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Justin Higham Foreword
Justin Higham The 15-Card Poker Climax featuring a phase with fifteen cards in which performer still gets a Royal Flush, other hand and discard predicted
  • Introduction
  • Cards & Set-Up
  • The Prediction
  • Patter
  • The Routine
    • Part One - The 10-Card Poker Deal
    • Part Two - The 15-Card Poker Climax
  • End Notes
Variations 1
Will Houstoun Switch Method
  • Another Use - "Do You Want to Switch"?
Inspired by 7
Will Houstoun Pointing Up the Spectator's Discards
Inspired by 8
Dean Bodenham Spectator Versus Spectator
Inspired by 8
Justin Higham Spread-Count Poker Stacks intro
Justin Higham Spread-Count Poker 1 groups spread off and dropped onto table to stack Aces which start on top, drop stack
Inspired byRelated toVariations 9
Justin Higham Spread-Count Poker 2 memory presentation
Inspired byRelated to 10
Joseph Barry Freedom Stacking Drop Stack
Also published here 11
Justin Higham Bottom-Deal Count Substitute milk build combined with drop stack
Inspired by 14
Pseudo Dealing Demos
Justin Higham Mini Faro, Named Centres Aces and Kings put in center, named four-of-a-kind apparently dealt from center in poker deal
  • T.O.P. Alternatives
  • Optional Endings
  • Mini Faro, Two/Three Players
  • Mini-Faro Hold 'em
Related toVariations 15
Justin Higham The Compensation Deal people join the game after deck has been stacked, from four hands to up to eight hands
Inspired byRelated to 17
Justin Higham Pseudo 10-Hand Poker Stack
Related to 18
Face-Up Deals
Justin Higham Extended Face-Up Blackjack Deal adding second face-down phase
Inspired by
  • Fred Braue's Blackjack deal, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Jan. 1962
Justin Higham Extended Face-Up Poker Deal
Inspired byRelated toVariations 20
Gardner-Marlo Reworked
Justin Higham GM Poker
  • First Phase
  • Second Phase
  • End Notes
  • Other Handlings
  • Multiple-Shift Handling
  • Restacking Ruse
  • Deal-Yourself-First Ruse
Related toVariations 21
Justin Higham Easy Gardner-Marlo
Justin Higham Two Shufflers
Related toVariations 25
Justin Higham Two-Phase Shufflers
Justin Higham Notes on Dealing
Pseudo Memorisation Demos
Ian "Sav" Saville Stand-Up Poker Deal running through deck once, then dealing winning hand after two faros
  • Credits
Related toVariations 28
Justin Higham 75% Poker Deal three-of-a-kind dealt without culling from shuffled deck
  • End Notes
Inspired by 29
Justin Higham Faro Flush Presentation
Inspired byVariations 31
Benjamin Earl Pseudo-Memory Deal pseudo memory
Inspired byVariations 31
Justin Higham Pseudo-Memory Deal/Location
Inspired byRelated to 32
Justin Higham Frank Lane in Disguise intro
Justin Higham First Flush royal flush received that has previously been put in center, with drawing
Inspired by 33
Justin Higham Poker Charade with drawing
Inspired byVariations 34
Justin Higham What Goes Around, Comes Around with drawing
Inspired byVariations 36
Benjamin Earl The "Appearing" Poker Hand additional hand dropped onto table secretly after haphazard poker deal
Inspired byRelated toVariations 36
Jungian Poker
Justin Higham Jungian Poker (Modified) five poker hands dealt, spectator peeks at one card from a poker hand, all cards are collected and re-dealt, performer gets winning hand of straight flush consisting of peeked at card
Inspired by 38
Justin Higham Jungian Location exploiting John S. Frazee's Shuffle Force
Inspired by 39
Justin Higham Jungian Instinct spectator cuts deck and remembers bottom card, replaces, poker hands dealt and card located
Inspired by
  • "Ramjollock" (Benjamin Earl, Past Midnight DVDs)
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