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Justin Higham Foreword
Section 1: Moves
Justin Higham Bevelled-Riffle Bottom Force discrepant
Variations 1
Will Houstoun Bevelled-Riffle Prophecy Force
Inspired byVariations 2
Justin Higham B Finds A value of a card used to count to selection
Justin Higham Bevelled-Riffle Prophecy Move
Inspired byVariations 3
Justin Higham, Kevin Baker Pseudo-Extraction Moves card stabbed in deck, stab card and card below it (really coming from bottom) removed
  • No. 1
  • No. 2 (Kevin Baker)
  • No. 3
Justin Higham Tilted Fake Removal pretend to take card from center of deck, actually take bottom card
  • Alternative Handling
Also published here 7
Justin Higham Illogical Stab-Revelation
Justin Higham Alternative Prophecy Move
Variations 9
Section 2: Effects
Justin Higham Half-Bluff Location performer and spectator each choose a card, one card in deck touched, selections are on either side
Justin Higham Palmist's "Business-Card" Prophecy Joker is stabbed two cards that add up to named number between ten and twenty
Inspired byRelated to
  • Dani DaOrtiz effect in Utopia DVDs
Tony Kardyro Flip-Over Force
Also published here 11
Justin Higham Palmist's Non-Prophecy Prophecy Joker is stabbed two cards that add up to named number between ten and twenty
Inspired by 12
Justin Higham Shared Prophecy spectator and performer each name a card, joker is stabbed between them by spectator
  • Shuffled-Deck Version
Variations 12
Justin Higham Fully Integrated Mindreader with two cards
Inspired by 13
Justin Higham Stab Force
Also published here 14
Justin Higham Mirrored Coincidence both spectator and performer reverse a card in their half of the deck, card above and below make up four-of-a-kind
Justin Higham Prefigured Coincidence
Inspired by 15
Kevin Baker One-Ahead Double Prophecy
  • One-Minute Double Prophecy
Justin Higham Undercover Card and Number selection lost, deck covered with handkerchief, number between ten and twenty named, performer cuts off pile through handkerchief, it's that many cards and selection is at that position
Inspired by 17
Justin Higham Five-Ten-Twenty Estimation performer cuts off exactly five, ten and twenty cards in succession, pinky count
Section 3: Miscellanea
Justin Higham Pseudo Multiple Shift
Inspired byVariations 19
Justin Higham Ribbon-Spread False Cut annulling the cut
Variations 21
Justin Higham Ribbon-Spread Prophecy Move
Inspired by 22
Justin Higham Casual Transfer-Switch Force
Inspired by 22
Illogical Swing-Cut Force
Also published here 25
Justin Higham Dual Peek Control two breaks, in the hand cuts
John Carey Note on the Prophecy Move
Justin Higham Further Reading references on disguised cuts
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