37 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Martti Siren
Language: English
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Christian Engblom The End Ending for Harlan's Traveling Cash, Bill penetrates last string too
Inspired by 1
Christian Engblom The Reel Thing coin changes to bill, or bill switch, clever switching and retrieval system using a reel
Christian Engblom Double Haunted Deck with two selection, one phase in spectator's hands
Christian Engblom The Last Match Trick matches emptied on table, one is lit, vanishes and reappears in the matchbox, burnt match is lit and travels back to matchbox, as a climax all other matches are burnt too, see p. 38 for credits
Also published here 12
Christian Engblom, Kim Wist Oil Over Troubled Water 3x3, one phase in spectator's hands, with full deck kicker
Dani DaOrtiz Twin Souls deck spread on the table and one chosen and turned face up, when squared and spread again the other three cards with the same value are face up at various places as well
Also published here 26
Charles Nyquist Ribbonspread Hideout without credit
Dani DaOrtiz Double Intuition two selections, spectator deals stops at card and counts value to find selection, then deck is dealt face down and second spectator stops at selection
Dani DaOrtiz Triple Intuition Double Exposure adding a third selection
Also published here 29
Dani DaOrtiz Imaginary Dices card at number, with invisible dice
Related to 32
Dani DaOrtiz It's Not Another... Torn And Restored Card signed with matching corner, found restored in wallet
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