1980 reprint used (three-in-one compilation)
Written by Jerry K. Hartman
Work of Jerry K. Hartman
25 pages (Paperback), published by Tannen Magic Inc.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
39 entries
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Jerry K. Hartman Section I. Pull-Up Lifts
  • Bottom Double Lift
  • Center Double Lift
  • Pull-Up Double Lift
  • Glide Substitute
  • Tri-rise
  • Positranstion
Jerry K. Hartman Bottom Double Lift drawn out from outer end, letter to Karl Fulves dated 12/24/70
Also published here 1
Jerry K. Hartman Center Double Lift doing Bottom Double Lift on upper half of deck after allowing bottom half to drop (beginning of Charlier Cut), letter to Karl Fulves dated 12/24/70
Also published here 1
Jerry K. Hartman Pull-Up Double Lift similar technique as above, used for Double Lift on top of deck, similar to (the reverse actions of) reference
Related toAlso published here 2
Jerry K. Hartman Glide Substitute also offers a trick for context, four cards are removed from deck, none are the selection, the one that spectator chooses changes into selection
Inspired by
  • "Card Eliminator" (Blackstone’s Card Tricks, p. 89)
Jerry K. Hartman Tri-rise bottom cards of three piles each rise to the tops
Jerry K. Hartman Positranstion four-phases, two cards transpose three times, for finale they are lost in deck and two other cards are removed, they change into original two cards
Inspired byRelated to 3
Jerry K. Hartman Obtaining Break One Card Below Out-jog(s) while squaring out-jogged card on top, thumb in-jogs second card
Related to 5
Jerry K. Hartman Section II. Push Back Lifts Basic technique:
  • Lift all but bottom card
  • Lift all but top and bottom cards
  • Active Aces
  • On the Up and Up
Jerry K. Hartman Push Back Lifts Basic technique:
  • Multiple Lift of all but bottom card
  • Multiple Lift of all but top and bottom cards (apparently the second card)
used with packets to replace buckles, accommodates end-for-end turnovers
Related toAlso published here 6
Jerry K. Hartman Active Aces Aces packet, black Aces shown to be on top and bottom, they transpose with each other twice, for finale they transpose with red Aces, letter to Karl Fulves dated 12/24/70
Also published here 6
Jerry K. Hartman On the Up and Up Aces packet, two times the red Aces travel from below black Aces to above, for finale one red Ace comes to top and spectator makes second one come up, letter to Karl Fulves dated 1/25/71
Related toVariationsAlso published here 7
Jerry K. Hartman Section III. The Green Lift Basic technique
  • Variation: Second From Top Double Lift
  • Top Swap
Cliff Green The Green Lift basic technique (second method in reference), offered as alternative to turn a faceup double on deck face down
Also published here 9
Jerry K. Hartman Second From Top Double Lift using Green Double Lift mechanics
Jerry K. Hartman Top Swap three-phase transpo of top two cards
Also published here 9
Jerry K. Hartman Section IV. Undercover Lift
  • Center Double Lift
  • Undercover Reverse
  • Transpover
  • Dominace
  • Thrice Over Lightly
Jerry K. Hartman Center Double Lift turn over a double (or more) in a spread
Related to 11
Jerry K. Hartman Undercover Reverse reverse a card in spread under guise of turning down another faceup card
Related to 12
Jerry K. Hartman Transpover selection lost in middle, magician picks a different card for himself and tables it, deck is spread revealing magician’s card reversed, tabled card is now selection
Jerry K. Hartman Dominace two phases
  • three Aces face up in one half of deck travel to other half of deck to join faceup Ace of Spades
  • facedown Aces and faceup Ace of Spades are cut back into deck, deck is spread to show they are all face up again
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Edward Marlo Marlo Slip Cut
Jerry K. Hartman Thrice Over Lightly one at a time, an Ace, Two and Three each instantly turn face up in the deck
Inspired byVariations 14
Edward Marlo Marlo’s Face-Up Switch
Also published here 15
Jerry K. Hartman Section V. Artificial Double Lift Basic technique, applications:
  • Beswitched
  • Over the Top
  • Fast Draw
  • Twain Attraction
  • Four-gone Delusion
  • Ahead of the Pack
Jerry K. Hartman Artificial Double Lift basic technique, single card turnover, card below it already faceup, letter to Karl Fulves dated 9/29/69
Also published here 17
Jerry K. Hartman Beswitched transpo between reversed card in deck and facedown tabled card
Edward Marlo Reverse Double Undercut
Jerry K. Hartman Over the Top selection visually appears face up on top of deck two times
Related to 18
Jerry K. Hartman Top Card Reversal in context of showing selection is not on top it ends reversed second from top, Artificial Double Lift application
Jerry K. Hartman Fast Draw spectator’s card is reversed in deck unseen, magicians displays another card for himself, faceup deck is dealt through to see whose card turns up first, when spectator thinks he won, turn over his reversed card to show it is also your card, letter to Karl Fulves dated 9/29/69
Inspired by 18
Jerry K. Hartman Out-jogged Card Control out-jogged card controlled to second from bottom
Related to 19
Jerry K. Hartman Twain Attraction two cards, one moved to top, other one jumps from middle to second from top
Jerry K. Hartman Four-gone Delusion “Apex Ace” sequence to vanish Aces one at a time, then indifferent cards are changed into Aces
Inspired byRelated to 20
Jerry K. Hartman Ahead of the Pack multi-phased Ambitious Card
Also published here 21
Jerry K. Hartman Double Dribble holding back last two, to set a two-card break, not used as a Double Lift
Jerry K. Hartman Section VI. Miscellaneous
  • Uncoupler
Jerry K. Hartman Uncoupler a Multiple Lift unload, gripped between first and second finger
  • “Book-style” turnover
  • End-for-end turnover
Also published here 25
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