1976 edition used
Written by Nick Trost
Work of Nick Trost
27 pages (Stapled), published by Trik-Kard Specialties
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
22 entries
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Nick Trost Introduction
Methods of the Card Sharp
Nick Trost False Deal Deluxe pseudo false deal of a straight after one honest riffle shuffle
Also published here 3
Nick Trost Triple-Jack False Deal
Also published here 3
Nick Trost Reading the Backs Routine cards are named in shuffled deck, first singly then top cards of three cut piles
Nick Trost Casing the Deck deck cut into two pile, top card of one is named when looking at the other
Nick Trost The Gambler and his Partner demonstrating a muck transfer of a card from one hand to another
Nick Trost Gambler vs. Magician
Stewart Judah Cutting to the Four Aces similar to Vernon's routine, cutting to the last Ace
The Slip Cut
False Cut in the Hands three packets
False Cut Using the Table triple cut
Poker and Blackjack Deals
Nick Trost The Stacking Demonstration overhand stacking demo with two cards, then it is completed to Royal Flush as a surprise, reciting formula as presentation
Nick Trost The Bottom Deal Demonstration
Nick Trost, Ken Beale Ten-Card Poker Routine
  • Phase One
  • Phase Two (Ken Beale's idea)
  • Phase Three
Also published here 16
Nick Trost Eighteen Card Poker uses concept of a morphing Jonah card that changes every phase, three phases
Related toAlso published here 17
False Shuffle for a Small Packet of Cards Charlier look
Stewart Judah Judah's Five Deal Poker Trick twenty-card packet is dealt out a few times, performer always wins, then spectator and performer deal hands from half the deck and performer wins
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring
Nick Trost High-Card Poker poker deal from packet of high cards, spectators receive Ace-high straights, performer gets winning four of a kind, uses Gilbreath principle
Also published here 21
Nick Trost The Blackjack Demonstration blackjack stack
Nick Trost Trost's Blackjack-Poker Routine
  • Phase One - Blackjack
  • Phase Two - Poker
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