Written by Ken De Courcy
Work of Ken De Courcy
16 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings by Ken De Courcy
Language: English
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Ken De Courcy Introduction
Ken De Courcy Pentertain introduction to routine
Ken De Courcy Only Heaven (and Einstein) Knows! mathematical puzzle with three chosen numbers at the points of a triangle, three sums end up to be equal
Ken De Courcy Everything is Relative forcing 34 in a 4x4 matrix with the numbers from one to sixteen
Ken De Courcy A Not-so-Proper Charlie unusual method to multiply two numbers by continuously dividing and multiplying them by two
Variations 7
Ken De Courcy The Chinese Check unusual method to multiply two numbers with some sort of grid
Ken De Courcy The Forgotten Phone Number subtraction of five-digit number with its reverse, oner figure chosen and others called out, chosen figure divined by another spectator via calculation
Ken De Courcy A Question of Degree method of multiplying 9 with every digit
Ken De Courcy A Last Word
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