Written by Harry Lorayne

Work of Harry Lorayne

277 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Robert E. Lorayne.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Harry Lorayne Foreword 11
Harry Lorayne, Nate Leipzig, Ron Bauer Primal Screen instant methodInspired by 15
Harry Lorayne Primal Sandwich 19
Reinhard Müller Three Card Catch 20
Harry Lorayne Primal Ambition using two cards 22
Harry Lorayne, Nate Leipzig, Ron Bauer To A Primal Number to any small number from the top without preheld breakInspired by 23
Harry Lorayne Buckle Count from Top 26
Unknown Finger Nail Estimation 27
Harry Lorayne Primal Final finesseInspired by 30
Harry Lorayne Revolving Pass Extensions in-the-hands cuts
- Original
- 4-2-1
- 4-2-1-1
- 4-3
- 4-No Break
- 4-4
Unknown Revolving Pass from Blackstone's "Modern Card Tricks" (1929) 32
Harry Lorayne Would It Be A Miracle? named number corresponds to distance between spectator's and performer's selectionRelated to 39
Harry Lorayne, Edward Marlo Without A Clue finding out name of cards peeked at in incomplete faro condition by glimpsing cards in bottom half, full stackRelated to 44
Harry Lorayne Two Card Glimpse two different breaks 47
Harry Lorayne Without A Clue, Impromptu finding out positions of two peeked at cards in incomplete faro condition via bottom half 52
Harry Lorayne A Pathway Kind Of Thing bad small packet divination, ends up Ace to King 56
Persi Diaconis Anti-Faro Generalization up-down-jog procedure with two, three, four cards at a time, no credit, for credit information see referenceRelated to 58
Harry Lorayne Nine, Five, Seven, Five aces are found via 4 locator cards, kings show up as well 63
Edward Marlo Simple Shift 64
Harry Lorayne Convincing key card location 68
Harry Lorayne Key Card Ruse faro to throw off key card thoughts 69
Harry Lorayne "Keyn" Location key card location 71
Harry Lorayne Out Of This Galaxy one color approachRelated to 75
Harry Lorayne Half Deck Switch scooping in lap 77
Harry Lorayne, Edward Marlo, Jay Sankey The Pop-Up Ace Pyramid forming a pyramid with a banded deck, four of a kind revelation 80
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut Handling(s) 87
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut Control similar to Thompson's Bluff Pass 89
Harry Lorayne, Edward Marlo Four Faces Best Quick Three-Way with four cards: all alike, all backs, kings 93
Unknown All Alike Display 94
Harry Lorayne Rhythmic Sandwich Change 98
Harry Lorayne Rhythmic Sandwich Change Routine two selections and four-of-a-kind are found 102
Harry Lorayne, Larry Jennings, J.C. Whyley Melt-Through slit-gimmick for three card penetrationInspired by 104
Harry Lorayne Crimp Unseen bottom card corner crimp while spreading 110
Harry Lorayne Double Edged bottom card either in right hand classic palm or left hand cop, fan cover 115
Harry Lorayne Two-Time Mate two mates are found with help of spectator, two methods 121
Unknown Swivel False Cut 122
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Harry Lorayne Delayed Spread Cull single cards 124
Harry Lorayne Kings "High"Way aces on four piles are cut into deck and come to topInspired by 128
David Regal No Cut/Pass Method Inspired by 132
Harry Lorayne In Or Out 4-Card Switch switch or addition 135
Harry Lorayne Simple Lie Detector faro 140
Unknown Faro Slough-Off 140
Harry Lorayne The Detective Card two routines, second one uses Automatic Placement 145
Harry Lorayne, Art Altman Cryptic Triptych three selections, top card changes to each one 151
Art Altman Triple Change three selections, top card changes to each one 153
Harry Lorayne Spread Control table spread 153
Harry Lorayne Eerie Control card slipped to top secretly 154
Harry Lorayne In My Book page number in book is remembered by spectator, chosen card vanishes and reappears in book at chosen page number 158
Roger Crosthwaite, Harry Lorayne Side Swipe simplified handling for Crosthwaite's Longitudinal Peek Steal/Control 165
Harry Lorayne, Simon Aronson The Equalizer slight variation on Aronson's "ShuffleBored"Related to 171
Harry Lorayne Quick Estimation position of selection is apparently followed and then cut to 179
Harry Lorayne Ah, Finally! two selection, first turns over again and again, finally second turns overRelated to 183
Harry Lorayne Non-Reverse Reverse card is apparently turned overRelated to 183
Harry Lorayne Spread Lap while breaking spread 188
Harry Lorayne Another Non-Reverse Reverse card is apparently turned overRelated to 189
Harry Lorayne Reverse Effect two selection, first turns over again and again, finally second turns overRelated to 192
Harry Lorayne Upward Bound card is controlled to any small number from top, passive 194
Harry Lorayne Side Glance side palm coverRelated to 196
Harry Lorayne Imaginative Ace Controls two top stock controls with cutting sequences 201
Harry Lorayne Table False Cut 204
Harry Lorayne Flip Force three forces based on discrepancies when splitting at the stop-pointRelated to
  • "May the Force be With You" (Cooking with Lee Asher, 1999)
Harry Lorayne Flip "Fource" Ace Revelation 210
Harry Lorayne The 52nd Card top card travels to bottom 214
Harry Lorayne, Dan Garrett Lateral Palm Transfer double is replaced on deck, bottom of double transferred to bottom 214
Harry Lorayne Spread Passable off-beat spread pass handling as force or control 221
Harry Lorayne Matching Effect spectator finds a set of mates 223
Harry Lorayne Miracle Of Thirteen Inspired byVariations 226
Dai Vernon One-handed Slip Cut brief 229
Harry Lorayne Aces To Catch sandwich cards find four Aces one by one 234
Harry Lorayne Lorayne Force see page 271 for more details 239
Harry Lorayne Underground Spinout spinout of second card from top 241
Harry Lorayne The Summit Switch Convincing Control Handlings 245
Harry Lorayne Straight Away despite spectator's shuffling, two straights are dealt, gilbreath 251
Harry Lorayne The Ultimate Move tabled cards are switched as they're turned over, three handlings 254
Harry Lorayne Universal Reversal cutting sequenceVariationsAlso published here 257
Harry Lorayne Chapter And (Re)Verse face-up wrong card in deck changes into selection 261
Harry Lorayne Instantly Wired, Plus half the deck secretly turned over during cutting sequence 264
Harry Lorayne Triumph Version 265
Doug Edwards Double Reverse card turns over two times in deck 268
Harry Lorayne Near Perfect spectator sandwiches a card, turns out to be his selection 271
Harry Lorayne Last Word 277