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Michael Powers Read This Foreword
Patrick G. Redford Introduction: Redford Stack
  • What Does It Look Like?
  • A List of Properties of the Redford Stack
Patrick G. Redford Card Location card is either one of two
Patrick G. Redford The Redford Stack
  • Setting the Stack: An Outline
  • The Redford Stack Order
Patrick G. Redford Getting Into Redford Stack from Si Stebbins
Patrick G. Redford Stacking Si Stebbins just Stebbins order
Patrick G. Redford From New Deck Order NDO to Si Stebbins to Redford Stack
Stacking from a Shuffled Deck
Brother John Hamman The Chinese Shuffle multiple up-downjog culling to get into any order with up to six culls, into Si Stebbins
Also published here 36
2 Tricks to Hide the Chinese Shuffle
Patrick G. Redford Notes on the Ten Card Poker Deal Chinese Shuffle Stacking to Si Stebbins in process
Patrick G. Redford An Impressive Clocking Demonstration Chinese Shuffle Stacking to Si Stebbins in process, several phases
Patrick G. Redford Stack Transformers methods to transform Redford Stack to other arrangements
  • Redford Stack to Stebbins
  • Red-Black Alternating Stack
  • Red-Black Shocked Order
  • Stack to Stebbins Stay Stack
  • Stack to Redford Stay Stack
  • Stack to Suited Order
Patrick G. Redford Tools for the Arranged Stack brief notes
  • Secretly Counting to Cards Positions
  • False Shuffling & False Cutting
  • "Messy" Faro Shuffle Technique
  • Removing/Replacing Cards
  • Keeping the Stack Out of Phase
Patrick G. Redford The Redford Super Card short, punched and marked card
Patrick G. Redford Rapid Memorization Major Memory System
  • Applying this System to Playing Cards
Patrick G. Redford "Quasi-Memorized" Deck Techniques chapter intro
Patrick G. Redford Cast deck is shuffled and divided, performer knows which cards are where and all are named, arranging stack in front of spectators
  • Verity
  • Openly Stacking the Deck
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • With Three Participants and Three Packets
  • Theatrically Useful (But NOT Impromptu) Method
  • Final Thoughts
Inspired by 74
Harry Lorayne Great Divide brief
Jean Hugard, Patrick G. Redford A Subtler Game arranging memorized deck stack in front of spectators
  • Forcing Four Cards and Distributing Four Piles of Cards
  • Calling Cards by Way of Elimination
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
Inspired by 78
Patrick G. Redford Cast Off three spectators cut a pile and remember one card, performer names all cards held by spectators and ends with selections
Inspired byRelated to 82
Patrick G. Redford Card Locations chapter intro
Patrick G. Redford Spelling Cards built-in spelling cards in the Redford Stack
Patrick G. Redford 9 Interesting Locations comments of position of some cards in Redford Stack
Patrick G. Redford Gambling Demonstrations chapter intro
Patrick G. Redford "Any" Poker Hand Called For To Dealer using the Redford Stack, various hands
  • Restack Technique
  • Five Hands Dealt: Called Hand goes to Dealer
    • One Pair
    • Two Pair
    • 3 of a Kind
    • + Full House
    • + Flush
    • + Royal Flush in Hearts
  • Four Hands Dealt With Winning Hand to Dealer
    • *Straight
    • *Flush
    • Four of a Kind
    • Straight Flush
    • Royal Flush in Spades
  • Dealing Hands to Different Seat Positions
  • Thoughts and tips to Remember The Deals
  • Final Thoughts
Patrick G. Redford Progressive Poker all players have good hands, using Redford Stack
Patrick G. Redford Blackjack: The House Always Wins with five players, using the Redford Stack
Patrick G. Redford Partner Poker partner gets winning hand, two phases, back to Redford stack
  • Completely Restoring the Stack
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • A Faro Shuffle Variation
  • Variations that Destroy Half of the Stack
  • With a Full House Instead
Patrick G. Redford, Edward Marlo Bridge Deal or Rummy Deal suits dealt to four players
Inspired by 114
Patrick G. Redford Faro-Effects chapter intro
Patrick G. Redford King Me Kings face up land next to each other after shuffle, another shuffle and selection is between Kings, third shuffle and two more selections are between Kings and first selection, faro sandwich
  • With Three Selections
  • An Easier Force Position for Three
Inspired byVariations 120
Patrick G. Redford The KM Poker Deal follow up for King Me, straight flush deal, two hands, using the Redford Stack
Patrick G. Redford Tut Tut Tut Aces turned over in the deck, after a shuffle Aces are found in pairs, next shuffle all Aces are together and after last shuffle selections are trapped in between, faro method
Inspired by 126
Patrick G. Redford The Aces Have It! two selections end up between face-up Aces, repeated
Patrick G. Redford Observations of Faro Patterns Faro shuffles and the Redford stack
Patrick G. Redford Generic Memorized Deck chapter intro, memorized deck magic not dependent to specific stack
Patrick G. Redford Velleity named card ends up on top of the deck which is secured by spectator, selection is bent
  • The Bend and Convincer
  • The Cleaning Up
  • Further Advice on Controlling the Called Card
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • Final Thoughts
Related to 136
Alain Nu Thru the Table named card through table
  • The Move
  • Teleportation
  • Final Thoughts (Patrick Redford's Comments)
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Alain Nu's "Mind Over Matter" 1999.
Patrick G. Redford What's The Catch? named card is removed while cards are dribbled on table
Patrick G. Redford Twain two spectators get half the deck and exchange one card, both cards are into the halves, one card is divined, and then performer names other card and exact position with cards next to it as well
  • First Selection Revealed
  • The Second Selection
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • Restoring the Pack
  • The Two Participants Shuffle
  • The Real Shuffle
  • The Deal Through and Stop Presentation
  • Revealing the Exact Location of the Second Selection
Related to 146
Patrick G. Redford The Ninja Tossed Out Deck with three cards
  • The Routine
  • The Reveals
  • Working in a Close Up Environment Versus on Stage
  • Performing with Stebbins
  • Allowing the Spectator to Shuffle
  • Destroying All Evidence of a Stack Without Touching the Cards
  • Performing Without a Stack
  • Prophecy Voice Application
Patrick G. Redford The Ninja Glimpse Box deck inside case
Patrick G. Redford More Redford Stack Tricks chapter intro
Patrick G. Redford O.F.M. deck cut in 10 piles and spectator remembers a card from any pile, performer memorizes the deck and names position of selection, repeated but this time performer names position before spectator names the card
Inspired by
  • Moe's move-a-card plot in "Moe and His Miracles with Cards"
Patrick G. Redford Twegen two spectators get half the deck and exchange one card, both cards are into the halves, one card is divined, and then performer names other card and cards next to it as well, deck ends up in suited order
Related to 172
Patrick G. Redford "Sushy Rookie" - The Any Card Spelled to Stack
Inspired by
  • "Magic Spell" (Hen Fetsch, ca. 1950)
Related to
Patrick G. Redford Temporarily Out of Order multiphase matching routine, mates of entire deck match at the end, then deck is dealt into four hands and separated by suits in order
  • Phase One: Coincidence
  • Phase Two: Mind Reading
  • Phase Three: Mix and Match
  • Phase Four: Amnesia to a Total Coincidence
  • Phase Five: An Encore - Participant Deals into New Deck Order
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • First Phase with Si Stebbins Instead of a Memorized Deck
  • Final Thoughts
Inspired by 178
Ben Blau Futility Switch variation of swindle switch, with three cards
Howard A. Adams Dealflipdrop
Patrick G. Redford It's About the Story... "Three Story Deck Routines" chapter intro
Patrick G. Redford The Fate of Jack and Sally with the Redford stack
Patrick G. Redford Club "754" with the Redford stack
Patrick G. Redford Lady of the Night with the Redford stack
Patrick G. Redford The Loaded Deck "Marked, Stacked and Trilby!" Trilby deck combined with Redford stack
  • Red & Black Instant Separation & Re-Mix
  • Riffle Shuffles
  • What's Missing?
  • Quick Double Count
Inspired by 213
Patrick G. Redford Utilities chapter intro
Dan Fishman Dan Fishman's False Overhand Shuffle
VariationsAlso published here 220
Patrick G. Redford, Dan Fishman The Redfish Face-Up False Shuffle
  • Shifting Multiple Cards From the Top to the Bottom
Inspired by 224
Patrick G. Redford OCD Cut four packet cut, acts like a straight cut
Patrick G. Redford CDO Cut three packets
Patrick G. Redford PGR Cut four packets
Jay Ose Jay Ose False Triple Cut
Ben Blau Ose-D Cut same cut as done by Marlo and Tamariz, here credited to Ben Blau, three packets
Related toAlso published here
  • Juan Tamariz "Mnemonica Miracles" DVD 5.
Patrick G. Redford Two Deck Switches... and A Force chapter intro
Patrick G. Redford The Ninja Deck Switch
Related to 238
Patrick G. Redford The Interchange Force two decks same card found reversed in center, deck is switched in process
Inspired by 240
Larry Jennings Larreverse brief
Patrick G. Redford Stacking Into Effects by Others methods to bring Redford stack to position to perform following routines
  • 26! - Caleb Wiles
  • Candy - Chris Mayhew
  • A Pale Blue - Ben Blau
  • Chaos - Mandelbrot's Revenge - Pit Hartling
  • Ultimate Hold'Em - Jack Carpenter
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