Written by Gene Taylor
Work of Rick Merrill
40 pages (Stapled), published by Antinomy Magic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
28 entries
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Rick Merrill Dedication
Gene Taylor Introduction
Gene Taylor Openers
Rick Merrill The Restaurant Opener "A Cheeky Cheek-to-Cheek"
short multiple selection routine with ambitious card sequence (card to mouth, unfolded) and triumph finale
  • Opening locations and transpositions
  • An Ambitious Sequence, Card to Pocket, and "For the Unambitious"
  • Cheek to Cheek
Inspired by 4
R. Paul Wilson Emergence card slides magically out of in-the-hand spread
Also published here 8
Rick Merrill Life Lessons - Mr. Vocal is Stunned into Silence
Rick Merrill Approaching a Table of Strangers "What to say and why to say it"
Related to 10
Rick Merrill The Standup Opener six cards, deck ends up on floor after third selection, fourth from pocket, changes into fifth, last one in sock
Martin Lewis Martin Lewis Popout
Rick Merrill The Classic Force tips and handling
Rick Merrill Slip, Flip, Pop quick one-at-a-time revelation in pop-out position
Inspired byRelated to 15
For Magician's
Rick Merrill Sybil Cut Rise a card rises from one of the packets in Sybil cut display
Inspired by 16
Chris Kenner The Sybil Cut
Also published here 17
Rick Merrill Sybil Cut Flush Ouellet's Ace production followed by Sybil cut with one Royal Flush cards at face of each packet
Related to 20
Rick Merrill The Da Vander Code impossible location, with stooge in audience that codes card
Rick Merrill Life Lessons - Flash Photography, Both Real and Imagined
Gene Taylor Heart Up His Sleeve intro to tricks with sharpie pens and sleeving
Rick Merrill Rune Klan's "Impromptu Hitman" with an Extra Punch coin and pen produced, both transpose and then vanish
  • A Production, a Return, and a Reproduction
  • The "Impromptu Hit Man" Sequence
  • The Double Vanish
Inspired byRelated to 24
Rick Merrill The Sleeving Technique for pens
Also published here 25
Rick Merrill The No-Sleeve Vanish wrist watch band
Inspired byAlso published here 30
Rick Merrill Home Schooled "The vanish and reproduction of a Sharpie that transforms into a No. 2 pencil"
Also published here 33
Rick Merrill On Sleeving "The evolution of an idea along with some advice"
  • The History
  • Thoughts on Sleeving
  • Thoughts on the Shirt
Also published here 34
Rick Merrill On Competition
Also published here 36
Rick Merrill Life Lessons - Money Talks, or Perhaps it Tells?
Also published here 38
Gene Taylor Touchstones and Crossroads credits and sources
Rick Merrill Thank You's
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