1980 reprint used (three-in-one compilation)
Written by Jerry K. Hartman
Work of Jerry K. Hartman
58 pages (Paperback), published by Tannen Magic Inc.
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Jerry K. Hartman Push-off Riffle Force outer right corner is riffled upward from bottom to top
Also published here 1
Jerry K. Hartman Push-off Riffle Peek Force similar to above, done on a more vertical plane for a spectator-peek force, used in “Double Crosstrick” p. 51
Jerry K. Hartman R. S. Injog selection is in-jogged in action of squaring upper half of deck on top of it
Inspired by
  • “Push Back” (Blackstone’s Card Tricks, p. 49)
Jerry K. Hartman New Price Cut false straight cut from hands onto table, applied in next trick
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 2
Jerry K. Hartman Center of Attention red Aces placed on top and bottom, random card is shown in middle, red Aces move into deck and sandwich it
Also published here 3
Jerry K. Hartman Transcollectors three unknown cards are alternated facedown between Aces, three cards are selected and lost in deck, the three cards between the Aces are shown to be the cards just selected
Inspired by
  • Reverso (Edward Marlo, 1995)
  • “Reverso” (Edward Marlo, The New Tops, Aug – Sep 1973, p. 41)
Related toAlso published here
Jerry K. Hartman Faro-Fetched three selections lost in deck, Aces inserted into different parts of deck, deck given one shuffle, selections are between Aces
Also published here 5
Jerry K. Hartman Finger Flinging card is tossed into the deck right next to selection
Related toAlso published here 7
Jerry K. Hartman, James G. Thompson Jr. Thompson Glide Force Variation Side-Glide variation, in action of removing cards below face-up “tossed” card
Related to
  • "Thompson Glide Force” (James G. Thompson Jr., Card Party, Thompson & Rutledge, pp. 17-18)
Also published here
Jerry K. Hartman A Spelluva Trick magician receives shuffled deck and immediately names a card and spells to it
Inspired byAlso published here 8
Step Glimpse and Automatic Jog
Inspired by 8
Jerry K. Hartman Hocus Pokey Kings are distributed face-up throughout deck with face-up Ace next to each one, when deck is separated in two and spread out, one half has all the Aces separated and other half has all the Kings in a group, story patter
Jerry K. Hartman Mate in Four Queens and Kings are dealt alternately into a pile by magician and spectator, red Jacks placed on top and bottom (convincer that order is not altered), each pair of King/Queen is found to be suited
Inspired byRelated toVariations 10
Jerry K. Hartman To Each His Own one by one the Aces locate the Kings by attracting them, one on bottom of deck, one on top, one in middle and last one in an envelope
Variations 12
Drop Switch brief
False Card from Envelope Extraction card drawn from outside of envelope together with card that is inside envelope
Jerry K. Hartman Random Tandem packet of cards, pairs are drawn off Klondike fashion, spectator says stop and stopped-at pair is the only pair of mates
Also published here 15
Jerry K. Hartman Huesome Twosome magician and spectator each have three red cards and three black cards, they alternate placing cards into a pile, all their joined pairs are matching in color
Jerry K. Hartman Exception Selection packet of cards is shuffled, spectator says stop as they are dealt through and stopped-at card is dealt face down, all cards are shown to be Diamonds and spectator’s card is a Spade
Related toVariationsAlso published here 19
Jerry K. Hartman Compulsive Thinker II same plot as previous trick
Related to 20
Jerry K. Hartman Irresistible Force packet of cards are dealt through face up singly and spectator says stop when he wants and his card is dealt facedown, spectator sees they are the Diamonds in order, his card is turned up and it is the Joker, see also “Irresistible Prediction” p. 58
Related toAlso published here 22
Jerry K. Hartman Over-reaction deck divided into four piles, shuffled together face up and face down, deck rights itself except for selection
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 25
Jerry K. Hartman Top Card Reversal to Bottom sequence of Double Lifts and displays, see alternate handling on p. 26
Jerry K. Hartman One Below Break obtain break one card below out-jog(s)
Bruce Cervon, Jerry K. Hartman Cervon’s Half Reverse Cut Variation
Also published here 25
Paul Swinford Flipover Undercut Braue Reversal application, bringing top card to bottom
Also published here 26
Jerry K. Hartman Top Card Reversal to Bottom alternative to handling on p. 25
Jerry K. Hartman Every Which Way a mini-Triumph with nine cards, “essentially a packet version of (see reference)”
Related to
  • “The Jabberwock at the Card Table” (Bill Zavis, The Gen, November 1965)
Edward Marlo Marlo’s Simple Shift with small packet
Screened Half Pass
Jerry K. Hartman Multiple Turnovers two selections lost in deck, packets are cut into hand, alternating face up and face down throughout deck until all is reassembled, deck is spread and all cards face same way except both selections
Also published here 28
Block Add-On block of cards added from top of deck to packet placed on top of deck
Related to 28
Jerry K. Hartman All Hands On Deck: a dishonest lecture on dishonesty gambling expose consisting of false overhand and riffle shuffles, false deals (second and bottom) and “switching”, for finale the magician shows that everyone got a great hand, outline of entire routine’s handling on p. 39
G. W. Hunter G.W. Hunter False Shuffle brief
Jerry K. Hartman Monkey Business’ Uncle Monte theme, two Aces of Hearts and one Ace of Spades become all Aces of Hearts, then all Aces of Spades, then back to original, then both Aces of Hearts change to Jokers to end
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 41
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move
Brother John Hamman Hamman Center Double
Jerry K. Hartman Push Back Lift
Also published here 43
Jerry K. Hartman Monte Fooley three-card Monte, two red Queens and black Queen, black Queen is never where expected, one red Queen is eliminated and still black Queen cannot be located, finally other red Queen is eliminated and black Queen changes to an Ace
Edward Marlo Buckle and Spread brief
Also published here 43
Jerry K. Hartman Cull-de-Stack four Aces (or other good hand) are stacked under guise of spreading through deck and up-jogging some cards
Related to 45
Jerry K. Hartman Quick Transpo quick transpo between tabled card and reversed card in deck
Also published here 48
Drop Switch
Jerry K. Hartman No Way top card placed on bottom of deck reversed without showing it, spectator notes new top card of deck and it is buried in middle, reversed card on bottom is shown to be spectator’s card
Francis Carlyle Carlyle Paddle Move
Also published here 48
Jerry K. Hartman Near Mix spectator selects card from red packet and another spectator selects card from black packet, selections swap packets
Variations 49
Jerry K. Hartman Knuckle Jog brief
Jerry K. Hartman Telescoped Packet Transfer essentially the Vernon Strip-out to move bottom card from inner tier to outer tier as they are stripped apart
Jerry K. Hartman Double Crosstrick two cards selected from rubber-banded red packet travel to rubber-banded black packet
Related to 51
Jerry K. Hartman Guess Hue 2 three handlings for the “Guess Hue” plot (see reference):
  • (a) four reds and four blacks are blindly sorted by spectator
  • (b) variation of above
  • (c) six reds and six blacks
Inspired by 53
Jerry K. Hartman Irresistible Prediction packet of ten cards, spectator names one as the “open prediction” and packet is shuffled, spectator stops as magician deals through packet and stopped-at card is the prediction, see also “Irresistible Force” p. 22
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