3rd printing form 2006 used
Written by Mike Caveney, René Lavand
Work of René Lavand
230 pages (Hardcover), published by Mike Caveney's Magic Words
Illustrated with drawings by Homer Liwag
Language: English
116 entries
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Juan Tamariz Introduction
Arturo de Ascanio Prologue
Also published here 7
Mike Caveney Publisher's Note
René Lavand Foreword
René Lavand My Life
René Lavand A Philosophy
René Lavand That Which Is Simple
René Lavand The Importance of the Preamble and Epilogue in a Routine
René Lavand A Story for Young Enthusiasts
René Lavand The Importance of Pauses
René Lavand Regarding My Techniques
René Lavand Turn-Over Second Deal
René Lavand Third Deals one-handed
René Lavand Fourth Deal one-handed
René Lavand Fifth Deal one-handed
René Lavand Sixth Deal one-handed
René Lavand Synthesizing... on one-handed turn-over false deals
René Lavand To Start a Routine with Four Cards Aces found at named numbers, multiple false deals
René Lavand Bottom Deal one-handed
René Lavand La Carambola (A Break) from heel to pinky break
René Lavand Turn-Over Switch à la Downs
René Lavand Turn-Over Change switching cards while scooping cards up from table, one handed, with one handed palm
Also published here 53
René Lavand Card from Pocket Finesse same as Gordon Bruce / Norman Houghton
René Lavand Palming before the Cut with four Ace production explained in context
René Lavand The Lavand Double Lift
René Lavand One-Handed False Shuffle and Cut
Related to 58
René Lavand Tricks with a Normal Deck chapter intro
René Lavand Nothing Happens by Chance same card found again by a spectator calling stop while performer deals cards on the table, deck shuffled in process
René Lavand Monte Revelation three Jokers on the table, chosen one changes into selection
René Lavand All Alike Display three cards, hiding one face, one-handed
René Lavand I Was a Gambler
Also published here 65
René Lavand The Tijuana Story with gambling story presentation, gold lighter as bet
Also published here 65
René Lavand Private Conference Aces change to Jokers and Aces found inside pocket
Also published here 67
René Lavand Switching Hands spectator chooses hand for performer, which is a Royal Flush
René Lavand Red an Blacks - I Can't Do It Any Slower six phases, 3x3
Also published here 69
René Lavand The Story of Victorio de Pardú four cards change into Aces followed by Jacob's Ladder
Inspired by
  • Dr. Daley's "Jacob's Ladder" in "The Sphinx" September 1951
Also published here
René Lavand Packet Switch one-handed
René Lavand Transposition one-handed
Also published here 78
René Lavand A Little More on Gambling
Also published here 79
René Lavand Turnover of Deck of faced-deck
René Lavand Old Man River longer gambling routine, story
Also published here 84
René Lavand Producing Card From Center of a Spread
René Lavand The Deck is Feminine Aces are found, spectators name numbers
Also published here 92
René Lavand Chance
Also published here 93
René Lavand Three Queens - Four Aces Queens change to Aces and back to Queens
Also published here 96
René Lavand Ace, Two, Three, Four three phases
Inspired by
  • Dr. Daley's "Jacob's Ladder" in "The Sphinx" September 1951
Also published here
René Lavand Swing with a Sonnet bridge deal, four hands
Also published here 102
René Lavand I'm Going to Be Honest with You deck is cut and same card ends up at the bottom various times
Related toAlso published here 104
René Lavand The Levitation production of a card from spread
Also published here 106
René Lavand All Fours deck of fifty-two Fours turns into normal deck
Also published here 107
René Lavand Ah!... If they were... spectator stops at Kings, x-deals
René Lavand Ah!... If they were... A Subtle Variation spectator stops at Kings, x-deals, technical variation
René Lavand Showing Off dealing a Royal Flush, no matter how many hands are wished, x-deals
René Lavand You Find Your Card (Card Reversals) spectator stops at selection
René Lavand Reverse three cards, one handed using table
René Lavand An Alternate Technique for Reversing Cards
René Lavand Reverse Two
René Lavand This Is the Simplest of All spectator stops at Aces
René Lavand Something More... all but selection vanish under handkerchief, seated
René Lavand With Just One Hand, For Your Two Hands trick performed with one hand in pocket, Kings vanish and appear in pocket
René Lavand Lapping Technique several cards from the bottom of the deck, one-handed
René Lavand Improvisations apparently improvisational routine, four selections are found and Aces produced as climax
René Lavand Poker Against All performer deals himself a Royal Flush, with wallet
René Lavand Slip-Cut Technique red and black cards are mixed and separated again
René Lavand Flash Effects two changes of Aces to Kings
René Lavand My Monte ten phases, with sticker
Also published here 133
René Lavand Mexican Turnover Variation
René Lavand I Don't Know Why one of the three Jokers change into selection
Also published here 141
Tricks With Prepared Cards
René Lavand Proposal
René Lavand Peace
Also published here 146
René Lavand The Story of Antonio the Gypsy
René Lavand Antonio's Three Card Monte Monte
Also published here 147
René Lavand My Turn Aces change to Kings, follow up for previous routine
René Lavand Your Signature in My Wallet envelope inside wallet
Also published here 150
René Lavand Just One Moment... Just One! four signed cards to envelope in wallet
Also published here 151
René Lavand Perhaps, Some Day four chosen cards to wallet, Himber Wallet
VariationsAlso published here 152
Rosary Deck Routines
René Lavand About the Rosary
Also published here 155
René Lavand Rosary Stop named card
René Lavand More Rosary Effects production of named cards, card switch in pocket and dealing into four suits
Also published here 156
René Lavand There are Many Legal Tricks for a Resourceful Gambler memory demonstration, quickly looking through one half of the deck and naming all cards in other half
Also published here 159
René Lavand This Shall Be A Noble Trick... And Nothing More prediction of cards which spectator stops
René Lavand My Favorite cards stopped at match two predictions from other deck
René Lavand The Little Martian deck turns blank
Also published here 162
René Lavand My Grand Illusion
Inspired byAlso published here 163
René Lavand Playing Pirates with envelopes, Himber Wallet
Also published here 166
René Lavand Rehearsal in Madrid sidewalk shuffle type, three blank cards and an Ace, ends with three Aces and one blank card
Also published here 168
René Lavand, Rolando Chirico Pygmalion wild card, story presentation
Also published here 171
René Lavand Poker Bagatella (The Greek) Jacks to blank cards and back to Jacks
VariationsAlso published here 172
René Lavand Mahtub multiple phases
Related toAlso published here 176
René Lavand That's the Way We Are chosen card vanishes from deck and another appears with name of selection on its face
Also published here 180
René Lavand You Wanted It prediction of two selections appears on chosen blank card
René Lavand Triple Predicrtion prediction of three selected card, backs of selections change color and rest of the deck too
René Lavand A Box of Candy For Your Kindness three signed cards travel to box secured with rubber bands
René Lavand It Would Be Impossible For Me location of two selections, cutting to two short cards
René Lavand My Penknives general comments
René Lavand A Trick for the Chosen Few color changing knives routine
Also published here 192
Dai Vernon Twist Number 1 with penknife
Also published here 195
Twist Number 2 paddle move with penknife
Also published here 196
Twist Number 3 paddle move with penknife
Also published here 196
Ultra-rapid Twist paddle move with penknife
Also published here 197
Twist Number 4 paddle move with penknife
Also published here 198
Twist Number 5 paddle move with penknife
Also published here 198
Twist Number 6 (with a handkerchief) paddle move with penknife
Also published here 198
Another Important Twist With a Handkerchief
Also published here 199
René Lavand Something Else
Also published here 205
René Lavand Spotted Knives
Also published here 206
Twist Number 1 (transversal) with penknife
Twist Number 2 (turning the hand over) with penknife
Twist Number 3 (longitudinal) with penknife
René Lavand My Engraved Penknife
Also published here 211
René Lavand My Little Penknife
Also published here 212
René Lavand Three Bread Cumbs breadcrumbs routine, balls placed aside always end up inside cup
Also published here 216
René Lavand People Named In This Book And Other Inspirations
Also published here 225
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