Written by Larry Becker
Work of Larry Becker
464 pages (Hardcover), published by Aplar Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Lee Earle
Language: English
120 entries
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Steve Dusheck Colored Writing divination of name and chosen color, using Larry White's Get The Picture envelope
Larry White Foreword
Larry Becker Preface
Robert L. Bluemle Introduction
Larry Becker Life on the Wrong Side of The Brain (An Imperfect autobiographical recollection)
Larry Becker Monte Crispo signed bill in one of three envelopes, two are burnt, apparently mistake and bill appears in insurance envelope, with variation using a paper shredder
  • Author's Note: Shred a Few Tears of Joy & Sorrow
Inspired by
  • Larry Becker's "Monte Inferno" in "Mentalism for Magicians"
Related to
Larry Becker Digitellus numbers written on a business card and added up along some given instructions, total of ten numbers is divined before numbers are added by spectator, peek wallet
Larry Becker Q&A: How important is it to perform only effects that you have created?
Larry Becker Bear Minimum prediction of one of six jumbo cards on bill, spectator gets teddy bear as gift
Ted Lesley The Berlin Bears spectator selects one of four different teddy bears, prediction of color of the bear and spectator's name, using Lesley's "The Informatico Principle"
Al Mann Acidus Plus with more information on billet to use later
Variations 59
Ross Johnson Hoy Book Test Subtlety
Inspired by 60
Larry Becker Sneak Thief pseudo psychometry with drawings, last drawing is duplicated
Related toVariations 65
Larry Becker Sneaky Two Sneak Thief applied to card routine, four cards are selected and only values written on four index cards, performer allocates numbers correctly to spectators and divines last card
Related to 73
Larry Becker Intuition card case put on one of four piles
Larry White Get The Picture peek envelope, mirror flap
Steve Dusheck Playing Cards Get The Picture envelope used with playing cards
Alan Wassilak Brain Wave card is selected from a deck and placed inside envelope, it is the same card which is reversed in second deck, using Larry White's Get The Picture envelope
Dan Tong Prediction dual reality, apparently spectator drew picture at home, using Larry White's Get The Picture envelope
Steve Dusheck Book Test using Larry White's Get The Picture envelope
Larry Becker Wordarama divination of chosen word from a list, using Larry White's Get The Picture envelope
Larry Becker Stand-Up Modification variation for Larry White's Get The Picture envelope
Larry Becker The $99.95 Miracle! Dick Tracy themed routine, chosen villain is predicted on memo-recording pen
Larry Becker Q&A: What are your pet peeves about mentalism?
Larry Becker All-Star Miracle baseball cards, autograph of chosen player on baseball, different-looking baseball cards of same player
Related toVariations 97
Roger L. Omanson A Guest Presentation variation of All-Star Miracle, baseball cards, autograph of chosen player on baseball
Inspired by 102
Larry Becker Q&A: What other creators of mental effects do you admire?
Larry Becker Gaff-Free Duo prediction of hotel and room number, using playing cards
Inspired by
  • Don Wayne's "Room Service"
Larry Becker Minding the Store, Again prediction of chosen product from list and total of bill, using playing cards
Inspired by
  • Ned Rutledge's "Minding the Store"
Larry Becker Hypnotic! with prediction
Also published here 115
Larry Becker Q&A: Can music be integrated into a mentalism act?
Larry Becker Midnight Miracle design duplication, stealing billet from envelope
Larry Becker Switcheroo switching a bill using an envelope
  • The double envelope concept
Larry Becker Q&A: What is your response to those who might consider your effects too "magicy?"
Larry Becker The Becker Bevel bevel force, with bottom card openly reversed
Also published here 131
Larry Becker Q&A: Any suggestions as to how to use humor or comedy in mentalism?
Larry Becker The Revenger prediction of chosen weapon, humorous presentation using a sound machine
Lee Earle Bank Night Baffler bill between sheets of plastic secured with padlock
Related to 139
Larry Becker Q&A: Do you have any observation about the impact of magic or mentalism on your marriage?
Larry Becker Casino Caper prediction of Roulette, Craps and Blackjack
Inspired by 145
Larry Becker Q&A: Will any psychic entertainer ever gain the prominence of Dunninger or Geller?
Larry Becker Casino Royale prediction of a chosen casino, amount of money one wagers and outcome of Blackjack game, poker chips with names of casinos and Himber Wallet, comments on pre-show in the introduction (but not used in the effect)
Larry Becker Q&A: What is your definition of a good mental effect?
Richard Osterlind Some Total Radio sum prediction over radio, with people calling in
Inspired by 165
Larry Becker The Borgia Bash chosen / poisoned glass is found, number of chosen glass predicted
Larry Becker Shuffler 2 top stock control using a battery operated card shuffler
Related to
  • Larry Becker's "Shuffler" in "Mentalism for Magicians"
Larry Becker Q&A: How do you rehearse?
Larry Becker, Roy Roth The Roth Beck Box large die placed inside a box, chose number is divined
Leo Boudreau, Larry Becker The Unknown cards with names of playing cards printed on both sides, spectator thinks of any value and looks for all cards which have the value, then he chooses a suit, performer finds card in a deck
  • Alternative #1 (card is found at position written on case)
  • Alternative #2 (card is found at position written in prediction)
Larry Becker Triple Threat Laser Gazer routine, ESP symbol appears on paper while drawing with pen
Larry Becker Crystal-Eyes second spectator sees chosen ESP symbol in wristwatch
Related to 194
Larry Becker Witch-Watch cards with names of watches, watch as prediction, programmable watch
Larry Becker Q&A: What are the biggest failings of most psychic entertainers?
Larry Becker Flushed and Headliner performer puts Royal Flush inside pocket and one card is chosen, same card is found in second deck, cross sum force and odd backs principle
Related to 199
Larry Becker Headliner five cards are selected and and placed inside performers pocket, one is removed by spectator and name of card printed in newspaper, odd backs principle
Larry Becker Power of Suggestion with the power of suggestion the selection becomes invisible for the spectator, then chosen card is divined
Inspired by 205
Larry Becker Q&A: Against a background of a contemporary high degree of interest in "new age" matters, why isn't psychic entertainment more sought after?
Larry Becker, Lee Earle, Ross Johnson The Howard Hughes Headline Prediction comedy prediction, humorous entries in news paper, apparently mailed 20 years ago
Larry Becker Mail Mental named number on label attached to coin, Lippincott coin box
Inspired by 217
Larry Becker Q&A: How can psychic entertainment be made more entertaining?
Larry Becker Match Game cards with jokes matching cards with punchlines,
Inspired byAlso published here 221
Larry Becker The Ultimate Match-Up ramasee principle matching routine, using double facer ending with straight flush
Inspired by 224
Larry Becker Psycho II one of five ESP cards is reversed and all sealed inside nest of envelopes, reversed card is divined
Larry Becker Q&A: What importance does audience belief play in a successful mentalist's performance?
Larry Becker Terminal Psycho chosen ESP card inside envelope is divined
Larry Becker The Diffusion Principle fabricating bills with same serial number, bill travels from purse to block of Lucite
Larry Becker Kliptomaniac three coins with different dates are sealed in three envelopes, performer divines dates, with variation
Related toAlso published here
  • in "M.U.M." February, 1987.
Larry Becker Q&A: How do you feel about disclaimers?
Larry Becker Game Show six cards with items and prizes, items chosen and prizes are added, sum matches prediction, Prize is Right presentation
Inspired by
  • Paul Flory's "5040 Prediction" in "The Linking Ring" February,1981.
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • in "Magic Manuscript" February/March, 1982.
Larry Becker Clearly Predictable mailed prediction of headline and chosen Jumbo card
Larry Becker Q&A: Can both magic and mentalism be successfully combined in a performance? Why? How?
Larry Becker, Roy Roth The Nostradamus Prediction Chests two boxes, inside is cassette with recorded prediction, with effect variations
Larry Becker Q&A: Do you record your act? What use do you make of it?
Larry Becker, Ross Johnson Club Kicker shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted, with jumbo card kicker
Inspired byVariations 285
Larry Becker Q&A: How do you feel about the use of playing cards in a psychic performance?
Larry Becker Slop-Psy Turvy using the Slop Shuffle to force a card, first card that is face down
Larry Becker Mind Probe spectator choses a number from serial number, prediction on bill, simplified handling
Inspired byRelated to 292
Larry Becker 2 O'Thoughts two versions of the clock trick
  • Mind Mirror
  • Cardology
Larry Becker Q&A: If you were asked to construct and direct a mental act to be performed by another, what type of effects would you include? (... What type of effect would you suggest for an opener? For a closer?)
Larry Becker, Carlhorst Meier Hour of Destiny with prediction engraved in watch, credit information
Related toVariations 305
Larry Becker, Carlhorst Meier Q&A: How does, or should, the performance of mentalism differ from the performance of magic?
Larry Becker Boxxed method to peek inside box sealed with rubber bands, two effects, divination of number of dice and of playing card
Inspired by 317
Larry Becker Q&A: What advice do you have for magicians who would like to create a complete act of mentalism?
Larry Becker Serial Killer serial number is constructed using bills, prediction in envelope
Larry Becker Q&A: What is your definition of a good mental effect?
Larry Becker X-Rated Stuff routines with Hull's Pop-Eyed Popper deck, rough/smooth Svengali, predictions with X on the back
  • X Marks the Spot
  • My Favorite Card
Also published here 341
Larry Becker Q&A: How did you learn to walk on stage, use a microphone, handle volunteers and all other elements of stagecraft? How can others learn it?
Larry Becker, Roy Roth The Becker Coin Purse Mysteries two-way coin purse, spring top
Larry Becker Just Chance using four Becker Coin Purses
Larry Becker Spectral Safari billet with name of chosen animal appears in Becker Coin Purse
Larry Becker Descripto slip in envelope contains description of one of five chosen spectators, using Becker Coin Purse
Larry Becker, Lee Earle Divination bill placed inside Becker Coin Purse, with idea by Lee Earle
Larry Becker Q&A: What's the most powerful performing moment you've ever experienced?
Larry Becker Unbalanced finding chosen card, using Major Arcana
Also published here
  • in "New Tops" May, 1984.
Larry Becker Q&A: Other than "Russian Roulette," your obvious first choice, which of your creations tickles your "M" spot?
Larry Becker, Richard Stride Super Reflecta-Thot five cards with hundred words each, word is selected by forming a number, divination of chosen word
Inspired by 367
Larry Becker Q&A: Is mentalism being debased by encouraging magicians to do more mentalism?
Larry Becker What Goes Around on the Zip Code marking for business cards and envelopes
Related to 385
Larry Becker Mini-Deck playing cards are written on business cards, chosen one is divined, using Zip Code marking
Larry Becker Jeopardy ZIP pseudo psychometry using business cards and chosen TV shows, ZIP marking principle
Larry Becker Psych-ZIP objects in envelopes, pseudo psychometry, using ZIP marking principle
Larry Becker ZIP-Lock performer writes numbers on business card, chosen one opens lock, ZIP marking principle
Larry Becker Emotional ZIP emotion written on business card, performer locates card, ZIP marking principle
Larry Becker Ultra Coinetic spectator divines what kind of coin is inside envelope, with variations
  • The Marketed Version
Larry Becker The Ghost Coin prediction of chosen coin, with purse
Larry Becker Ultra-Keynetic keys with different colors, chosen color opens chest, with purse
Larry Becker The Room Service Concept key tags in coin purse
Inspired by
  • Don Wayne's "Room Service"
Larry Becker Doubling Up Ultra Coinetic done with twelve instead of six options
Larry Becker Q&A: Do you use a stooge? An instant stooge?
Larry Becker Subliminal Persuasion spectator listens to music and then selects a word which is divined
Larry Becker Transparen-See using Himber wallet / Becker Blockbuster wallet
  • Pre-Show Variation
Larry Becker Q&A: What do you really feel is most important in advancing one's career as a performer?
Larry Becker Ultimate Flashback book test using the flashback principle, with variations
  • The Original
  • To Have the Books Examined
  • Where are all the Gaffs?
  • The Basic Handling
  • The "Pointer" Phenomena
  • Coincidence
  • Three Down - Three to Go
  • Hoy Plus
  • The Elak Influence
  • The "How To"
Inspired byRelated to 419
Larry Becker Q&A: How do you feel about using an assistant?
Larry Becker Test Conditions prediction of chosen card
Ken Krenzel, Trevor Lewis Monte Move
Larry Becker Russian Roulette using three revolvers
  • The Double-Clutch Move
  • The Manhattan Close Call
Larry Becker Appendix I Double Undercut
Larry Becker Appendix II The Charlier Shuffle
Larry Becker Q&A: What is your assessment of the direction of mentalism in the next decade?
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