Written by Harry Lorayne

Work of Various

522 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Harry Lorayne Foreword xiii
Harry Lorayne, Bob Mason Guess Quotient four four of a kinds are removed, spectator guesses if various pairs match in value or not, everything correctVariations 19
Unknown Antifaro in Pairs 20
Harry Lorayne Andi Gladwin mini bio 25
Andi Gladwin The Collecting Jacks aka "Sandstorm" 26
Edward Marlo, Dai Vernon Tilt brief 27
Ben Harris Super-Flip top card reverses during dribble 29
Unknown Air Pressure Turnover 29
Andi Gladwin Double-header Prediction three selections predicted, spectators cut to their selections 31
Harry Lorayne Dominic Twose mini bio 35
Dominic Twose Unreliable Witness two people remember the card at a given number, but they remember different cards, one is produced from pocket 36
Dominic Twose A Pain In The Neck thought-of card is produced from shirt collar, faro 39
Harry Lorayne Sol Stone mini bio 42
Sol Stone Abracadaver cork from wine bottle stand up under cup 43
Harry Lorayne Daniel Millstein mini bio 46
Daniel Millstein Wild Card Control Inspired by 47
Daniel Millstein DDLT Texas Hold'em patter, using a pseudo duplicate 50
Daniel Millstein Cop And Drop whole deck changes place with 2 pocketed jokers 53
Theodore Annemann Jinx Switch brief 54
Unknown Gambler's Cop of entire deck 54
Harry Lorayne Bob King mini bio 56
Bob King Miniskill three-phase routine for Stewart James' "Miraskill" 57
Bob King No Place Like Home double facer 60
Harry Lorayne Ian Baxter mini bio 64
Ian Baxter Pokerun-Up fast 65
Ian Baxter Deceitful 21-card Trick 18-card version 68
Harry Lorayne Even More Deceitful eighteen-card version 70
Ian Baxter, Edward Marlo Bluff Mental Reverse 73
Harry Lorayne Aldo Colombini mini bio 79
Aldo Colombini The Dream triumph in which selection changes back color as kicker 80
William Goodwin, Gordon Bruce Block Turnover Force from spread, Two Ton Transpo 81
Aldo Colombini Four of a Kind Triumph with four of a kind production at end 83
Harry Lorayne Faster Triumph with four of a kind production at end 85
Tenkai Ishida, Harry Lorayne The T/L Move variation of Tenkai move 85
Aldo Colombini Fourtold two selections are found, the matching four of a kinds produced 90
Bob King Breather Control card to pocketRelated to 93
Unknown Long-Sides Up Bend alternative to breather crimp 93
Unknown Breather Crimp 95
Harry Lorayne Paul Gordon mini bio 96
Paul Gordon, Roger Crosthwaite Head-to-Head Poker ten cards, performer received royal flush even though it was not part of the packet in beginningVariations 97
Charlier Charlier Shuffle 100
Paul Gordon "Power"ful selected card and four Aces are found, antifaro "programming"Inspired byVariations 102
Unknown Psychological Packet Cut Force 102
Harry Lorayne Nick Pudar mini bio 105
Nick Pudar Stealth Infiltration signed card 106
Nick Pudar The Pudar Count 106
Nick Pudar Tragedy Assembly humorous presentation 110
Frank Paglia Pivot Change with cards 110
Al Schneider, Derek Dingle Pick-up Move 113
Nick Pudar Split Boomerang card represents two selections, then splits and becomes those selections 115
Harry Lorayne Simon Lovell mini bio 117
Simon Lovell Polaroid card slides out of deck as a photo out of a polaroid camera 118
Simon Lovell Poked finger is used to stab card out of shower of cards 121
Simon Lovell Semi-Switched cards change places while signatures stay put, gaffed 125
Aldo Colombini The Counselors 130
Aldo Colombini The Stranger cards are eliminated until one is left 134
Harry Lorayne Alan "Ace" Greenberg mini bio 137
Alan "Ace" Greenberg In-Your-Face Thumbtie using fake fingertip 138
Alan "Ace" Greenberg Monte Switch new switch 143
Harry Lorayne Doug Edwards mini bio 147
Doug Edwards Collection Agency Variations 148
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Secret Add-On described with three cards added 148
Doug Edwards The Z-E Shuffle bottom half stays intact only 151
Harry Lorayne Allan Ackerman mini bio 154
Allan Ackerman Simulated Double Undercut one or multiple cards, bold/bluff type 155
Allan Ackerman A Card Switch card is cut face up in center and switched, Simulated Double Undercut application 157
Allan Ackerman Ultra Rub-a-dub-dub face up, two handlings 159
Harry Lorayne U-r-a-d-d Made Easy Inspired by 163
Harry Lorayne Jeff Altman mini bio 165
Jeff Altman Twisting The Aces Tribute Variations 166
Dai Vernon Through-The-Fist-Flourish 167
Unknown Clean-Up Reverse bottom card of small packet 169
Harry Lorayne Twisted Appearance selection appears as climaxInspired byAlso published here 170
Doug Edwards Another Twisted Appearance selection appears as climax 173
Jeff Altman Mexican Stopover 175
Unknown Block Mexican Turnover single card is switched when block is turned over with this card 176
Harry Lorayne Robin Robertson mini bio 178
Robin Robertson That Darn Four of Clubs! Ace spelling effect with kickerVariations 179
Robin Robertson, Steve Dusheck On Your Mark cards openly marked on back, deck is used for mindreading and transposition 182
Robin Robertson Jumping (Black) Jacks jacks jump from bottom to top in two piles, other jacks and aces appear 186
Unknown Downjog Switch 186
Harry Lorayne Rene Clement mini bio 190
Rene Clement Sense-sational performer bites pieces out of selection 191
Rene Clement B'wave It Goodbuy 194
Rene Clement Making Fake Index Card 194
Harry Lorayne Martin Nash mini bio 197
Martin A. Nash Pinochle To Blackjack Inspired by 198
Brother John Hamman No-Get-Ready Double Lift From a 4-card Packet credited to Lorayne hereRelated to 201
Martin A. Nash Real (Center) Deal spectator shuffles and cuts, aces dealt with real (side-jog) center deal 204
Doug Edwards Step-Down Prediction three mates used to predict (and switch) chosen card 209
Harry Lorayne A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Aces lost, "amazing" is spelled and Aces found thereVariations 212
Harry Lorayne Kostya Kimlat mini bio 216
Kostya Kimlat Impossibility Card Trick using a key card 217
Kostya Kimlat Pandora's (Card) Box three selections, one under box, from box comes miniature box and from it miniature prediction that changes into second selection, third one folded in small box 220
Unknown Mercury Fold fourth 221
Kostya Kimlat Reloaded Cardcase "Schulien Reloaded", card comes from box, is apparently removed but still inside via switch 225
Robin Robertson Double-Duty Balducci cut-deeper-force variation (vertical display), can be used as force and control 228
Jerry K. Hartman Deeper Dupers applications as a force/switchInspired by 230
Harry Lorayne J. K. Hartman mini bio 234
Jerry K. Hartman Outjog Force card peeled off one by one (biddle style) 235
Sol Stone Two Gone copper and silver coin vanish, shell and c/s coin 238
Sol Stone Sunset/Sunrise shell and c/s coin 241
Harry Lorayne Max Maven mini bio 244
Max Maven Three-Piece Suit Aces are spelled out from four-Ace-packet, last one transforms into selection 245
Max Maven Accessorized Three-Piece Suit Aces are spelled out from four-Ace-packet, last one transforms into selection, Ace reversed in deck 247
Harry Lorayne Off-the-Rack 3-piece Suit Aces are spelled out from four-Ace-packet, last one transforms into selection, two variationsInspired byAlso published here 249
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Secret Add-On described with one card 249
Harry Lorayne Harvey Cohen mini bio 252
Harvey Cohen Simple Travelers 253
Unknown Undercut Bottom Palm in Right Hand 253
Dave Rumfield Shirt Pocket Extraction really comes from deck 254
Harvey Cohen Controlled Peek overhand shuffle control / peek comboAlso published here 256
Harvey Cohen, Harry Lorayne Card to Pocket Sequence Also published here 257
Harvey Cohen "Sloppy" Presentation slop shuffle triumph 258
Harry Lorayne Richard Vollmer mini bio 263
Richard Vollmer Sum Hummer Explored packet mixed face up and down by spectator, number of reversed cards and their total predicted, CATO principleInspired byVariations 264
Richard Vollmer Double Entendre two cards, divided deck 269
Richard Vollmer Easy Prediction involving counting a packet and then down in the rest, variant handling with Ace productionRelated to 273
Unknown Center Hindu Shuffle bottom stock control 273
Unknown Faro Slough-Off 274
Harry Lorayne Michael Ammar mini bio 276
Michael Ammar The Matched Card packet changes to duplicates of selections, card found folded in matchbook 277
Michael Ammar Card Fold into sixth below a small packet, for full-deck handling see referenceVariations 278
Unknown All Alike Display four cards 280
Michael Ammar, Gary Plants Restored Card To Wallet torn pieces change to credit card, card restored from wallet 282
Harry Lorayne Gerald Deutsch mini bio 285
Gerald Deutsch The Multiple Top Change one or multiple cards 286
Gerald Deutsch Force Some 289
Gerald Deutsch Direct Ace Assembly 291
Gerald Deutsch Magic Vibrations card is divined, in second phase wrong card is divined, card comes from pocket 293
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Force 293
Harry Lorayne Peter Duffie mini bio 296
Peter Duffie, Robert E. Neale Cal-Q-Lator twelve card set-upRelated to 297
Peter Duffie Next To thought of from a group, two handlings, variation of Roy Walton's "Next" 300
Unknown Top-Card Cover Pass 302
Unknown Tilt Finesse pushing some cards from center, here claimed by Lorayne 302
Edward Marlo Tilt Switch card tilted in deck reversed, deck spread 303
Peter Duffie Sudden Impact aces lost, AS found by cutting off half the deck, this half vanishes/changes into four aces 305
Frederick Braue Braue Secret Add-On and Switch brief 305
Max Maven Spelleroyale royal flush is spelled to 308
Harry Lorayne Steve Cohen mini bio 310
Steve Cohen Shell Shocked sand and large seashell is produced from spectator's shoe 311
Steve Cohen Dictionary Definition card vanishes from 5-card-packet, reappears in dictionary 314
Unknown Biddle Steal 315
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 316
Harry Lorayne Michael Raeburn mini bio 317
Michael Raeburn 80/21 80% success chance 318
Michael Raeburn Psychological Force from Small Packet 319
Michael Raeburn Buckle Up top card buckle, pseudo second deal 322
Simon Lovell Splodge card (or photograph) transforms into four coins 327
Nick Pudar Out Of Nine one of nine cards is thought of, reverses itself 330
Harry Lorayne David Regal mini bio 333
David Regal Observ-Ace-Tion aces are on bottom of four packets, come to top, kings on bottom 334
David Regal The O'henry Girls first phase normal assembly, second phase o. henry 340
Harry Lorayne Justin Higham mini bio 346
Justin Higham Fate, Chance, Freewill featuring a multiple out forceVariations 347
Justin Higham Card/Copper/Silver one coin under card on tableVariations 351
Justin Higham "Oops" Open Prediction using a form of the Henry Christ Force 354
Paul Gordon Oil & Water Startler 4&4, transformation kickerInspired by 358
Paul Gordon (Gr)eight! automatic placementVariations 362
Harry Lorayne Howie Schwarzman mini bio 365
Howard Schwarzman Foxless seven spectators, faro shuffles 366
Howard Schwarzman The Shwarzman Coin Vanish 370
Richard Vollmer, Stewart James Vida Pack, Plus twelve card set-up, based on Stewart James' "Vida Pack" 373
Justin Higham Acid-Jazz Aces 376
Edward Marlo OPEC Count brief 378
Harry Lorayne Randy Wakeman mini bio 381
Randy Wakeman Focused Location tens turn face down one by one, change to aces, tens now in deck sandwiching selection, tens change back color 382
Edward Marlo ATFUS brief 383
Edward Marlo Unloading Action on top of deck 384
Harry Lorayne Overhand-Run Control 385
Randy Wakeman Detective Location tens turn face down one by one, change to aces, tens now in deck sandwiching selection 386
Randy Wakeman No Questions Asked OOSOOMInspired by 388
Unknown Tabled Slip Cut brief 389
Harry Lorayne Robert Farmer mini bio 395
Bob Farmer The Remraf Reverse facing the deck when turning the deck over 396
Harry Lorayne Remraf Reverse, Sulp two handlings 400
Bob Farmer Passtitution brings card to second from top 403
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Break 404
Max Maven Blanket 407
Brother John Hamman, Max Maven Modified Hamman Count even number of cards 407
Harry Lorayne Joshua Jay mini bio 411
Joshua Jay To Tell The Truth II two cards are removed from (stacked) deck and divined with liar/truthteller presentationInspired by 412
Joshua Jay Royal Aces poker theme, ends with royal flush production 416
Unknown Triple Turnover from Bottom of four-card-packet 418
Jerry K. Hartman Cut Casher lots of counting involved 420
Randy Wakeman The Warmth Of Your Touch 424
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut 425
Harry Lorayne Peter Kougasian mini bio 427
Peter Kougasian Headline Prediction (Or Card Trick) envelope mailed to host in advance, later switched in pre-show, as an out it contains a poker deal prediction in case the switch is not possible 428
Peter Kougasian Psych-out Poker Also published here 432
Peter Kougasian A Backward Card Trick named card is only face in blank deck 436
Peter Duffie, Edward Victor Riddle of the 7th Card small packet turns over magically except selection, small-packet adaption of Edward Victor's "Sympathetic Reverse" 440
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count 441
Harry Lorayne, James Swain Simplified Swain, Plus aces lost and found with free-cut principle, colors separated, two selections found, based on Swain's "Shuffle Tracking" (Genii 5/2005)Also published here 442
Harry Lorayne Tom Craven mini bio 451
Tom Craven The 27-Card Trick 452
Tom Craven Psychic Cards four cards predicted at positions named by spectator, but after every number is named the deck is shuffled by performer (!!) 455
Harry Lorayne, John Quine My Second Keeper keeping card at second position during faro shuffles 455
Tom Craven, Bob King Name That Card any number card 459
Edward Marlo Direct Statement Fishing 460
Harry Lorayne Mark Levy mini bio 462
Mark Levy Bux Vision random cards are named, can only be performed in totally dark room 463
Mark Levy Pitch Black Triumph can only be performed in totally dark room 466
Harry Lorayne Joe Rindfleisch mini bio 468
Joe Rindfleisch The Jiggle Case card case moves around on table 469
Joe Rindfleisch Magic Carpet Matrix 472
Joe Rindfleisch Heart's Delight all hearts appear face up with selection in betweenInspired by 474
Mark Levy 100 Predictions comedy presentation with dozens of predictions of the same card brought from pockets, signed selection from pocket as climax 478
Harry Lorayne Michael Vincent mini bio 481
Michael Vincent Selection & Control to small number from top 482
Michael Vincent Three Cards, One Handkerchief three cards found with handkerchief: rise, transformation, penetration 486
Eddie Ward Zombie Card Rise under handkerchief 487
T. Nelson Downs Downs Change 488
Harry Lorayne Gregory Wilson mini bio 492
Gregory Wilson Face-to-Face Poker 493
Martin A. Nash Mississippi Switch 494
Gregory Wilson, Ron Wilson The Trick That Sucks card travels from red half to black half, inspired by Ron Wilson's "Highland Hop"Inspired by 497
Unknown Ditch on Spread 500
Gregory Wilson 2-Card Monte, Plus three cards, double facer 502
Unknown Mexican Turnover brief 503
Harry Lorayne Tony Noice mini bio 506
Tony Noice Fastest Ever Ace Assembly three double facers 507
Unknown Half Pass very brief 508
Unknown Turnover Pass 509
Unknown Herrmann Pass Color Change 510
Tony Noice The MacNoice Aces three double facers 511
Harry Lorayne Seven/Eleven small packet location effect with charlier shuffle and reverse faros, version with Seven cards and version with Eleven cards 515
Charlier Charlier Shuffle 516
Harry Lorayne Last Word 521