Written by Lewis Ganson
Work of Slydini
208 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Stanley
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Lewis Ganson Introduction
Slydini Foreword
Leslie P. Guest Slydini Reprinted with kind permission from March, 1958 "M-U-M", official organ of the Society of American Magicians
Also published here
  • M-U-M, Mar. 1958
Slydini The Art of Using the Lap as a Servante - Part One - Position and Timing
Also published here 21
Slydini Vanish of Paper Ball as lapping application, see also next item
Slydini The Art of Using the Lap as a Servante - Part Two - Misdirection
Slydini The Paper Balls in the Hat one by one four napkins are rolled in a hand into balls and disappear, then they appear in a hat that was presented empty
Slydini Slydini's New Cigarette Miracle new version
Inspired by 51
Slydini Two Cigarettes From One cigarette broken in two halves, both stretched to full length cigarettes
Slydini Cigarette Fantasy
Unknown The Cigarette Palm similar to Tenkai palm
Slydini Sponge Ball Magic introduction to Slydini's sponge ball magic
how to handcraft sponge balls
Slydini Sorcery With Spheres Two sponge balls, one travels from the magician's hand to the spectator's hand. Next a third appears and then a fourth. At the end two balls transform in many tiny balls in the spectator's hand.
Slydini Spherical Switchcraft Four sponge balls are put in the right hand and then they disappear. To reappear from the spectator's pocket
Slydini Coins Through the Table Introduction to the Slydini's routines of coins through the table.
Slydini Six Silver Coins and a Penny Six silver coins and a penny are shown. Three silver coins in each hand, and with a slapp trhee coins cross the table at once.
Slydini Six Silver Coins and a Ring Similar to "Six Silver Coins and a Penny", this time a ring is used instead a Penny
Slydini Only Six Silver Coins Again six coins are shown, three in each hand. One below the table, and with a slap three coins cross the table.
Slydini Again Six Silver Coins A variation of "Only Six Silver Coins".
Slydini The Knockout Another variation of "Only Six Silver Coins".
Slydini Four Silver Coins With the excuse of simplify things, this the next variation of "Only Six Silver Coins" but with 4 coins.
Slydini Two Silver Coins Simplifying again, will use only 2 coins and 1 will cross the table
Slydini The Payoff This was thought as a climax for the "Coins Through the Table" routine.
It's a variation of the "Six Silver Coins and a Penny" with the same coins.
Slydini The Clip Introduction and explanation of the gimmick. See next entry for the routine.
Slydini Slydini's New Version of the Coins Through the Table Six coins cross the table, all at once
Slydini The Flight of the Paper Balls Successive balls of paper disappear in front of one spectator while the audience knowing what is taking place.
Related toAlso published here 141
Slydini Rope Trickery Compendium of multiple tricks with knots.
Slydini The Repeating Knot The performer ties a single knot. After displaying the knot, he unties it, tosses to the air and the knot is back on the rope. No matter how many times he unties it, the knot always comes back.
Slydini The Extra Lopp Method for secretly adding an extra loop of rope to a long rope hich is to be cut and then restored.
Slydini The Short Piece of Rope Variation of the Edward Victor's technique. Using another loop to be cut.
Inspired by 160
Slydini The Helicopter Card A deck splited in two parts. One is spread randomly into a mess on the table. The other half is fanned, the spectator select a card, put it back on it. And magicaly flyies on the table.
It repeat in five phases.
Also published here 163
Slydini Slydini's Knotted Silks Introduction of the routine and tips of how to hold the silks to tie.
Slydini Slydini's Knotted Silks - The Routine Two different silks are tied and magically untied.
Slydini The Convincing Knot Technique to tie two different silks with a false knot.
Slydini Slydini's Torn and Restored Newspaper A sheet of newspaper is torn multiple pieces. And finally those are unfolded into a one whole sheet.
Also published here 201
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