Written by Roy Johnson
Work of Roy Johnson
68 pages (Hardcover), published by A Goodliffe Publication
Illustrated with drawings by Dennis
Language: English
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Roy Johnson Foreword
Roy Johnson Solo Coins four coins and a metal disc
Inspired by 3
Roy Johnson Lapping from Stack stack held near table edge
Roy Johnson The Boy Friend "A close-up trick with Ladies in mind"
card with names, one chosen, that name appears on previously empty small mirror written in lipstick
VariationsAlso published here 7
Roy Johnson Zoo Quest selected animals are divined and predicted, three phases, using lists of animals and instructions to move on them
Variations 11
Roy Johnson The Great Divide two-way envelope
Inspired by 18
Roy Johnson Credit Transfer borrowed credit card penetrated with three skewers and then burned, found in sealed envelope
Also published here 20
Roy Johnson Triple Transpo credit cards transpose, in envelopes
Inspired by
  • "Initial Magnetism" (Roy Johnson, Abracadabra #1552, Oct. 1975)
Roy Johnson Initial Magnetism two card in two envelopes transpose
Also published here
  • "Initial Magnetism" (Roy Johnson, Abracadabra #1552, Oct. 1975)
Roy Johnson Forceful six coins and washer, three coins in each hand, they penetrate table, repeat with glass and small plunger
Inspired by 29
Han Ping Chien
Roy Johnson Tri-Pred mental epic type prediction with business cards instead of slate
Also published here 35
Roy Johnson Third Dimensional borrowed bill in envelope, number divined
Related to 40
Roy Johnson Chinese Tassels rhyming patter
Roy Johnson Creditable borrowed credit card burned in envelope, reappears in another envelope
Roy Johnson Impressed information written on paper, folded, put in envelope
Roy Johnson Cash Stab bill burned in envelope, card stab in paper bag, bill found inside card
  • Burned Bank Note
  • The Card Stab
  • The Routine
Inspired by
  • Milbourne Christopher routine in Hugard's Magic Monthly
Roy Johnson Bangers! banner with letters "SAUGSAGE", different words can be build by folding and covering
Roy Johnson A Lesson in Magic handkerchief borrowed, handkerchief suddenly in shreds, restored to long strip in paper bag, then changes to lemon, handkerchief inside but with hole, center of handkerchief from same material as cloth bag suddenly, eventually restored
Related toAlso published here 61
Roy Johnson A Final Word
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