Written by Lewis Ganson
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254 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Stanley
Illustrated with photographs
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Lewis Ganson Introduction
Section One - Anti-Gravity Glasses
Lewis Ganson A Clear Case of Anti-Gravity longer article on Anti-Gravity Glasses, glasses cling to glass sheet
Also published here 15
Lewis Ganson, Hans E. Trixer, Jack Hill, Will Ayling, Chris Marvo, Les Hone, Hal Feben Some Reflections on Anti-Gravity tips for anti-gravity glasses
Related toAlso published here 23
Elizabeth Warlock Elizabeth Warlock's Version of the Anti-Gravity Glasses
Also published here 26
Section Two - Magic with Coins
Fred Kaps Coins and Glass Routine
Also published here 33
T. Nelson Downs Latest Method for "The Miser's Dream" production from Downs Palm
Also published here 34
Peter Warlock Take a Bow, Jack Avis transposition of two coins, with handkerchief
Inspired by
  • "Your Choice!" (Jack Avis, Pentagram, Feb. 1953)
Section Three - Linking Rings
Ken Brooke Linking Ring Count linking ring false count, detailed
Also published here 53
Section Four - Magic with Dice
Gerald Kosky How Many? two in the hand one in the pocket with dice, involving blank and large die
Also published here 69
Ali Bongo Deolali Dice short two-dice routine with cup, they grow in the fist as climax
Also published here 74
Section Five - Handkerchief Magic
Charlie Edwards Dissolving Knots
Also published here 83
The Fake Knot for Sympathetic Silks
Charlie Edwards The Rope Through the Tied Wrists hands tied together, rope through hands
Also published here 91
Section Six - Magic with Sponge Balls
Lewis Ganson Requirements and Principles
  • The Type of Sponge to Use
Lewis Ganson Basic Effect two in the hand, one in the pocket
Lewis Ganson Adding One Ball to Another
  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3
  • Method 4
Lewis Ganson Placing the Balls Down
Lewis Ganson Two Subtle Moves
  • To Show Three Balls Only
  • The Spectator Holds a Ball
Lewis Ganson Vanishes from the Hand
  • First Method
  • Second Method (hand steal)
  • Third Method
  • Fourth Method
  • Fifth Method
Lewis Ganson A Sponge Ball Routine
Lewis Ganson, Jack Hughes Accessories additional ideas to incorporate into sponge ball routines
  • Rubber Production Fruit
  • Sponge Ball to Bunny
  • Geometric Designs
  • Handkerchief Colour Changing Tube
  • Handkerchief Pull
  • Sponge Ball to Silk
Lewis Ganson Rabbit's Habits sponge bunnies
  • Routine 1
  • Routine 2
  • Routine 3
Section Seven - The Magic of Al Koran
Al Koran Simplex Torn and Restored Newspaper with one piece missing
Related toAlso published here 129
Al Koran, Jack Avis, Roy Walton A Pound For Your Card signed card placed in nest of three envelopes, bill borrowed and serial number noted and then put in purse, card and bill transpose
Also published here 139
Card Switch behind Envelope
Al Koran The Fate of a Fiver bill torn and crumpled up and put in ash tray, then shown restored, repeat but then it restores to many bills and some coins that have the same value when added up
Also published here 146
Al Koran "Hanky Panky" Routine borrowed handkerchief is burned and restored, then coins and a filled wine glass appear
  • 1. Penetration of the handkerchief by the pencil
  • 2. Burnt and restored handkerchief
  • 3. Cut and restored handkerchief (Jack Chanin)
  • 4. Continuous production of coins from the handkerchief (Jack Chanin)
  • 5. Production of a cigarette and lighter from the handkerchief
  • 6. Production of a glass of wine from the handkerchief (Jardine Ellis)
Also published here 154
Al Koran Perfection - Do As I Do performer and spectator both remove a card from a different deck, they match, one card is switched and the other card changes to match
Section Eight - Miscellaneous Magic
Peter Burto, Lewis Ganson Burnt and Restored Paper Strip burned and restored paper strip
Also published here 172
Hans E. Trixer Routine with the Miniature Cups and Balls
Hans E. Trixer Silken Canary canary is thrown up and changes into a silk in apparently midair
Hans E. Trixer Magic Slot Machine two coins pushed into fist, they transform into small bottle or something else
John Lewis Colour Thimbles thimble changes color twice
Variations 185
Hans E. Trixer Silk Penetro ball through silk
Also published here 187
Section Nine - Card Magic
Alex Elmsley All Backs Routine cutting to Aces presentation
VariationsAlso published here 193
Hindu Shuffle Display
Alex Elmsley Tip-Over Change Handling
Patrick Page Cards to Pocket twelve cards up the sleeve to pocket, with six card repeat sequence
Also published here 200
The Buckle Count
Jack Chanin Card on the Line indifferent card attached to ribbon with needle, it changes into selection
Nikolas The Nikolas "Thought" Card card coded via the way a slip of paper is clipped to a card case, silent code
Peter Warlock "PW" Slip Cut
  • (1) On the Table Top
  • (2) On to the Left Hand
Also published here 214
Bobby Bernard Educated Frog
Mary Kinson, Lewis Ganson Fan See Card double-fan, outer layer ripped off except selection
VariationsAlso published here 220
Lewis Ganson Brainwave by Telephone presentation in which performer's wife is called
Also published here 223
Section Ten - Card Magic by Manipulation
Lewis Ganson Some Observations on Card Manipulation
Lewis Ganson The "Back and Front" Palm
  • (A) Cover for the Pivot
  • (B) Acquitments
  • (C) Stealing Extra Stocks of Cards
  • (D) Hiding the Corners of the Cards
Lewis Ganson The Preparation of Cards for Manipulation preparing cards for stage manipulations
Also published here 230
Lewis Ganson The Continuous Production of Fans of Cards
  • The Production of the Fan
  • Variation No. 1
  • Variation No. 2
Lewis Ganson The Production of Single Cards - Method No. 1
Ken Brooke The Production of Single Cards - Method No. 2 "Ken Brooke's Method"
Lewis Ganson Manipulation in Gloves
  • Stealing a Stock of Cards From Inside the Glove
  • Producing Cards After Removing the Gloves
Lewis Ganson The Card Routine
Lewis Ganson Flourishes
Lewis Ganson Card Fanning
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