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Jon Racherbaumer Introduction
1 Sep. 1991 1
Jon Racherbaumer Kaufman, Dick on Richard Kaufman and his writings
1 Sep. 1991 2
Jon Racherbaumer The Great Pretender: Karl Fulves eight pages on credit fights, J. W. Sarles
  • Item One: Marlo & Double Vanish & Recovery
  • Item Two: Scorpio Switch vs. Another Sandwich Switchout (The New Tops, June 1985)
  • Item Three: Spectator cut the Aces plot
  • Item Four: Bottop Change
  • Item Five: Jordan Count
  • Item Six: Oil & Water effect
Also published here 1 Sep. 1991 6
Jon Racherbaumer Prologue - To Wesley James letter to Wesley James, about first Swipe issue
  • Micro-Macro handling
  • Cannibal credit information
  • Ace Assembly bibliography
Related to 1 Sep. 1991 18
Jon Racherbaumer Piddlings & Pettifoggery - Revived and Revised on faro shuffling history, Karl Fulves vs Ed Marlo, credit information
Inspired by
  • Piddlings and Pettifoggery (published 1972)
2 Dec. 1992 1
Jon Racherbaumer Epilogue to Epilogue on a Jack Liuso satire article in Hierophant #4, Ed Marlo, Karl Fulves, Neal Elias letters, Ed Marlo letters, all on riffle shuffle work and Marlo & Daley, blindfold deal credit information
2 Dec. 1992 7
Jon Racherbaumer About the Block Transfer credit information and discussion, Ed Marlo and Al Leech letter
2 Dec. 1992 23
Jon Racherbaumer Licks & Clips card clip palm credit information
Related to 2 Dec. 1992 30
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