Written by Jamy Ian Swiss
Work of Jamy Ian Swiss
44 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Jamy Ian Swiss SandSwitch selection appears between two isolated sandwich cards and then changes into second selection
Also published here 2
Jamy Ian Swiss The Sandswitch Loading Maneuver from bottom of deck in right-hand end grip between sandwich cards in left hand
Karl Fulves The One-Handed Reveal spreading four as three, center is double
Jamy Ian Swiss Stabbed In The Sandwich card is tossed into tabled deck between two reversed cards
Also published here 6
Jamy Ian Swiss Premonition Redux
Also published here
  • Thoughts II, 2006 edition
Jamy Ian Swiss Me-Fly
Also published here
  • Thoughts II, 2006 edition
Jamy Ian Swiss Two Empty Hands noiceless transfer of stack of coins, for use in Cylinder and Coins
Also published here 14
Jamy Ian Swiss Is Wax Tacky? "Thoughts on the Card on Ceiling"
Also published here 18
Jamy Ian Swiss The Sucrets Repeat Set-up for Card on Ceiling set-up allows repeated performances
Also published here
  • Genii, Sep. 1987
Jamy Ian Swiss A Curiously Strong Card Trick folded card to small Altoids tin box
Also published here 22
Two Utility Moves
Jamy Ian Swiss The Under-the-Spread Fold
Jamy Ian Swiss The Bold Spread Steal as card is returned to in-the-hands spread and everything squared up
Jamy Ian Swiss The Cups and Balls and Me
  • The Masterclass Liner Notes
Jamy Ian Swiss Free Association two geometric shapes and a word are divined
Also published here 39
Karrell Fox Center Tear Glimpse
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