Written by Lloyd W. Chambers
Work of Lloyd W. Chambers
26 pages (Paperback), published by Chambers Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
26 entries
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Lloyd W. Chambers L-W-C Telepathy three objects are divided between three spectators, magician knows who has what, stooge codes using pencil’s position on table
Lloyd W. Chambers Fisherman's Mat cardboard shown on both sides is rolled into a tube, water and goldfish poured from it, pocket inside cardboard
Lloyd W. Chambers How Time Flies bowl of fire produced, fire changes to flowers, bowl changes to a clock, spring-hinged flap in bowl, clock drawn on bottom of bowl
C. R. Mawe Mawe’s Telepathy audience provides series of numbers, magician’s assistant who was out of room knows the total of the numbers, assistant is coded based on which spectator the magician gives the numbers to add
A. F. Vickland A Match for You “thought-of” number (after a mathematical process) appears on head of a burnt match, mathematical force of four
Lloyd W. Chambers The Flying Ball ball (or other object) placed in sack, pistol fired at sack blows open sack and ball is gone, reel pulls ball into opening of sack
Lloyd W. Chambers Acrobatic Ash Tray gag, when someone dips cigarette stub in ash tray there is an explosion, involves batteries and sulphuric acid, “harmless”
Lloyd W. Chambers Candy-Confetti Cylinder confetti placed in cylinder changes into candy
Lloyd W. Chambers Shooting Through A Woman ribbon is shot through fan of cards held by assistant, penetrating through the signed selection, through the assistant, and hits a target behind her, thread reel
Lloyd W. Chambers New Coin Vanish elastic pull up sleeve, alternate method of hooking up elastic to coin (no hole)
Lloyd W. Chambers Incomprehensible Predictability out of a hat, magician picks envelope containing $5 among envelopes containing just $1, steel in envelope and magnet in wand
Lloyd W. Chambers Ghost Tube silks produced from tube previously shown empty, similar to Phantom Tube
Lloyd W. Chambers Impossible Spirit Test with lights off, magician divines names written on cards sealed in envelopes
Lloyd W. Chambers Molecular Cards deck is pulled open into a stream of cards, selection is only reversed card in facedown stream, tape
Lloyd W. Chambers Coingo inside mini vase, card is covering a penny, penny vanishes and card prediction is in vase
Lloyd W. Chambers New Wine and Water cups and pitcher of water visibly change from water to wine and back
Lloyd W. Chambers Cardart cards attached to spinning wheel, spectator throws dart at it and it hits target next to selection
Lloyd W. Chambers Hydrostatic Tumbler glass is inverted and liquid stays inside until magician wants it to fall, celluloid disc
Lloyd W. Chambers The Great Egyptian Floto steel ball bearing floats in milk
Lloyd W. Chambers Ethereal Cards selection vanishes from deck and appears in card case, magnet holds back selection when deck is previously in case
Lloyd W. Chambers Spirit Ball "walnut ball" starts/stops moving up and down a cord upon magician’s command, could be used for answering questions
Lloyd W. Chambers Confetti to Candy tumbler of confetti changed to candy
Lloyd W. Chambers A Match Stretcher match changes to jumbo match
Lloyd W. Chambers Vanishing Hindu Sticks after Chinese Sticks routine, they are placed in newspaper and vanish
Lloyd W. Chambers A Magical Surprise Magic Square, tip to memorize pattern
Lloyd W. Chambers Transribbo signed ribbon is cut in half and tied together, knot is cut off and ribbon is restored
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