1936 ca.
Written by Edward Bagshawe
Work of Edward Bagshawe
80 pages (Hardcover), published by Edward Bagshawe & Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Sid Lorraine, Ern Shaw
Language: English
23 entries
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Edward Bagshawe Introduction
Edward Bagshawe The “Rapid Transit” Silks three silks vanish and reappear on the stand they came from, apparatus
Edward Bagshawe Uniting the Colors knot dissolves from silk twice, silk vanishes and reappears tied between two others, apparatus
Edward Bagshawe Silk Sympathy assortment of silks, three colors randomly chosen, those three silks become knotted together
Edward Bagshawe The Mind-Reader card is mentally selected from a randomly-ordered list of cards, magician reveals he predicted position of card in deck and the card’s number-position in the list
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Edward Bagshawe Sealed Mystery spectator names number and counts to that number in deck, magician predicted card arrived at
Edward Bagshawe A Giant Card Problem jumbo card with two holes is inside case with matching holes, ribbon threaded through holes, card is removed while ribbon’s ends are held
Edward Bagshawe Fixing the Date face cards of four packets formed by audience’s choices make up digits of randomly-chosen year, number cards
Edward Bagshawe The Message That Can’t Be Read random jumble of letters reveals prediction of playing card’s name when a “windowed” card is placed over it, multiple window cards
Edward Bagshawe The Materialized Message spirit message, blank card placed into a windowed case and is covered, when uncovered, writing is on card and is immediately visible through the window
Edward Bagshawe A Newspaper Miracle magician divines words and pictures on a freely chosen piece of newspaper
Edward Bagshawe A Quick Release multiple rings threaded onto a cord magically release
Edward Bagshawe An Instantaneous Bouquet colored tissue papers transform into flower bouquet
Edward Bagshawe Magic Letters tumbler of alphabet letters, ribbon is vanished and reproduced from within tumbler, letters are stuck to ribbon that spell out thought-of word
Book Test Force with playing card stuck into book, brief
Edward Bagshawe The Recurring Name writing appears on sealed-up card, naming a chosen celebrity
Edward Bagshawe Out-to-Lunch Principle
Edward Bagshawe An Annihilated Clock clock vanishes from cloth, dummy figure in cloth, clock falls into tray
Edward Bagshawe The Flight of the Die large die vanishes from beneath cloth and instantly reappears in wooden box with cut-out, dummy figure in cloth
Edward Bagshawe The Paper that Joins Up strip of paper attached to stand, center is covered by handkerchief, center is torn out and vanished (flash paper) and reappears restored in center
Edward Bagshawe Through the Frame with hands chained, magician passes through paper frame without damaging it
Edward Bagshawe A Visitor from Down Under séance on stage with lights on, magician is tied to chair with screen around him and still from within the screen a bell rings, writing appears, knots tie in a rope, etc., trapdoor for assistant to reach under
Edward Bagshawe “Projecta”: A Shadow Illusion shadow of assistant tied to a post is visible from behind screen, magician shoots gun at screen and assistant’s has vanished, reappears in back of hall
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