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Roberto Giobbi Foreword
Jamy Ian Swiss The Method Is Not the Trick
Also published here 1
Jamy Ian Swiss Martin Nash
Also published here 21
Jamy Ian Swiss Discovering Importance
Also published here 29
Jamy Ian Swiss Empathy
Also published here 47
Jamy Ian Swiss Derek Dingle - Times Remembered, Times Past
Also published here 73
Jamy Ian Swiss A Dissertation on the Double Lift with many approaches and references, credit information
  • The Stuart Gordon Lift
  • The Paul Curry Lifts
  • Charlie Miller's Double Lift
  • Brother John Hamman's Double Lift
  • Flourish Lifts
  • The D'Amico One-Handed Double Lift
  • The Jennings Snap Lift
  • Bert Allerton's Snap-Over Lift
  • Bob White's Flash Double
Also published here 95
Jamy Ian Swiss The Instantaneous Double Lift discussion of hit double lift
Also published here 107
Art Altman, Jamy Ian Swiss The Altman Trap
Also published here 112
Jamy Ian Swiss On the Knock-Out Double Lift
Related toAlso published here 115
Jamy Ian Swiss Bob Read
Also published here
  • Genii
Jamy Ian Swiss The JS Rules of Magic
  • Codicil
Also published here 145
Jamy Ian Swiss The Last Layman
Also published here 187
Jamy Ian Swiss Billy McComb - The Hippest Guy in the Room
Also published here 201
Jamy Ian Swiss About the Author
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