Written by Masatoshi Furota
Work of Masatoshi Furota
46 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Masatoshi Furota
Language: English, Japanese
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Tenkai Ishida Tenkai's Three Dice updated routine, three dice picked up and number arrangement on them changes, paddle move with three dice in pyramid configuration
  • Basic Technique
  • Routine
Inspired by 1
Tenkai Ishida, Joe Berg Joe Berg and Tenkai's Silk Knot Vanish Tenkai's handling of the Berg Vanish
Inspired byRelated to 9
Masatoshi Furota Four Aces and Four Aces deck spread on table, spectators draw out four cards, they turn out to be the Aces, followed by Ace assembly
Triple Change drag switch where top card is dragged onto deck
Masatoshi Furota Chinka Chink Card chink a chink with cards
Masatoshi Furota Teleportation and Vanish four cards one of which is an Ace, Ace is placed on table and it transposes with one of the remaining cards, repeated with other cards
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count
Masatoshi Furota Spinning Card Shots cards spin off stack in back palm
Masatoshi Furota Turn Around Production
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