Written by René Lavand
Work of René Lavand
132 pages (Paperback), published by Editorial Frakson
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Arturo de Ascanio Prologue
Also published here 7
René Lavand The Illusion on Azorin
René Lavand Illusionism
René Lavand An Illusion
René Lavand Don't Kill the Illusions
René Lavand Playing Pirates with envelopes, Himber Wallet
Also published here 19
René Lavand Resources using a story to prepare for next trick
René Lavand The Spoken Word In The Art Of Illusionism
René Lavand Timing
  • Uniform Movement
  • Uniformly Accelerated Movement
  • Uniformly Decelerated Movement
  • Changes In the Rhythm of the Movement
  • Conditioned Movement
René Lavand Anatomy of a Theatre for Close-Up Magic
Tricks with a Normal Deck
René Lavand Introduction
René Lavand I was a Gambler
Also published here 35
René Lavand The Story of the Tijuano with gambling story presentation, gold lighter as bet
Also published here 36
René Lavand Just One Moment; Just One...! four signed cards to envelope in wallet
Also published here 37
René Lavand The Cumanes story for cutting the Aces, one-handed routine
Inspired by 38
René Lavand Chance
Also published here 41
René Lavand Four Queens; Four Aces Queens change to Aces and back to Queens
Also published here 44
René Lavand Swing with a Sonnet Elevator multiple phases ends with bridge deal
Inspired by
  • Dr. Daley's "Jacob's Ladder" in "The Sphinx" September 1951
Also published here
René Lavand I'm Going to Be Honest With You deck is cut and same card ends up at the bottom various times
Also published here 53
René Lavand The Levitation production of a card from spread, brief
Also published here 55
René Lavand All Fours deck of fifty-two Fours turns into normal deck
Also published here 55
Tricks with Prepared Cards
René Lavand Peace
Also published here 61
René Lavand Rehearsal in Madrid sidewalk shuffle type, three blank cards and an Ace, ends with three Aces and one blank card
Also published here 61
René Lavand, Rolando Chirico Pygmalion wild card, story presentation
Also published here 65
René Lavand Poker Bagatella Jacks to blank cards and back to Jacks
Also published here 67
René Lavand Mahtub multiple phases
Also published here 70
René Lavand That's the Way We Are chosen card vanishes from deck and another appears with name of selection on its face
Also published here 73
My Penknives - A Trick for the Chosen Few
René Lavand A Trick for the Chosen Few color changing knives routine
  • Introduction
  • Details to Remember
Also published here 79
Dai Vernon Twist Number 1 with penknife
Also published here 84
Twist Number 2 paddle move with penknife
Also published here 85
Twist Number 3 paddle move with penknife
Also published here 86
Twist Number 4 paddle move with penknife
Also published here 88
Ultrarapid Twist paddle move with penknife
Also published here 89
Twist Number 5 paddle move with penknife
Also published here 91
Twist Number 6 (with a Handkerchief) paddle move with penknife
Also published here 91
Another Important Twist With a Handkerchief
Also published here 93
René Lavand Epilogue on Mario Lobos
René Lavand Something Else
Also published here 99
René Lavand Knives Without Hasps
Also published here 100
René Lavand My Engraved Penknife
Also published here 106
René Lavand My Little Penknife
Also published here 107
René Lavand Goodbye
Appendix I - Sleights From Slow Motion Magic Volume I only pictures
René Lavand Appendix II - Names Mentioned in this Work
Also published here 121
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