Written by Christian Scherer
Work of Christian Scherer, Sveroni
28 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Christian Scherer
Language: German
10 entries
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Christian Scherer Easy King Koin picture of card vanishes in pyro flash and index appears engraved in coin
Christian Scherer, Sveroni King Koin Matrix coin matrix, then pictures of cards vanish and indices are found engraved on coins
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition
Al Schneider, Derek Dingle Pick-Up Move
Christian Scherer Spectator's King Koin selection turns blank and index is found on coin, with the aid of some flash cotton everything is back to normal
David Roth Coin Switch coin balanced on outstretched finger
David Roth Shuttle Pass
Christian Scherer King Koin in the Hole coin placed on card, card has hole of the size of coin and turns blank, index found engraved on coin
Christian Scherer Ausgelöscht card on tabled deck changes with coin on top, hole in card, index of card engraved on coin
Inspired by 17
Christian Scherer, Sveroni Hol(e)y King! coin penetrates card, card with hole and blank and index found engraved on coin
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