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10 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
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Karl Fulves Early Indications magazine will discuss ideas from Fulves's youth
1 2015 1
Karl Fulves First Trick
1 2015 1
Karl Fulves Bamboozled rice travels from container to container, containers on a scale which tips
1 2015 1
Karl Fulves First Book "Tricks and Magic" by Will Lindhorst, moving chair, eating candle, Mutus Nomen
1 2015 2
Karl Fulves Playing Chess
1 2015 2
Karl Fulves More Capers doing tricks as a kid, J. W. Sarles, Himber Ring
1 2015 3
Karl Fulves Ten-Pin Trickery ideas for cheating at bowling
1 2015 4
Bowling Scams from an article by Rocky Salemmo
Also published here
  • NYT, 2012, Sep. 30
1 2015 4
Karl Fulves Gambling And Marion's ribbed dice cup with curved face dice, on manufacturing of dice
1 2015 5
Karl Fulves Dunninger on Joseph Dunninger
1 2015 6
Karl Fulves Duplicitous Duplicates two different cards chosen from two identical decks and replaced, performer takes two cards from one deck, they are both duplicates from one spectator's selection, same from other deck
1 2015 6
Karl Fulves Runaround red card chosen from red-backed deck, black card chosen from black-backed deck, the faces transpose
1 2015 7
Karl Fulves Runaround Switch fake exchange of two packets, tabled, one-handed top palm with both hands
Related to 1 2015 8
Karl Fulves Proximate Cause a card chosen from each a red-backed and blue-backed deck, they are the only odd-backed cards, ungaffed
Inspired by 1 2015 10
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