Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
32 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Linking Finger Rings credit information, describing the routine of an unnamed magician from the 1950s
1 2015 1
Karl Fulves Cell Shock spectator writes his cell phone number on ten pieces of paper and mixes the digits up, performer dials number and first gets a funny acquaintance, then the spectator's phone itself rings
1 2015 4
Karl Fulves Dronette card spins around performer à la Hummer and changes into selection
Inspired by 1 2015 4
Karl Fulves Miller's Logic on a conversation with Charlie Miller about the referenced Zarrow shuffle
Related to 1 2015 5
Karl Fulves Long-Distance Poker blue-backed and rainbow deck are shuffled, royal flush of chosen suit removed from blue deck, then rainbow deck dealt, all hands of mixed backs except performer who get's blue-backed royal flush of chosen suit, with effect variations
Related to 1 2015 5
Karl Fulves Diagonal Steal & Palm multiple shift directly followed by palm
1 2015 6
Karl Fulves Sympathetic Named Poker Hand handling with two decks
1 2015 8
Karl Fulves Short Con shuffled deck, two cards exchanged (one named by performer with his back turned, one by spectator), cards dealt from bottom and top until stopped (once by spectator and once by performer), they are the two selections
Related to 1 2015 9
Karl Fulves Short Takes notes on short card applications
  • card is removed and substituted with Joker, missing card named after shuffling
  • cutting to a crimp or short card (see also p. 15)
  • shuffling with short cards
Related to 1 2015 11
Karl Fulves Short Cuts color changing back kicker, short double backer
1 2015 13
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Short shaved corners designed for riffle shuffle work
1 2015 14
Karl Fulves Lining Up The Aces spectator cuts Aces into deck, performer finds them again
1 2015 14
Karl Fulves Svengali + Short special angled cut
1 2015 14
Karl Fulves Short Cut cutting to a short card, training
1 2015 15
Karl Fulves Short Cull riffle culling with four short cards over the Aces
1 2015 15
Karl Fulves Shorty's Version mates show up at top of two halves after shuffle and counting to a value twice
1 2015 16
Karl Fulves The Bicycle Thief four Kings signed on back are placed in different pockets, then performer cuts to four Kings in deck which do not have signatures, then the signatures appear on them, they are lost and then removed from the pockets
1 2015 17
Karl Fulves Club Double with Ace through Ten of Clubs in a row, performer writes both cards on billet upside down in reverse order
1 2015 19
Karl Fulves One Is For Gun rhyming memory system
  • Note 1
  • Note 2
  • Note 3
  • Note 4 (further reference)
  • Note 5 (on-the-fly memory versus memorized deck)
1 2015 21
Karl Fulves Note 1 memory
1 2015 22
Karl Fulves Note 2 one of nine cards removed, performer names it
1 2015 22
Karl Fulves Note 3 speed in memorising numbers
1 2015 22
Karl Fulves Parallel Worlds openly using half blue-backed and half red-backed cards, at the end faces are separated and backs mixed
Related to 1 2015 23
Karl Fulves Run Around fake exchange of two packets, tabled
Related to 1 2015 25
Karl Fulves The Diana Games introduction to problem: list of target numbers, then six cards with numbers on them, three chosen, they always add up to a target number while the three discards don't, range force
Related toVariations 1 2015 27
Karl Fulves A. Target Practice spectator picks one card of three pairs of number cards, the sum always adds up to a number on a list, repeated two more times
Inspired byRelated to 1 2015 28
Karl Fulves B. Granny's Purse spectator picks a coin of three pairs of number coins, the value always adds up to a number on a list, repeated
Inspired byVariations 1 2015 29
Karl Fulves C. The Game Is Rigged spectator picks one dice of three pairs of dice under a cover, top numbers added and that many cards counted down in a a deck, message is on card
  • Sure Shot Note
Inspired byVariations 1 2015 30
Karl Fulves Low Notes
1 2015 32
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