Spanish edition published in 2000
Written by Juan Tamariz
Work of Juan Tamariz
408 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
199 entries
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Simon Aronson Introduction
Juan Tamariz Preface
Juan Tamariz Contributors on the collaboration with Carmen, Manuel Cuesta, Ramón Riobóo, Jim Krenz, Ramblar, Ariston, Rafael Benatar, Alan
Chapter One - The Memorized Deck: A Bit of History
Juan Tamariz The Memorized Deck: A Bit of History from the key card to Tamariz stack
Chapter Two - Tamariz's Mnemonica (Structure)
Juan Tamariz Tamariz's Mnemonica (Structure)
  • 1. The Order of Mnemonica
  • 2. How to Attain This Order
    • First Method: With Faros
    • Second Method: Without Faros
    • Third Method: Direct Setup
  • 3. Specific Properties of Mnemonica
  • 4. From Mnemonica to Stay-Stack
Chapter Three - Ultra-Rapid Memorization (an afternoon's work)
Juan Tamariz Ultra-Rapid Memorization Question and Answers
  • 1. The Auditory Method
  • 2. The Visual Method
  • 3. The Muscular Method
  • 4. The Conceptual Method
  • 5. The Security Method
Chapter Four - Tricks Specific to Mnemonica - I. Tricks with the Stay-stack Wheel
Juan Tamariz Super Poker poker routine, four hands dealt, all get good hands but performer gets winning hand, las card transforms
Juan Tamariz Aces, Kings - And Other Poker Hands named poker hand is produced on top of deck
Juan Tamariz Everything in Order - An Outstanding Climax from Stay Stack to NDO, finding thought of card
Juan Tamariz A Grand Bridge Deal from Stay Stack to Bridge deal
Juan Tamariz Other Tricks using Stay Stack, brief
Chapter Five - Tricks Specific to Mnemonica - II. With the Mnemonic Order
Juan Tamariz, Manuel Cuesta Deal of a Complete Suit magician tries to find selection gets all the cards from chosen suit in a three-hand deal
  • A. The Heart Suit
    • Resetting the Stack
  • B. Other Versions for Producing the Heart Suit (Cuesta & Tamariz)
  • C. The Club Suit
  • D. The Spade Suit
  • E. The Diamond Suit
Juan Tamariz Spelling a Thought-of Card
Juan Tamariz Spelling the Color, Value, Suit and Card spelling various specifics of playing cards to arrive at cards which match, finally spectator spells name of selection and finds card reversed
Juan Tamariz Spelling Four Cards and Four Aces spelling random cards and two selections, four Aces as final climax
Inspired by 46
Juan Tamariz Any Poker Hand Called For
  • Pair
  • Two Pair
  • Three of a Kind
  • Low Full House
  • Middle Full House
  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight Flush (Including a Royal Flush)
  • Resetting the Stack
  • Other Deals
  • Reference Table
  • Observations
  • A General Presentation
Related to 48
Juan Tamariz Rummy Exhibition
Jim Krenz Blackjack Exhibition two rounds, performer gets Blackjack
Áriston, Juan Tamariz Flushes and Pulses four hands dealt, all contain only cards from same suit, in second phase on hand cards are dealt again on one hand to produce complete suit
  • Phase One (Áriston)
  • Phase Two (Tamariz)
  • A Kind of Reset
Manuel Cuesta, Juan Tamariz Back-to-Back Deals - After Dai Vernon's Formula
  • Climax with a Surprise
  • Climax for Technicians (Tamariz)
Inspired by 60
Juan Tamariz Poker Demonstration four Eight Players
Juan Tamariz Controlled Pairs after several shuffles pairs and different four-of-a-kinds are found together in the deck, peculiarity of doing faros with the Tamariz stack
Simon Aronson, Ramón Riobóo The Three Hours three cards are divined
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 65
Antonio José Arenillas Prediction à la Kruskal Kruskal principle applied to Mnemonica, prediction
Variations 68
Àngel San Frutos A Strange Coincidence principle using Mnemonica, making three spreads, mates found at same positions in two of the three spreads
Variations 69
Juan Tamariz The Good Fortune Routine mates found at chosen number, two pairs of Aces as climax
Inspired by 71
Chapter Six - Tricks with the Whole Stack
Five Classics
Juan Tamariz Divination of selected card
  • The Methods
  • Routined Divinations
  • Observations on Psychology and Presentation
  • A Tip
  • A Lament
  • A Warning
  • Other Effects
  • Naming the Position
  • By Estimation
  • Through a Misplaced Card
  • With a Medium
  • Concluding Observations
Juan Tamariz, Antón "Mago Antón" López Any Card at Any Number
  • A. The Classic Method with the Pass
  • B. With a Different Back (Mago Antón)
  • C. Impossible Conditions (Mago Antón) / deck in a bag
  • D. With False Dealing
  • E. With the Tamariz Perpendicular Control (TPC)
Juan Tamariz The Three Piles three groups of cards are removed from fan, all cards are named by performer
  • First Variation (With a Medium)
  • Second Variation (Ideas)
  • Third Variation (A Classic)
Related to 85
Juan Tamariz Obedient Cards named cards are produced from deck, various methods
Related to 88
Juan Tamariz Total Memory (Two Versions) memorizing entire deck, second version has three phases and uses Mnemonica specifics (The Eight Mnemonicas)
  • A. The Classic Version
  • B. My Version - Triple Threat Memorization
Variations 89
Three Crown Jewels
Juan Tamariz Prediction prediction of named card, with odd backed card
  • A. The Hofzinser Mehod
  • B. With a Regular Deck and Two Jokers
  • C. With a Regular Deck, without Jokers
  • D. With a Stranger Card
  • E. A Stage Version: "The Joker"
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Turnover Wild Card Turnover with double-backer
Juan Tamariz All of a Kind matching the cards, three random cards are turned over in the deck and then mates of unseen selection are found reversed
Related toVariations 94
Larry Jennings Larreverse
Juan Tamariz Mnemonicosis (Tamariz on Ideas by Marlo and Vernon) finding named card via improvisation
  • A. Mnemonicosis
  • B. Card Control
  • C. Mnemonicosis over the Phone
Inspired byRelated to 97
Eight More Jewels
Juan Tamariz Flying Through Thin Air when dealt through deck named four-of-a-kind is missing, cards return face-up at different parts in the deck
  • Reassembling the Stack
Variations 102
Juan Tamariz Cards to Pocket bringing four-of-a-kind together in memorized deck, travel to pocket as example
Other Methods
  • A. With Ray Grismer's Shuffle
  • B. With the Zarrow Shuffle
Juan Tamariz Sha-La-La-La-La (A Multiple Musical Location) selected cards are found by spelling and singing, evolution of routine
Inspired by 106
Juan Tamariz, Antón "Mago Antón" López Memorized Brainwaves
  • Variation I: With a Waxed Card (Mago Antón)
  • Variation II: With an Ungimmicked Card
Juan Tamariz Coincidence with Two Decks and Three Cards two decks, three cards exchanged
Inspired by 113
Juan Tamariz TPC GLimpse with two cards
Simon Aronson, Ramón Riobóo Control in Chaos with several methods how packet can be turned-over and shuffled
Juan Tamariz Carbuquillo playing a made up game with spectator, where performer always loses and while in the process of playing, divining all of spectator's cards, interlocking chains
  • Other Ideas and Variations
Variations 119
Juan Tamariz Cutting the Aces or any Four of a Kind last card is located by counting value of apparently wrong card, Vernon structure
Inspired by 123
A Few Direct Ones
Juan Tamariz The Direct Production of Cards Called for various methods to produce named cards
Juan Tamariz Rising Cards several methods mentioned
  • Tamariz's Method
Inspired by 125
Juan Tamariz Double Color Change bottom card changes to two named cards
Juan Tamariz, Antón "Mago Antón" López Reversed Cards with hands tied behind back performer is still able to reverse named cards at named positions
Juan Tamariz Cards Called for to Pocket named card to pocket
  • One Card
  • Two Cards
Juan Tamariz Method to look for a card in the deck all cards reversed but top card
Related to 129
Juan Tamariz Thought-of Card to Pocket (With an Added Advantage) using Simpson re-deal procedure to come back to stack, 48 cards
Related to 130
Juan Tamariz A Card Vanishes Instantly saliva method
  • An Out
  • Variation
Other Beautiful Tricks
Juan Tamariz Sympathy (Tamariz's Version of a Classic) spectator selects number and performer name of a card, card is found at exact position
  • First Variation - Through Pencil Reading
  • Second Variation - With a Nail-Writer
  • Third Variation - With a Billet Index
  • Fourth Variation - Using a Pass
  • A Presenation - Muscle Reading (Oscar Hugo)
Related to 133
Juan Tamariz A Star is Born spectator locates named card, bunch of cards selected and divided into two piles, one eliminated, other pile cut and selection is found
Juan Tamariz The Stop Trick named card
  • A. First Version (With the Second Deal)
  • B. Second Version (With other False Deals)
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Bottom Deal Wrinkle left hand moves away and tables deck while right hand holds card motionless
Also published here 138
Edward Marlo, Juan Tamariz Face to Face cards shuffled face up into face down, one card selected by fingertip peek is divined
Camilo Vázquez A Grand Triumph cards shuffled face up into face down, three cards are turned over, all cards end up face down but three cards and in inverted Mnemonica
Juan Tamariz A Predicted Triumph combination of "Face to Face" and "A Grand Triumph", selected cards are also predicted
Juan Tamariz The Theft of the Century named card is produced while spectator holds on to deck
Juan Tamariz Royal Location divining card in memorized stack after doing out-faros
Inspired by 142
Louis Zingone, Juan Tamariz Double Prediction using one deck cut in two halves, number is named and cards at position predicted on paper
Inspired by 143
Billet Switch
Charles T. Jordan, Paul Clive, Juan Tamariz Exact Location two spectators cut pile and remember card, performer knows identity of cards and position in the deck
Inspired by
  • Paul Clive's "Cut at the Cut" in "Card Tricks Without Skill" 1946. P. 152.
Related to
Top and Bottom Card Glimpse
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Cards from Pocket Stop Trick deck in performer's pocket, one card after the other is removed and when spectator says stop, selection is found
Related toAlso published here 147
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Named Card fom Pocket using memorized deck as index with perpendicular cards
Also published here 148
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Card to Number in Pocket cutting the deck in pocket
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Card to Wallet card placed inside wallet turns out to be selection, Himber wallet
Nate Leipzig, Juan Tamariz Assembly of Selections in Poker Hands four hands dealt, one card remembered in each hand, after shuffling cards, selections all end up in hand of performer
Inspired by 150
Miscellaneous Ideas
Juan Tamariz A Special Idea: The Eight Mnemonicas
Juan Tamariz Stay-Stack with Mnemonica
Related to 156
Juan Tamariz A Card Index card index for pocket using memorized deck, with groups of perpendicular cards
Juan Tamariz An Assortment of very Beautiful, Loose and Simple Ideas (In their Description, not in their Effect) various ideas
  • To make it look as if you're using a shuffled deck
  • A great and very direct prediction effect
  • Another idea that originated the same way
  • Applied to the change of a card
  • Force any number
  • Marking the backs of a stacked deck
  • The fabulous idea using an overhand shuffle
  • A riffle or a dovetail shuffle
  • You produce all the cards of that suis
  • Combining a single deck Mnemonica and Val Evans's "Multeffect Cards"
  • Mnemonica and any gimmicked deck
  • One deck consisting of a half Mnemonica, while the other half is gimmicked in some way
  • Two decks stacked in reverse order to each other
  • A stack deck concealed
  • Presenting Mnemonica tricks with a partner who knows the stack
Juan Tamariz An Idea for Magicians: Mnemonica and Strippers
Juan Tamariz The Art of Improvisation with Mnemonica
  • 1. To Introduce the Subject
  • 2. The Techniques
  • 3. The Effects
Chapter Seven - Tricks Specific to Mnemonica - III. More Tricks with the Stay-stack Deck
Edward Marlo, Juan Tamariz The Missing Card divination of removed cards
Inspired by 167
Val Evans, Burling Hull, Theodore Annemann, Juan Tamariz Prodigious Memory half of the deck is memorized, performer in other room names cards at correct positions
  • Reassembling the Stay Stack
Luis Garcia, Juan Tamariz The Rite of Initiation deck starts and ends in New Deck Order
  • A. Tamariz Version with Faros
  • B. Tamariz Version without Faros
Inspired by
  • Luis Garcia's "Rito de Initiation" in ""La Circular de la Escuela Mágica de Madrid" Nr. 60, 1979.
Juan Tamariz Prologue to Part II on half Mnemonica
Related to 175
Chapter Eight - Tricks Unique to Mnemonica - IV. Tricks with Only Half the Stack
Juan Tamariz Incredible Card Control cards dealt several times, different good hands, color, pairs and four of a kind
Juan Tamariz, Dr. Jacob Daley Total Spell spelling to named card, with variations
Juan Tamariz Spelling to Four Cards
Juan Tamariz Spelling to the Four Deuces
Juan Tamariz Colors on Parade
  • To Reassemble the Stack
  • A Good Routine
  • Another Routine
  • Scarne's Concept
  • Alternated Sequence from normal Mnemonica Order
  • Color Separation (with a Divination)
Inspired by 186
Juan Tamariz Two Stories two stories, cards produced matching the story
  • First Story (With the Top Half of Mnemonica)
  • Second Story (With the Bottom Half of Mnemonica)
Chapter Nine - Tricks with the Half Stack
Juan Tamariz Memory Jumble stacking half of the deck to memorized deck during a trick, location of single card
Jerry Andrus Drunken Shuffle
Three Classics and a Semi-Classic
Juan Tamariz Weighing the Cards using half Mnemonica, several phases
Related to 197
Juan Tamariz Total Memory memory demonstration, order of cards can be named after several shuffles or deals
  • Version with Faros
  • Version with Deals (Antifaros)
spectator can note down any sequence with date and anytime in the future the performer will be able to recite the cards
Related to 201
Juan Tamariz Sense of Touch - and Other Senses multi-phase routine, card identities are divined by touch, one phase spectator guesses red or black, with variations of other senses
  • I. Sense of Touch
  • II. ... And Other Senses
    • A. Eye-Scan
    • B. Fine Eyesight
    • C. Subtle Hearing
    • D. A Spectacular Routine
Louis Gombert, Al Baker, Juan Tamariz A Card and a Number using two decks
  • Version with the Whole Stack
  • Variations
Variations 207
Juan Tamariz Deck Switch using two different colored decks, with cover card
Related toVariations 210
Five Aces
Charles T. Jordan, Juan Tamariz, Antón "Mago Antón" López Any Cards Called For four spreads of cards on table, magician writes names of cards on pieces of paper and spectator touches matching cards in spreads
  • Mago Antón's Variation
Inspired by 211
Juan Tamariz Come and Go two thought-of cards vanish from packet and appear again
Juan Tamariz Card plucked from Ribbon Spread using TPC
Vincent Dalban, Charles Nyquist, Juan Tamariz The Liar - A Classic
Juan Tamariz Answering Computer colors of cards as direction for spectator to lie or tell the truth, cards etc are divined
  • Other Presentations
    • A. The Trip
    • B. The Labyrinth
    • C. Hangman
Related to 220
Juan Tamariz The Chorus-Line Bottom Glimpse several cards at once
Arthur Finley, Charles T. Jordan, Juan Tamariz, Antón "Mago Antón" López T.N.T. card is found after several honest shuffles, interlocking chains
Three Coincidences
Verne Chesbro, James G. Thompson Jr., Juan Tamariz The Miracle performer and spectator reverse card in each half of the deck, mates, two phases
Inspired byRelated to 226
Edward Marlo, Juan Tamariz Glimpsing Reversed Card in Deck small variation
Inspired by 226
Juan Tamariz Telescopic Coincidence with back turned, performer stops two spectators at selections while dealing through cards
Juan Tamariz Stop at the Same Time with back turned, performer stops two spectators at selections while dealing through cards
Four Direct Ones
Juan Tamariz A Gambling Demonstration
  • Apparent Demonstration of Cheating at Cards
  • 1. Marked Cards
  • 2. Glimpsing
  • 3. Estimation
  • 4. Rapid Counting
  • 5. Any Game, any Hand
Dr. Jacob Daley, Juan Tamariz Card to Wallet card travels from deck to wallet, spectator names a number to select card
Inspired by 234
Juan Tamariz The Reversed Card single card reverse, with repetition, spectator names a number to select card
Juan Tamariz The Selection Between the Aces selection travels between Aces on table, when placed back in the deck selection reverses itself
Five Divinations
Juan Tamariz Fingerprints and "Cardprints" four phases, using fingerprint presentation
Juan Tamariz Double Divination divination of two cards
Juan Tamariz Jumbled Divination cards shuffled face up into face down, packet is cut and number divined, as well as the amount of reversed card and the cards identities
Juan Tamariz Mnemonicosis with a Half Stack with a thought of card and a selected card
Juan Tamariz, Carlhorst Meier Spectator Misses, Magician Hits spectator and performer each take a card and try to divine card of the other, while spectator misses, performer always hits, several phases
  • A Different Climax
Glimpse While Bowing Card
Five Assorted Ones
Juan Tamariz Half Sympathy (A Classic with Tamariz Variations) spectator selects number and performer name of a card, card is found at exact position
Related to 245
Antón "Mago Antón" López Pocket Calculator (A Classic, Variation by Mago Antón) cards used to generate number, cards found which equal total of calculation
Juan Tamariz Tell Me Who You're With and I'll Tell You Who You Are card is selected and replaced and deck shuffled, spectator names cards next to selections and performer names card, then spectator names a card and performer names cards next to it
Juan Tamariz Bingo! spectator deals cards on table, when selection appears performer shouts bingo
Juan Tamariz How Many Reds? cards cut and performer knows amount of red and black cards, five phases
Two Ideas
Juan Tamariz Mnemonica with the Spanish Deck or with Other Decks
Juan Tamariz The Half Stack with the Spanish Deck
...And an Ending
Juan Tamariz, Dr. Jacob Daley Some Time Ago card at number is destroyed and found again restored at same number
Inspired by 254
Appendix I - Tricks That Improve with Mnemonica
Juan Tamariz Tricks That Improve with Mnemonica
Juan Tamariz Neither Blind Nor Stupid (Version for a Half Stack)
Related to 259
Juan Tamariz The Clock (A Classic)
Juan Tamariz Stop at the Same Time (Second Version)
Inspired by 262
Juan Tamariz A Curious Coincidence (Hofzinser?) Strange Harmony / Problem Number 8 with half memorized deck
Juan Tamariz Triumph (Dai Vernon) named card triumph
Juan Tamariz Mnabacus (Jack London) total of three three-digit numbers is predicted, cards selected from deck to build numbers
Inspired by
  • Jack London's "Almost Real Prediction" 1973.
Related to
Appendix II - About Order and Disorder
Juan Tamariz Tricks That Don't Alter the Stack
Juan Tamariz Actions That Don't Alter the Order of the Deck While Appearing to Do So
  • a. Faro shuffles followed by antifaros
  • b. Eight faros (and other combinations)
  • c. Out-antifaros that add up to eight
  • d. A riffle shuffle done by the spectator followed by a cull
  • e. The "G"
  • f. Floursihes
  • g. All kinds of false cuts
  • h. As you deal cards one at a time
  • i. Most visual card revelations
  • j. The Charlier cut
  • k. Mnemonica and Strippers
  • l. Nonchalant handling
Esteban del Acebo Multiple False Cut
Juan Tamariz Resetting the Stack
  • A. Resetting One Card
  • B. Resetting Two Cards
  • C. Resetting a Group of Cards
  • D. Resetting the Stack after a Spectator's Riffle Shuffle
  • E. Resetting the Entire Stack After a Spectator's Overhand Shuffle
  • F. Resetting the Stack after a Riffle Shuffle Followed by an Overhand shuffle
  • G. Resetting the Half Stack
  • H. Resetting the Stack After Dealing Several Hands of Poker or Another Card Game
Juan Tamariz Setting Up the Stack in Front of the Audience
  • A. Setup form a New-Deck Order (and bringing the deck openly to new-deck order)
    • With Faro Shuffles
    • With Antifaros
    • Justifying the Open Setting Up of Ace-to-King Order
  • B. From a Random Order
    • I. In One Stage
      • a. The Galasso-Cardoso Method
      • b. The Nikola Card System
      • c. Between the Fingers
      • d. Stacking a Borrowed Deck
    • II. In Two Stages (Half and Half)
      • a. Memory Jumble
      • b. Biddle Style
      • c. Two-Pile Divination
      • d. Divining One Card Out of Thirteen
      • e. Using the Methods for Stacking the Whole Deck
    • III. In three Stages (A Half, a Quarter and a Quarter)
      • a. The Clock
      • b. The Imaginary Trick
      • c. Directly Behind Your Back
      • d. Using a Strip-Out
      • e. Using the Methods for Stacking Half the Deck
Appendix III - Notes for Serious Students and Perfectionists About "Any Poker Hand Called For" in Chapter Five
Juan Tamariz, Áriston Notes for Serious Students and Perfectionists About "Any Poker Hand Called For" in Chapter Five
Related to 303
Appendix IV - About the Structure of Mnemonica ( Development and Origins)
Juan Tamariz About the Structure of Mnemonica (Development and Origins)
  • Three Stacks with Special Features and Only One True Stack
Appendix V- The Antifaro Concept
Juan Tamariz The Antifaro Concept
  • 1. For a Fifty-Two-Card Deck
  • 2. For a Thirty-Two-Card Deck
  • 3. A Very Important Observation
Related to 321
Appendix VI - Useful Sleights
Juan Tamariz Useful Sleights
Juan Tamariz Glimpses general comments, glimpsing in combination with a memorized deck
Edward Marlo Glimpsing the Bottom Card of the Deck two methods, turnaround and bowing of bottom card
Also published here 327
Glimpsing the Top Card of the Deck two methods, turnaround and bubble peek
Glimpsing a Card in the Middle of the Deck several methods, including TPC glimpse
Juan Tamariz The Chorus-Line Multiple Top Glimpse glimpse of multiple cards
Juan Tamariz The Chorus-Line Multiple Bottom Glimpse glimpse of multiple cards
Juan Tamariz Finding Cards
  • A. With the Charlier One-Handed Cut
  • B. By Estimation
  • C. By Riffling
  • D. Learning the Identity of a Selection Without Glimpsing it
Juan Tamariz Shifting the Position of a Card
  • First Objective: To Move a Card to a Different Position Without Altering the Rest of the Stack
    • A. With the Tamariz Perpenticular Control (TPC)
    • B. With a Slip Cut
    • C. With a Double Break and a Double Cut
    • D. With the Hofzinser Spread Cull
    • E. With Dai Vernon's Triumph Shuffle
    • F. With the Zarrow Shuffle
    • G. With the Side Steal
  • Second Objective: Pretending a Selected Card is Returned to the Position it Came From
    • Multiple Divination
  • Third Objective: To Exchange the Positions of Two Cards Without Altering the Rest of the Deck
    • A. With Multiple Cuts
    • B. With a Overhand Shuffle (Ariston)
  • Fourth Objective: To Gather Several Cards That are Scattered Throughout the Deck While Keeping Control Over the Order Which Enables You to Reassemble the Stack
    • A. Marlo's Lessinout Shuffle
    • B. Hofzinser's Spread Cull
    • C. Tamariz Perpendicular Control
    • D. Lennart Green's angle separation & Harry Loarayne's great divide
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Spread Cull brief
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Shuffle with double cover
Also published here 335
Piet Forton, Juan Bernat Reverse Spreading the Halves "light/reft" pass
Related to 338
Áriston To Exchange the Positions of Two Cards
Also published here 339
Edward Marlo Lessinout Shuffle brief
Also published here 340
Juan Tamariz False Shuffles general comments
Juan Tamariz The False Butt-Shuffle
Juan Tamariz Other Kinds of False Shuffles
  • A. This is a false shuffle I devised for a half stack, in which spectators appear to shuffle the whole deck. It's quite deceptive.
  • B. Variation for Strippers
  • C. Another method in which the spectator appears to shuffle the whole deck while only shuffling half the cards.
Martin A. Nash, Juan Tamariz Louisiana Switch Variation switching halves
Inspired byRelated to 345
Juan Tamariz Deck Switches
  • A. Seated at the Table
  • B. Inside the Pocket
  • C. With Gimmicks
  • D. Other Switches
  • E. Switching Half of the Stack
Stand-Up Deck Switch hands behind back
Deck Switch with Wallet
Seated Deck Switch knee holdout
Juan Tamariz Other Useful Sleights
  • A. The Corner Crimp
  • B. Counting Cards Secretly
  • C. Palms
  • D. Hofzinser's Spread Cull
  • E. The Tamariz Perpendicular Control (TPC)
  • F. The Green Angle Separation
  • G. Lorayne's "Great Divide" and Marlo's "Fifth Objective" Culls
Dai Vernon Corner Crimp
Thumb Count brief
Pinky Count brief
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Juan Tamariz Hofzinser's Spread Cull psychology, one and several cards
Juan Tamariz The Tamariz Perpendicular Control (TPC) several applications
Lennart Green Green Angle Separation brief
Harry Lorayne, Edward Marlo Lorayne's "Great Divide" and Marlo's "Fifth Objective" Culls brief
Juan Tamariz Notes for Sailors
Juan Tamariz Bibliography (With Commentary) forty pages with comments on memorized deck magic in print
  • I. Tricks with a Memorized Deck and with Other Stacks
  • II. Sleights and Information useful with Mnemonica
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