Tannen reprint used
Written by Tony Kardyro
Work of Tony Kardyro
34 pages (Stapled), published by Louis Tannen
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
37 entries
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Tony Kardyro Kardyro's Kard Konjuring "Senor Torino" = Tony Kardyro
Tony Kardyro T. K's Master Deal Supreme top cards buckled back with left thumb for strike second, third, ... or center deal (of a random card)
Related to 1
Tony Kardyro T. K's Master Utility Sleight deck held with both hands, top cards buckled with right first finger, inner right corners buckle up
  • The Peek
  • The Count
Variations 3
Tony Kardyro T. K's Kard Kontrol No. 1 top card of left half secretly levered up before replacing upper half
Variations 4
Tony Kardyro T. K's Kard Kontrol Supreme top card of left half buckled as in gambler's peek, upper half slid underneath top card
Variations 6
Tony Kardyro T. K's Master False-Cut Supreme slip cut in Hindu shuffle position
Tony Kardyro The T. K's One Card Drop Supreme "or The One Card Flip-Over Switch"
Related to 8
Tony Kardyro T. K's Hole Card Switch Supreme
Variations 10
Tony Kardyro The Hindu Shuffle Throw-Off bottom card shown before and after Hindu shuffle key placement
Tony Kardyro Controlling a Selected Card with Hindu Shuffle
Tony Kardyro T. K's Hindu False Shuffle or "The Slap Shuffle" top stock
Tony Kardyro T. K's False Shuffle and Kard Kontrol with Hindu Shuffle
Tony Kardyro Using the Top Card as a Locator for the Selected Card using Hindu Shuffle
Tony Kardyro Controlling a Selected Card to the Bottom using Hindu Shuffle
Tony Kardyro T. K's Simplified False Shuffle controlling selection to small number from top with Hindu shuffle
Tony Kardyro T. K's Flip-Over Force No. 1 riffle force, top half rotated onto right hand and top card given to spectator, bold and illogical
Related toVariationsAlso published here 16
Tony Kardyro T. K's Hindu Shuffle Force No. 2 block dropped onto left pile when stopped
Related to 17
Tony Kardyro The T. K's Card Table Shift unusual pass after a cut, in-jogged half snapped to top as deck is replaced into right hand
Tony Kardyro "The T. K's Pivot" and the Selected Card Removal Flourish fan in hand, named card is pushed and jogged to the left, fan closed and card ends up out-jogged
Tony Kardyro The Comedy Force card appears sticking out of fan as gag as spectator reaches for a card and fan is closed, using previous flourish
Tony Kardyro That Magic Touch spectator locates his card in fan, using a fan force with one card slid to the other side
Tony Kardyro T. K's Follow the Leader Supreme performer cuts to selection which shows up reversed, then he cuts to other three matching cards, faro
Tony Kardyro T. K's Flash "Color Change" Cardini Change
Related to 22
Tony Kardyro "Hot Weather Handy" card through table, card sticks to back of wet hand
Tony Kardyro Hot Weather Hand Supreme or I'm Allowed One Mistake "My Favorite Trick"
card is seen to be stuck at back of hand
Inspired by
  • "Hot Weather Handy" (Linking Ring, Hocus Pocus column)
Tony Kardyro The Magic Genii card sticks to back of wet hand
Tony Kardyro "Coming Thru!" top card placed on table, deck on top, selection appears face-up on top via air pressure turn-over, featuring a second deal with right-hand end grip and buckling action
Inspired by 26
Louis Zingone, Tony Kardyro Zingone and Kardyro card reverses, then changes
Related to
  • Louis Zingone's "The Surprise Reverse"
Alignment Move on deck
Tony Kardyro "The Magician's Best Friend" Joker appears reversed in deck and changes into selection
Tony Kardyro The Broad Jump Reverse spread switch application
Related to 29
Tony Kardyro At My Command card at thought-of number remembered, it jumps to same position in second half
Tony Kardyro Vernon Transfer Handling
Tony Kardyro The Blind Fold Poker Deal Supreme selected cards from several hands end up in performer's hand in next deal
Tony Kardyro The Boxed Cards from the Pockets "or The Reversed Cards from the Pockets or The Sloppy-Mixed Cards from the Pockets"
deck mixed face-up/face-down, deck put in two pockets, performer removes cards oriented one way in stages, selection remains in pocket
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
Tony Kardyro Thanx Fellows
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