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Justin Higham Foreword
Justin Higham High-am Rise
Inspired byRelated to 3
Justin Higham One by One, Ascanio Style last card changes
Inspired byRelated to 4
Edward Marlo Peek Key Card Placement running cut after peek
Justin Higham The L.A.P. Side Steal
Related toVariations 6
Justin Higham E.Z.2. Third Version three Sevens between Kings vanish and appear face up in deck, fourth Seven was previously selected
Inspired by 7
Justin Higham The Carnivor-Ace Aces
Inspired byRelated to 8
Justin Higham Revolving Aces Lead In losing the Aces before Zarrow's routine
Inspired byRelated to 9
Justin Higham The Bold Assembly
Related to 10
Bold FUFU Switch
Related to 11
Justin Higham Paddling in the Oil and Water 4&4
Related to 12
Justin Higham Kard Kontrols 3 and 4
  • Method Three (right-hand half pushed under selection with hands raised, pop-up move dynamic)
  • Method Four (different grip)
Inspired byRelated to 12
Justin Higham No Force Impossible Countdown counting from one card to the next
Inspired by 14
Justin Higham The Crandall Assembly using Crandall's High Pressure Mexican Turnover
Inspired by
  • "Elmsley Count Assembly" (Justin Higham, Abracadabra No. 2023)
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