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Justin Higham Foreword
Section 1 - The Bevelled Riffle Force
Ian "Sav" Saville Finessed Bevelled-Riffle Force
  • Handling A
  • Handling B
  • As a Prophecy Force
  • The Non-Force Handling
Inspired byVariations 1
Ian "Sav" Saville Biddled-Riffle Prophecy Move
Inspired by 4
Ian "Sav" Saville Biddled-Riffle Top Force "possibly the boldest force in card magic"
Justin Higham Variant Top-Card Force
Inspired by 7
Justin Higham Collins/Prophecy Move end grip handling
Inspired byRelated to 7
Justin Higham A Couple of Finesses
Inspired by 8
Section 2 - The Illogical Riffle Force
Justin Higham Face-Down Illogical Riffle Force same but face down
Inspired by 9
Justin Higham Push-Through Failure Lead-In
Justin Higham Illogical Riffle Prophecy Forces
Justin Higham Face-Down Riffle Glimpse selection is glimpsed
Justin Higham Bluff One-Ahead Sequence
Justin Higham Face-Down Riffle Reverse
Justin Higham How Perceptive odd-backed card placed in deck, spectator should find it, instead rest of deck changes back color
Inspired byVariations 14
Justin Higham Illusory-Removal Deck Switch deck pocketed and removed from different pocket
Justin Higham IRF/IDF Plus Gilbreath
Justin Higham Pseudo Memorisation Plus spectator shuffles once, card forced, its identity divined and then matching three-of-a-kind found, two cards preset on each half (mini-Gilbreath)
Related to 15
Justin Higham Prediction-Modification Ruse two-way out prediction, a card preset on each half (mini-Gilbreath)
Justin Higham IRF Finesses
Inspired by 17
Justin Higham Thumb-Off Glimpse as card is thumbed off onto table
  • In the Hands
Section 3 - The Illogical Dribble Force
Justin Higham Illogical Dribble Force
Also published here 20
Justin Higham Multiple IDF
  • IDF Jokers
  • IDF Ace-Cutting
Related to 20
Justin Higham Randomised IDF Count-Down
Justin Higham Reverse-Spread Placement light-reft type
Justin Higham IDF-O-Matic number is arrived at with dice
Inspired by 23
Justin Higham Unimpaired Prefiguration
Inspired byRelated toVariations 23
Section 4 - Illogical Controls & Forces
Justin Higham Illogical Control Notes
Related to 25
Joseph Barry Slap Handling
Inspired by 25
Joseph Barry, Will Houstoun Finessed Side-Jog Handling
Inspired by 26
Joseph Barry Reverse Illogical Control
Inspired by 26
Justin Higham Illogical Self-Force top/bottom discrepancy
Inspired by 27
Justin Higham Named-Card Stab with method to get named card openly under control while removing the Ace of Spades
Variations 28
Justin Higham Illogical Spread Control
  • Basic Handling
Related to 28
Justin Higham Top/Bottom Discrepancy Spread Switch performer spreads, then squares both halves in the hands and thumbs off card from originally bottom instead of center
Also published here 28
Justin Higham Illogical Convincing Control credit information
Related to 30
Justin Higham Mock Pass Notes bottom half quickly placed on top as top half is replaced
Justin Higham The Face-Up Pass
Section 5 - More Illogical Forces
Joseph Barry Spread-Cross Force cards thumbed off into spread onto table, spectator calls stop
Joseph Barry Illogical Undercut Force
Related to 35
Justin Higham Stepped-Undercut Force small packets cut to top until called to stop
Inspired by 36
Section 6 - Bold & Illogical False Shuffles
Justin Higham Pseudo Swivel-Strip Shuffle cards randomly out-jogged and stripped out as a false shuffle
  • Swivel-Strip Red-Black Shuffle
  • Illusory Swivel-Strip R-B Shuffle
  • Illogical In-Out Shuffle
Variations 37
Justin Higham False-Count Shuffle fake take
VariationsAlso published here 40
Section 7 - Miscellaneous Moves
Justin Higham Slice Load card loaded at point where spectator cuts
Inspired by 41
Justin Higham Easy Spectator-Cuts...
Inspired by 41
Justin Higham Bold Thumb-Off fake pick-up of top card of tabled packet with packet in hand
Justin Higham, Will Houstoun Pseudo Top-Card Removal fake pick-up of top card of tabled packet with packet in hand
  • First Version
  • Second Version (Will Houstoun)
  • Third Version
Justin Higham Fake All-Around Square-Up hiding jog
Inspired by
  • Lennart Green's All-Around Square-Up, Green Magic Vol. 5 video, 2003
Dai Vernon Plunger-Action AASU origin unknown, demonstrated by Vernon 1989
Related to 49
Justin Higham Swivel-Turnaround Glimpse selected card is glimpsed after riffle-stop
Justin Higham Packet Reversal Glimpse as top part of deck is lifted and turned face towards audience
  • Handling One
  • Packet-Reversal Glimpse Variations
    • Handling Two
    • Handling Three
Justin Higham Relay Revelation Fulves's Riffle Shuffle Control
Justin Higham Reverse IDF Prophecy Move
John Carey Illogical Coin Switch
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