chosen and replaced, finally on the plate is shown a prediction of the selection
Ken De Courcy Corn Can Still Be Green corny patter, having a cheque for anyone who can prove that the cards are faked
Ken De Courcy The Heavy Stuff prediction on a paper card in newspaper on which the spectator stands, with comedy message
Ken De Courcy Volunteers (?) "I always try for a lady first"
Ken De Courcy Tear for Two two cards chosen, design for pips of both cards torn out of newspaper
Ken De Courcy The Palm Problem
Ken De Courcy, Syd Boikess Sole Survivors two cards chosen and returned, rope around case which is held by two spectators, cards should rise but don't, instead all other cards vanish from case except selections
Ken De Courcy Jumbo Cards on disadvantages of using jumbo cards
Ken De Courcy The 20th Century Card Discovery silk with print of selected card appears between two other silks, selection in card box became blank
Ken De Courcy Visibility on handling card in stand up
Ken De Courcy The Jumping Stool Discovery jumbo card matching selection is on jumping stool prop
Ken De Courcy Take a Card staging of having a card freely chosen
Ken De Courcy The Voice in the Teapot card chosen and lost, another spectator listens to a teapot and names card, card then found inside teapot
Inspired by
  • Arthur Setterington effect in The Magigram
Ken De Courcy Bad Memories spectator should card to neighbour, application in which that is a stooge
Ken De Courcy The Fastest Insured Card Trick comedy routine in which the spectator doesn't remember the card, then doesn't return it, and so on, insurance policy ending
Also published here 43
Ken De Courcy Climax how to show a card at the climax of a trick
Ken De Courcy The Clever Lady Trick three cards chosen, one remembered, all cards torn in quarters, performer does same, all pieces tossed in change bag, spectator removes four pieces, they make up selection, it is restored in bag
Inspired by
  • marketed George Blake effect
Ken De Courcy Pre-set Portability about cards being easy to carry around
Ken De Courcy The Wander-Combo card chosen and put in envelope, borrowed bill also put in envelope, borrowed finger ring in handkerchief, ring penetrates onto wand, wand broken and bill and card are rolled-up inside
Ken De Courcy Cleanliness is Next to Showmanship personal hygiene
Ken De Courcy I've Got it Taped spectator takes five cards and follows down/under deal instructions from tape recorder, last card named by recorded voice
Ken De Courcy The Borrowed Pack working with borrowed cards
Ken De Courcy The Castle Card Prediction 52-on-1 card gag with appearing card castle
Ken De Courcy Novelty using unusual cards
Ken De Courcy The No-Prop Card in Balloon
Ken De Courcy VTR's practicing with video
Ken De Courcy The Misadventurous Card comedy presentation for signed card to wallet (or similar discovery), comedy props
Part 3 - Card + He + She
Ken De Courcy Dressing using an assistent to make tricks play bigger
Ken De Courcy The Heart She Left Behind one card chosen in multiple steps from apparatus set-up, assistent take four heart pips from bag, but selection is Five of Hearts, costume of assistant has final heart on its backside
Inspired by
  • The "Left Card" Trick
Ken De Courcy Card Swords for Two presentation with assistant
Ken De Courcy, U. F. Grant, Archie Byford Four Ace Duet stand-up with stand, dealing
  • The Solo Version
Inspired by 65
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