Written by Jamy Ian Swiss
Work of Jamy Ian Swiss
68 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Neil Gaiman E-mail from Neil Gaiman to me
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Jamy Ian Swiss Mentalism vs. Mental Magic
  • Clarity of Effect
  • The Method is Not the Trick
  • Mental Magic
  • The Revelation of Thinking
  • Process and Derren Brown
  • Minor Processes
  • Process versus Procedure
  • More on Process: From Psychic to Psychologist
  • Predictions are Mental Magic
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Jamy Ian Swiss Pocket Change & a Jaks Peek Wallet
Charles Reynolds Jacks Hip Pocket Peek Wallet "Jaks"
Jamy Ian Swiss Change in the Pocket amount of change in spectator's pocket predicted by performer in wallet
Jamy Ian Swiss Boon Purse Pocket Holder nail writer (or thumb tip) holder, magnetic
Jamy Ian Swiss Astrological Prediction newspaper astrology column is cut where spectators want à la Clip Line, top line of cut-off strip is predicted as well as sign and birth date of spectator
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Jamy Ian Swiss Free Association two geometric shapes and a word are divined
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Karrell Fox Center Tear Glimpse
Jamy Ian Swiss Acidus Quadraticus Probabilis four things written in four quadrants of a billet are divined
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Jamy Ian Swiss Semi-Precious Pendulum spectator thinks of one of several gemstones and locates it via pendulum, it's also predicted
Jamy Ian Swiss Mentalism Grows Up
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