Written by David Gabbay
Work of David Gabbay
68 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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David Gabbay TacsMan a dime, penny and quarter penetrate Tic-Tac container one by one, ungimmicked
Related to 3
False Take mime taking coin from pile on table, brief
David Gabbay Sweet signed coin penetrates sugar packet, impromptu
Related toAlso published here 10
David Gabbay Window to the Soul spectator divines card, instant stooge, index stuck on coin
David Gabbay Fair & Square unique plot, 52-on-1 card is “charged” through a square credit card reader attached to card case, selected card vanishes from the 52-on-1 and full-sized selection appears inside card case
Edward Marlo Double Unload with Paperclip done with square credit card reader, see reference
Related to 23
David Gabbay Bold Card Case Load card inserted from top of deck, square credit card reader as misdirection, see also p. 52
David Gabbay Clown Purse pen is removed from tiny purse and replaced, pen gimmick for visual replacement
Related to 29
Loading Sleeve from Inside Coat
Joe Cole Cigar Change-over Palm done with pen, as purse is passed from hand to hand
Related to 33
Pen Sleeving Technique brief
Pulling up Sleeves after Sleeving
David Gabbay Coin Ninja! coin tossed at finger and impaled in mid-air
Related to 38
David Gabbay Purse Time signed card appears folded in mesh coin purse, purse seen empty at end, black art
Inspired by
  • "Tea Time" (Alexander de Cova, California Lecture 2006, 2006, p. 9)
David Gabbay A Paper Prison impromptu two-phase routine, card under card case, card inside card case
David Gabbay Bold Card Case Load done openly on off-beat, see also p. 25
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish brief
David Gabbay Dizzy Tenkai (The Card That Falls Up) card shoots from one hand to other, used as flourish or “muscle pass” effect
David Gabbay Gabbay's Coin Opener coin produced from coin purse, three “invisible” coins previously set on table suddenly become visible
David Gabbay Suggested Focus & Inception misdirection, off-beat
David Gabbay Let It Breathe perform slowly
David Gabbay Abundance Mentality positivity in magic community
David Gabbay No Mistakes never tell them trick failed
David Gabbay Malini & YouTube live magic vs. TV/YouTube
David Gabbay Fantasy and the Fantastic understanding your own character and style in magic
David Gabbay Sure to Inspire allow yourself to be inspired from everything
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