Written by Frederick Braue, Dariel Fitzkee

Work of Dai Vernon

21 pages (Stapled), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Jeff Busby Introduction vii
Dai Vernon Variations on the False Count "The Changing Cards", four of a kind turns over, then changes back and front 1
John Booth, Dai Vernon Push-Off Count brief 2
Dai Vernon Another Variation Related to 2
Dai Vernon Another Variation four cards selected and shuffled back, spectator takes any four cards which turn out to be selections 3
Dai Vernon Follow The Leader only beginning displacement with wedge cull is briefly explained 4
Dai Vernon Palming early version of "The Travellers" 4
Dai Vernon Vernon's comment on bottom palming 5
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Dai Vernon Forcing - A fan force 6
Dai Vernon The Multiple Shift 6
Dai Vernon Changes comments on Top and Bottom Change 7
Dai Vernon A Silk Routine production from bill, with fifth finger gimmick 7
Dai Vernon Cups and Balls "short, very direct Cups and Balls routine" 8
Dai Vernon Han Ping Chien some comments on the moves 9
Dai Vernon Center Tear - Billet Test 9
Dai Vernon The Cone, Ball and Handkerchief short comments 10
Dai Vernon Linking Rings short comments on links, Jacob's Ladder, .. 10
Dai Vernon Final Remarks and Suggestions brief comment on the Triumph Shuffle and Push-Through Shuffle 11
Dai Vernon Slow Motion Ace Assembly 13
Dai Vernon, Arthur Finley Face-Up Finley Tent Vanish 14
Dai Vernon Notes on the Erdnase Bottom Palm 15
Dai Vernon, Laurie Ireland Dai Vernon's Aeroplane Card Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 15
Jeff Busby Notes on the Text References 17