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John Carney Suite for Coins & Handkerchief introduction to routine that is comprised of the following entries
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John Carney Bare-Handed Productions & Appearance in the Handkerchief three coins appear one by one, they are thrown into handkerchief
Inspired by 3
Production from Downs Palm first brought into back clip
Related to 6
John Carney Three Coin Vanish and Reproduction coin vanish at once in handkerchief and are reproduced from it one by one
Inspired by 9
John Carney Single Vanishes and Reproductions spectators hold handkerchief as table
Inspired by 13
John Carney Han Ping Chien as Vanish onto handkerchief held by spectators
Related to 14
Modified Utility Pass
Inspired by 15
John Carney, John Ramsay Stack Steal
John Carney Through the Handkerchief spectators hold handkerchief as table
Inspired by 23
Scotty York Back Clip here done under handkerchief
Roger Klause Pop-Up Move
John Carney Multiple French Drop Handling
John Carney Further Thoughts
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