Written by Justin Higham
Work of Justin Higham
126 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Justin Higham
Language: English
156 entries
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Sleights & Applications
Roger Crosthwaite Transfer Switches - First Method card is shown in spread and tabled
Also published here 3
Justin Higham Transfer Switches - Second Method variations of Walton's switch
  • First Version
  • Second Version
  • Third Version
  • Fourth Version
  • Fifth Version
  • Sixth Version
  • Seventh Version
Justin Higham X Cards to Aces four indifferent cards tabled one by one, they change to Aces
Variations 5
Justin Higham Face-Down X Cards to Aces four indifferent cards tabled one by one from face-down spread, they change to Aces
Justin Higham Transfer-Switch Force
Variations 6
Justin Higham Transfer-Switch Reverse card openly turned over in spread, same card is still reversed afterwards
Justin Higham Illogical Retention Change face-up/face-down discrepancy
Inspired byAlso published here 8
Justin Higham Illogical One-Hand Bottom face-up/face-down discrepancy
Justin Higham Shuffled X Cards to Aces four indifferent cards are reversed in deck, they change to Aces
Inspired by 9
Justin Higham Transfer Switches - Third Method fake transfer
  • First Technique
  • Second Technique
Justin Higham Transfer Switches - Fourth Method fake transfer
  • First Technique
  • Second Technique
Justin Higham Transfer Switches - Fifth Method tabled card picked up and put into spread and switched
Justin Higham Transfer Switches - Sixth Method tabled card picked up and put into spread and switched
Related to 11
Justin Higham Transfer-Switch Transposition
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
Justin Higham Reverse Top Change slow motion type
Related to 12
Ace Switches
Justin Higham Choreographed Ace Switch Aces removed from in-the-hands spread and then switched on deck, all or only partial switch
  • First Method
  • Second Method (with palm)
    • With a Pause
    • Without a Pause
  • Third Method
  • Fourth Method
    • 1-of-4
    • 2-of-4
    • 3-of-4
    • 4-of-4
  • Fifth Method
Variations 13
Justin Higham Illogical Ace Switch partial or full switch on deck
  • 1-of-4
  • 2-of-4
  • 3-of-4
  • 4-of-4
Inspired by
  • Justin Higham, The New Tops, June 1985
Related to
Justin Higham Lost-Cover Ace Switch starting position as in slide-under switches, but cover card lapped
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Justin Higham Fine Step Control post-peek step control
Longitudinal Angle Palm Notes
Justin Higham Longitudinal Fan Steal (From Bottom)
Inspired byRelated to 19
Justin Higham, Edward Marlo Longitudinal Multiple Shift
Related to
  • Gary Kurtz (Magic of Canada?)
Justin Higham Longitudinal Bottom Replacement
Justin Higham Longitudinal Center Replacement
Inspired by 21
Justin Higham K-B Flick Change double removed from bottom, unload on top with deck in right-hand end grip
Illusory Double Undercuts
Justin Higham Step Double Undercut with visible (sucker) step
Inspired byAlso published here 22
Justin Higham Finessed Double Undercut
Justin Higham Double-Undercut Throw-Off
Inspired by 24
Justin Higham Fake Jog Shuffle
Related to 24
Justin Higham Count-Action Bottom Deal cards counted from left-hand dealing position into right-hand dealing position
  • Necktied Version
  • Count-Action Double Deal
  • As a Switch
Also published here 25
Justin Higham Surprise Collectors using Count-Action Bottom Deal
Justin Higham Flexican Turnover single or multiple cards
Justin Higham Lengthwise Packet Switch tabled
Inspired byRelated to 28
Justin Higham Half-Pass Action Glimpse during cutting action, also for multiple cards
Justin Higham Note on the Riffle Peek on picking up the break
Justin Higham Full Tilt straight to bottom
Inspired byVariations 31
Justin Higham Full-Tilt Pseudo Center Deal
Justin Higham Less Than Full Tilt to certain number from bottom
Inspired by 32
Justin Higham All-Around Turnover with faced deck, credit information
Related to 32
Justin Higham Repeat Reverse
Techniques for the Pass
Notes on the Herman Pass
Edward Marlo Six O'Clock Shift
Inspired by 37
Justin Higham Three O'Clock Shift
Inspired by
  • "Perfect Pass" (Ed Marlo, Daniel Rhod's Ultimate Marlo Vol. 1 video)
Justin Higham Midnight Shift to Table
Inspired by 39
Justin Higham Screened Turnover Pass
Justin Higham Turnover-Pass Switch
Related to 39
Justin Higham Table-Edge Pass Finesse
Inspired byRelated to
  • Ed Marlo, The Cardician video
Justin Higham End Notes comments on Herrmann passes
Edward Marlo Tilted-Dribble Pass
Inspired by 41
Edward Marlo Hidden Pass
Inspired by 41
Justin Higham Dribble Shift - Second Version
Inspired by 42
Justin Higham Dribble Shift & Glimpse
Justin Higham Stanyon Top-Card Cover Pass Variations
  • Preset Top-Card Cover Pass
    • First Technique
    • Second Technique
  • Immediate Top-Card Cover Pass
Tabled Shuffle & Cut Work
Riffle Stacking Methods
Justin Higham Combination Riffle Stack
  • Method One
  • Method One Plus Sucker Hand
  • Method Two
  • Method Three
  • Method Four
  • Method Five
Inspired by 49
Justin Higham Double-Minus-2 Riffle Stack Aces put on top, one shuffle, then five-handed game dealt
  • 2 to 6 Hands Inclusive
  • 7 to 13 Hands Inclusive
Justin Higham Ace Shuffle Resequenced
Inspired by
  • "Ace Shuffle Sequence" (Ed Marlo, Legend video)
Justin Higham Variations on Marlo's Underhanded Scoop Add adding card under a deck or packet, table edge, from deck
  • Underhanded Deck Add
  • Underhanded Covered Switch (packet switch except top card(s))
  • Underhanded Mid-Air Add
Inspired byRelated to 53
Justin Higham Shuffled Ace Cutting
Block Transfer Techniques
Justin Higham Covered Block Transfer
  • Second Method (Simplex Strip-Out Shuffle)
  • Third Method (Triumph Shuffle)
Inspired by 55
Justin Higham Multiple-Cover Block Transfer
  • Second Method
Inspired by 56
Justin Higham Note on the Strip-Out Shuffle
Justin Higham Failure Turned Into Triumph
Inspired by 57
Justin Higham Fake Zarrow Shuffle
Related toVariations 58
Justin Higham Finessed Fourth Alternative
Inspired by 59
Tabled False Cut Techniques
Justin Higham Neocheating Triple Cut credit information
  • True Cut
  • False Cut
Related to 59
Justin Higham Notes on the False Strip Cut bottom strip cut
Inspired by
  • False Strip Cut, Richard Turner video
Justin Higham, Cy Endfield Cy Endfield's Four-Way Slip Cut - Reconstruction
Inspired by 60
Mental & Related Effects
Justin Higham Mindsight
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
Justin Higham The Variation That Can Be Explained
Related to 67
Justin Higham Clairvoyant Variations
Justin Higham Clairvoyant Plus
Inspired by 69
Justin Higham Super Clairvoyant Plus
Inspired by 69
Justin Higham Ultimate Clairvoyant
Inspired by 70
Justin Higham Clairvoyant Count-Down spectator counts to a number and remembers card at that position
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 71
Justin Higham Stripper Count-Down spectator counts to a number and remembers card at that position
Inspired byRelated to 72
Justin Higham Clairvoyant Svengali spectator counts to a number and remembers card at that position
Inspired by 72
Justin Higham Broken-Line Location
Related to 73
Justin Higham Logical Twenty-Sixth Card
Inspired by 74
Justin Higham Predetermined Count-Down spectator names a number between five and ten, card of that value produced and selection found at that number
  • First Method
  • Second Method (Discard)
Inspired by 74
Justin Higham High-Card Mental Revelation spectator shuffles, cuts off a pile and thinks of highest card in that pile
Inspired by 76
Justin Higham Direct 15-Card Trick applying Pre-determined Estimation to fifteen-card trick
  • Marked Version
  • With 21/24 Cards
Inspired byVariations 77
Justin Higham Mono Do-as-I-Do performer and spectator have each other peek a deck, performer removes his selection, it's the same as spectator's
  • Marked Version
Inspired by
  • "Futzless" (Carmen D'Amico, Sticks & Stones No. 18)
Related toVariations
Roger Crosthwaite Split-Deck Version
Related to 78
John Carey Mono Think-as-I-Think following gaze
Inspired by 78
One-Way Reversals - Part One
Roger Crosthwaite First Procedure out of hand one-way reversal
Inspired by 79
Daniel Rhod Second Procedure out of hand one-way reversal
Inspired by 79
Justin Higham Third Procedure out of hand one-way reversal
  • Discard Procedures
    • No. 1
    • No. 2
Inspired by 79
Justin Higham One-Way Reversals - Part Two one-way reversals of a peeked-at card
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
  • Fourth Method
Two One-Way Effects
Roger Crosthwaite One-Way Estimation Speller
Roger Crosthwaite One-Way Sequence Location selection made from and lost in table spread
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Bobby Bernard Coincidental Brainwave deck cut in half and pairs turned up until there is a match, same value is reversed in second deck
Bobby Bernard Signing Ruse
Miscellaneous Effects
Justin Higham Revolutionary Ace Cutting Aces found through consecutive cut forces
  • Cut-Deeper Ace Cutting
  • So-Simple Ace Cutting (Discard)
Inspired by 87
Justin Higham Reversed-Order Force spectator cuts off pile and counts it before remembering a card
Variations 87
Justin Higham Reversed-Order Divination spectator cuts off pile and counts it before remembering a card, both divined
Justin Higham One-Ahead Foursome four-of-a-kind produced from shuffled deck
Bluff Colour Changes
Justin Higham Bluff Erdnase Change
Inspired by 89
Justin Higham Bluff Charlier Steal
Justin Higham Erdnase-Charlier Combination
Justin Higham Replaced-Cut Revelation swing cut with tap to secretly cut the deck while apparently nothing changed
Inspired by 90
Oil & Water Methods
Justin Higham Unaccounted Oil & Water 4&4
Variations 90
Justin Higham Displaced Oil & Water 4&4
Justin Higham Displaced Oil & Water Climax 4&4, magical mixing
Justin Higham Direct Oil & Water 4&4
Justin Higham Preset Oil & Water Climax 4&4, magical mixing
Justin Higham Collected Oil & Water 4&4, magical mixing
Inspired byVariations 94
Justin Higham Aesthetic Oil & Water 4&4
  • Variation
Justin Higham West End Aces tabled Aces transpose with indifferent cards on other side one by one
Inspired by 95
Justin Higham Lengthwise Spread Addition
Also published here 96
Sandwich Effects
Justin Higham Slip-Cut Sandwich Transpo sandwiched card transposes with another card
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Inspired by 97
Justin Higham Pressed Between Again card from top vanishes and is found between sandwich cards
Inspired by 98
Justin Higham Bottom-Deal Sandwich card sandwiched turns out to be previously selected card
Inspired by 99
Justin Higham Bottom-Deal Sandwich Exchange
Inspired by 99
Marlo Sleights & Effects
Notes on the Two-Hand Top Palm
Edward Marlo Reverse-Turnaround Palm reverse all-around square up cover
Inspired by 103
Edward Marlo Glide Palm all-around square up cover
Notes on the Vernon Strip-Out Addition
Edward Marlo Immediate Strip-Out Addition corrected description
Inspired by 105
Justin Higham Combination Cull-Addition-Switch
Inspired byRelated to 105
Miscellaneous Notes
Edward Marlo Double Clip Change
Inspired by 106
Edward Marlo ATFUS Finesse
Vic Pinto, Justin Higham Finessed Card-Case Load with glass to stabilise case
Inspired by 106
Edward Marlo In-a-Jiffy K-M Move
Inspired by 107
Edward Marlo Borrowed-Deck Transposition with stranger card
  • First Phase
  • Second Phase
  • Final Phase
Edward Marlo Latest Rubaway Spots
Inspired by 108
Edward Marlo Progressive Ace Switch
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Inspired by 109
Edward Marlo Bluff Collectors
Inspired by 110
Edward Marlo Double-Deal Count-Down card to any chosen number from ten to twenty
  • First Method
  • Second Method
Related to 111
Edward Marlo, Justin Higham K-M Reversing Aces Revised Aces reverse one by one
Edward Marlo, Justin Higham Marlo's Direct Red-Black Aces - Reconstruction
Svengali-Deck Applications
Justin Higham Think-a-Svengali a selection travels next to another thought-of card, svengali deck
Inspired by 117
Justin Higham Alternative Left-About Change snap-over change
Inspired by 117
Justin Higham Svengali Quickie reversed selection changed into another selection
Inspired by 117
Justin Higham Svengali Location
Justin Higham Double X-Ray Vision cards next to chosen cards are divined, Paradox Deck (Multeffect)
Inspired by 119
Justin Higham Text Notes & References
Justin Higham Automatic Jog-Control Multiple Shift
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