(Second Edition from 1946 used)
342 pages (Hardcover), published by Max Holden
Illustrated with drawings by Nelson Hahne
Language: English
210 entries
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Max Holden, John J. Crimmins Jr. Foreword
Theodore Annemann Time Marches On
Chapter One - Effects With Billets and Pellets
Theodore Annemann, Bert Reese Bert Reese Secrets Berthold Riess, billet reading information, soft paper
  • Routine with Three Sitters
  • Routine for Single Sitters
  • Routine for Telephone Test
  • Routine for Groups
  • Some Final Remarks
Also published here 11
Theodore Annemann Billet Switching general thoughts, the folding of the paper and two switches
  • The First Method
  • The Second Method
Also published here 15
Theodore Annemann A Question and the Answer with billet switch using Thumb Tip
Also published here 17
Theodore Annemann, Al Baker The Al Baker Three Billet Trick three cards that are selected (one thought-of) and written on a billet are divined, stacked deck
Also published here 19
Shuffling a Stacked Deck short shuffle
Also published here 19
Theodore Annemann A Day of Your Life one spectator writes some things on billets, performer divines all, billets placed under feet of spectator and one billet is burned
Also published here 20
Karl Germain The Germain Gem named dead person appears on billet, pocket writing
Also published here 22
Orville Wayne Meyer Tervil word, number and city are written on billet, prediction on another billet
Also published here 24
Dr. Stanley Jaks Mental Hat Pin billet switch with hat pin, then secret reading of information
Also published here 26
Magnuson Devil Device gaffed box for questions, secret reading method
Also published here 28
Otis Manning The OM Billet Switching Box billet switching box, with notes by Annemann
Related toAlso published here 30
Otis Manning The Ghost of a Change using the OM Billet Switching Box, Q&A
Also published here 32
Otis Manning Crystal Clear Q&A, after information is obtained, way that assistant brings them to performer, bottle, in combination with his billet box
Also published here 33
Chapter Two - Publicity Effects
Theodore Annemann Mindreading Publicity Effect center tear presentation as newspaper test
Also published here 37
Theodore Annemann News Event Prediction three compartments, election prediction application
Also published here 38
Theodore Annemann The Unknown Subject apparently random name in phone book divined, person phoned names cards which are divined, uses ABC cards
Also published here 39
Theodore Annemann Publicity Stunt any information is revealed by partner on other end of phone
Also published here 40
Theodore Annemann On the Wire random person phoned, name divined
Also published here 40
Theodore Annemann Wired Thought any person is phoned and asked to name a card, predicted by performer, index
Also published here 42
Theodore Annemann The Impression Moderne wax coating on envelope as impression device
Also published here 42
Theodore Annemann, Kenneth Chamberlain A Cute Publicity Stunt name of chosen card appears printed in newspaper
Related to 43
Tom Sellers Death Flight blank cards with names, card with dead name travels to another pile, envelopes
Also published here 43
James G. Thompson Jr. Impromptu Vision reading writing on paper card covered with handkerchief, classic move from ball/coin through handkerchief used
Also published here 44
Nat Scherzer A Neat Publicity Trick address chosen from different envelopes is predicted
Also published here 45
Dr. Stanley Jaks Television Compact secret billet reading using powder case or compact
Also published here 46
L. Vosburgh Lyons Graphology spectators write on paper cards, performer assigns them correctly, pseudo-psychometry, graphology presentation
Also published here 47
Chapter Three - Dead or Alive
Theodore Annemann From Beyond the Grave spelling to dead name with blank cards
Also published here 51
Theodore Annemann Two Papers and a Spectator two billets with information, one is duplicated and one divined
Also published here 52
Theodore Annemann More Living Than Dead billets are burned in process
Theodore Annemann Dead or Alive cards placed inside envelope, name of dead person is revealed
Also published here 54
Joseph Dunninger The Secret with flash paper addition, using a glass of water, credit claim
Also published here 56
Dr. Jacob Daley Dr. Daley's Death Divination one with flash paper
Also published here 57
Henry Hardin The Ghost Hand living dead with rough smooth edge
Also published here 57
Orville Wayne Meyer Dead
Related toAlso published here 58
Haded Calling! living and dead test in combination with flash paper idea
Also published here 59
Paul Curry Nyctalopia spectator writes name in dark with lights out, performer divines it, carbon paper
Also published here 59
L. Vosburgh Lyons, Bruce Elliott Entity Alone papers placed inside glass of water, one sinks
Also published here 60
Chapter Four - Book Tests
Theodore Annemann Between the Lines book test, using deck of cards in Si Stebbins order for word selection
Also published here 65
Theodore Annemann The Yogi Book Test three books, page determined with cards
Also published here 66
Theodore Annemann The Perfect Book Test blindfolded medium divines chosen word from a book
Also published here 68
Theodore Annemann Whim of Tituba page travels into nested signed envelopes
Also published here 69
Theodore Annemann Dice and a Book using dice to select page, with variation by F. Clark
Also published here 71
Theodore Annemann The Word on the Page using 14-15 card stack
Also published here 72
Jack Vosburgh Monks Mystery 14-15 stack that forces number, with slates
Also published here 73
Theodore Annemann The Double Ad Test ads selected by spectator, performer divines them
Also published here 74
Switching Envelope manila type
Orville Wayne Meyer Symmyst two phases, named numbers added to select word, using magazines with exchanged covers
Also published here 76
Orville Wayne Meyer Addition Force named digits are added up, performer fills in number that is required for force total
Also published here 76
Clayton Rawson Behind That Door! medium in another room divines cards, color, word with various methods
Also published here 78
Stuart Robson The 20th Century Newspaper Test
Also published here 80
Eddie Clever The Jaipur Jinnee method for forcing a page, mechanical way of changing position of ribbon between pages
Also published here 81
Sid Lorraine 40.000 Words dictionary test, hole in book
Also published here 83
Otis Manning Another Dictionary Effect paper placed in breast pocket, slit in coat
Also published here 85
David P. Abbott David P. Abbott's Book Test
Also published here 87
Chapter Five - Thought Foretold
Theodore Annemann Pocket Prophecies including thoughts on predictions and the pocket index in general
Also published here 91
Theodore Annemann Construction of the Annemann Billet Index also for playing cards
Related to 92
Theodore Annemann The Original Effect straight card prediction using billet index
Also published here 94
Theodore Annemann Lady and Gentleman two card prediction with billet index
Also published here 95
Theodore Annemann, Walter B. Gibson The Omega Card Prophecy card chosen with dealing procedure, billet index
Also published here 95
Orville Wayne Meyer Orville Meyer's Twin Prediction partial set-up and ten-card billet index
Also published here 96
Theodore Annemann, Arthur H. Buckley, Orville Wayne Meyer The Improved Buckley Method full deck stack and billet index
Also published here 97
Theodore Annemann Annemann's Ballot Box Divination fifty lotto type counters in revolving ballot box
Also published here 98
Theodore Annemann Final Notes on pocket billet index
Clayton Rawson Tomorrow's Card prediction written, six cards from shuffled deck selected, then one of those, matches prediction, five-billet index
Also published here 100
Chapter Six - Miscellaneous Mental Masterpieces
Stewart James Sefalaljia miniature spirit cabinet, ball moves, ring on tape, cigar lights itself, milk vanishes
  • The Ball in the Glass
  • The Knotted Handkerchief
  • The Ring on the Tape
  • The Smoked Cigar
  • Drinking the Milk
Also published here 105
Charles T. Jordan, Theodore Annemann Telethot also "Telethought", design duplication with medium, eight slips of paper, Jordan's Yogi Force, medium divines seven of the designs, then eighth one duplicated with spectator
Also published here 109
Theodore Annemann, L.E. Duncanson The Astral Shirt performer removes shirt without jacket
Also published here 112
Theodore Annemann Impromptu Frame-Ups feeling time behind back, knowing what is drawn on slate, instant stooge
  • 1. Envelope Test
  • 2. Watch Test
  • 3. Slate Test
  • 4. Another Slate Test
  • 5. Shirt Test
Also published here 113
Theodore Annemann, Percy Naldrett The Phantom Artist celebrity chosen, large paper sheet is folded and cut, silhouette of chosen person is seen
Also published here 116
Hen Fetsch Travel Thought cities on map are thought of and written on paper, divined by medium in the dark, carbon paper
Also published here 118
L. Vosburgh Lyons Taps ball between slates starts rapping
Bruce Elliott Finger, Finger number of held-up fingers divined repeatedly
Also published here 120
Hen Fetsch Lock and Key method for Seven Keys to Baldpate
Also published here 121
Robert Parrish Telepathy on the Cuff! assistent divines total of number, easy coding
Also published here 122
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Number Thot number "randomly" calculated divined, interesting principle
Also published here 122
L. Vosburgh Lyons The New Half and Half three dice and list of letter combinations, a coincidence/prediction happens
Inspired byAlso published here 123
Stuart Robson Horrors! binary coded cards, word divined
Also published here 125
Stewart James Black Pin Idea orientation of pin in closed container divined
Also published here 127
Arthur Monroe Voodoo hole coin on string is put in box and hidden, light turned out, in glowing light performer is seen to have box again and coin drops off cord, combined with card divination on blank card
Also published here 127
Eddie Clever Encore Voodoo card is put in envelope with ribbon band and hidden by spectator, light out, performer suddenly has card and mutilates it, with matching corner
Also published here 129
Bertram Adams The Krazy Kode word from text selected with role of dice, use of progressive anagrams
Also published here 131
Harris Solomon Operator Calling ringing of phone divines (forced) selection
Also published here 132
Fred DeMuth A Divination with Matches number of remaining matches divined
Also published here 132
Tom Sellers Calendar Conjuring number effects with calendar sheets
Also published here 133
Walter B. Gibson Date Sense numbers on calendar are added, matrix force
Also published here 135
James G. Thompson Jr. Shades of Sherlock Holmes! medium out of room, then returns to divine type of murder and a playing card transposes with the Ace of Spades (Death Card)
Also published here 136
Harry Blackstone Triumph of the Triumvirate rapping hand divines which key opens lock and which card was selected
Also published here 137
Stewart James Prophetic Tissue name of selected card appears on tissue paper
Also published here 140
Stewart James The Ball of Fortune number and color predicted in ball of wool
Also published here 141
Chapter Seven - Envelope Necromancy
Theodore Annemann My Own Swami Test predicting anything, pocket writing
Also published here 145
Theodore Annemann Triple Coercion color, card and number are named and predicted, only number free choice, nail writer
Also published here 147
Theodore Annemann Modernized Reading for single reading or getting one ahead
Also published here 148
Theodore Annemann Pseudo-Psychometry personal items
Also published here 150
Joseph Dunninger, Theodore Annemann Modernizing the "One Ahead" Principle thoughts on the reading act
  • Readings for Intimate Groups
Also published here 151
Theodore Annemann An Original Faked Envelope three compartments
Also published here 155
Bruce Elliott Bluebeard's Seven Wenches coincidences with cut-out heads, matching
Also published here 157
James T. Deacy Just an Echo method to double write secretly on a prediction in envelope, confabulation
Also published here 159
James G. Thompson Jr. Who Killed Mr. X written name is divined with story presentation
Also published here 162
E. D. Wolff The Astral Ad ads cut out of newspaper put in envelope, one chosen and word in it chosen, divined
Also published here 165
Hen Fetsch, Harrison Reincarnation burned page with writing reappears in envelope, two methods
Also published here 168
Sid Lorraine Prediction method for sealed prediction envelope
Also published here 170
Albert Sidney Dark Sorcery spectator signs card and selects number, light turned off, when back on the signed card traveled into sealed envelope numbered with number, luminous paint on back of cards
Also published here 171
Chapter Eight - Miracle Slate Routines
Theodore Annemann The Perfect Club Slate Routine name written up secretly on paper appears on slate
Also published here 175
Theodore Annemann Extra-Sensory Perception design duplication with stacked picture cards
Also published here 177
Theodore Annemann, Al Baker, Dr. Jacob Daley Notaria chosen card and diagram are divined/duplicated, forcing deck, center tear
Also published here 179
Theodore Annemann A Torn Letter paper with letter of alphabet is torn and restored between slates, pocket index
Also published here 181
Theodore Annemann Headline Hunter magician's choice strategy
Also published here 183
Theodore Annemann Psychic Slate Test stacked deck and slates
Also published here 185
Theodore Annemann, Robert Gysel The Gysel Slate handling for flap slate with hook
Also published here 186
Norman Ashworth, Walter B. Gibson Before Your Eyes message on slate becomes name of selection when wiping over it
  • Walter Gibson Method
Also published here 188
Oscar Weigle Phantom Hand message on slate becomes number prediction when wiping over it
Also published here 190
Dr. Jacob Daley The Ultra Slate Message
Also published here 192
Dr. Jacob Daley The Answer silicate slate flaps
Also published here 193
Dr. Jacob Daley Never Fail instructions to rope trick appear on slates
Also published here 195
Dr. Jacob Daley Ultra Addition
  • Dr. Daley's Variation with Mechanical Slate
Related toAlso published here 196
Gordon R. McKenney Sacred Script message appears on slate with reference to bible in which number is found
Also published here 198
Len Sewell Tribal Try paper wrapped between boards / slates, prediction or something else appears on paper inside
Also published here 200
Robert Parrish Duo Telepathy coding with thumb/nail writer on chalk
Also published here 202
Robert Parrish Slate Immortality living dead test on slate, or handwriting psychometry
Also published here 203
Stewart James Half and Half three dice and list of letter combinations, a coincidence/prediction happens
Also published here 204
Walter Baker, Al Baker Numero! end sum also predicts name of spectator
Also published here 207
Theodore Annemann The Super Slates method for appearing message
Also published here 209
James G. Thompson Jr. Gabbatha
Also published here 210
Clayton Rawson Ghost Writer card reversed behind back, name appears on slate
Also published here 211
Stanley Collins Nonpareil free selection (and switched) appears on marked slates
Also published here 212
Clarence Hubbard My Case word from ten selected, appears on previously empty slate, flap with corner cut, tray to add envelope
Also published here 214
Jean Hugard The 20th Century Slate Test flap handling
Also published here 216
Peter Warlock The Schoolbag book test with slates
Also published here 216
Hen Fetsch Knockout! four four-digit numbers are chosen and added, sum predicted
Also published here 218
Orville Wayne Meyer A Slate and a Number three chosen number, total predicted on slate
Also published here 219
R. M. Jamison Ghost Writer appearing writing on slate
Also published here 220
L.E. Duncanson Thought Rays writing on cleared slate read, oil
Also published here 222
Henry Christ Fatal Number coincidence with name list and name cards, slate writing
Also published here 223
Kent Arthur Familiar Spirit twenty blank cards, each with a two-figure number by a spectator, then some cards are totaled and total divined
Also published here 224
Herbert Hood The Psychic Slate unseen selection is duplicated on slate, marked & stacked
Also published here 226
Herbert Hood A Thought Out Thought free selection divined, marked & stacked
Also published here 226
Stanley Collins Psychic Type several names written on cards, one selected, it appears on previously empty slates
Also published here 227
H. C. Mole Mixed Mystery letter cards chosen, word selected from newspaper with number addition, letter cards arrange magically in chosen word
Also published here 229
Chalk on Metal Slates Tip
Chapter Nine - Money Mentalism
Theodore Annemann Controlled Currency two bills placed inside envelopes, serial number reading and other travels into box
Theodore Annemann, Charles Peet A Mentalist With Money marked bill is divined among others and its number as well
Also published here 238
L. Vosburgh Lyons Dollar Bill Switch
Henry Hardin Mystic Perception divined whether serial number on dollar bill is odd or even
Also published here 240
Jack Vosburgh Pay Day coins distributed to envelopes with mathematical procedure, predicted
Also published here 241
Stewart James Numismatigic coin divination behind back, magnetism
Also published here 242
L. Vosburgh Lyons The Knickel of Kanadah coin divination, magnetism
Also published here 243
Charles T. Jordan Dates borrowed coins in hat, performer announces year and finds coin by touch, repeated, one ahead
Also published here 244
Charles T. Jordan Duplex Date Reading naming dates on borrowed coins
Also published here 245
Chapter Ten - Blindfold Reading
Theodore Annemann Par-Optic Vision cards pocketed by spectator are divined one by one
VariationsAlso published here 249
Theodore Annemann, Burling Hull New Sheet Reading questions in numbered envelopes answered by medium, Q&A, chair servante
Also published here 251
Theodore Annemann, Paul Rosini The Mystery of the Blackboard information written on blackboard is divined blindfolded, see Jinx for attribution
Also published here 253
Hen Fetsch In the Mind performer really blindfolded, routine with three parts
  • think stop with one selection
  • think stop with three selections
  • a chosen card is named
Also published here 254
L.E. Duncanson With Sight Unseen divining cards behind back, small mirror between legs
Also published here 258
James G. Thompson Jr. Mephisto Thot medium divines things written on papers
Also published here 259
Chapter Eleven - Mentalism with Cards
Theodore Annemann Magic vs. Mentalism two decks, spectator puts one in pocket, from the other he selects a card mentally, card is spelled in both decks and the last card is the thought of, card also predicted
Also published here 265
Theodore Annemann A Card to Be Thought About three way out, OOSOOM type
Also published here 267
Theodore Annemann Mind or Muscle? two cards located in spread, third card named, stacked deck and forcing deck
Also published here 268
Theodore Annemann Yggdrasil three phase routine with ESP cards, duplicates added from belt
Also published here 269
Theodore Annemann, Hugh Mackay The Secret Order of the Aces blindfolded assistant duplicates things done with aces
Also published here 272
Theodore Annemann Parallel Thoughts one of four freely take cards is selected, medium finds out which one
Also published here 273
Theodore Annemann Volition four selections in envelopes, spectators choose their own card, equivoque
Also published here 274
Stewart James, Theodore Annemann Waiting Place for Unknown Thoughts spectator forms word with alphabet cards, performer knows it, three phases/methods
Also published here 276
Dai Vernon The Brain Wave Deck brainwave
Also published here 277
John J. Crimmins Jr. I'll Read Your Mind one is a brainwave/invisible deck
Also published here 279
George W. Lord, M. D. Overholser A Peculiar Happenstance two cards in two piles appear at the same position, stacked & marked
Also published here 280
Herbert Hood You and Yours - Me and Mine
Also published here 281
Bruce Elliott Parade of the Lamas using Lama cards
Also published here 282
Walter B. Gibson The Twin Princess
Also published here 284
Jack Vosburgh Cherchez La Lady performer finds money card in different situations
Also published here 286
Audley Walsh Open Minds sum prediction via cards, out-to-lunch principle on deck of cards
Also published here 286
Tom Sellers, Val Evans Forced Prognostico selection appears on blank card, with Tom Sellers' Forcing Gaff
Also published here 288
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Dream of a Hermit three decks, with spelling coincidence in third deck
Also published here 290
Dan Bellman Mystic Matching two phases, one deck stacked
Also published here 291
L. Vosburgh Lyons Mental Rescue two spectators have five cards each and exchange one, performer divines it
Also published here 293
Verne Chesbro, James G. Thompson Jr. Copy Cat one Si Stebbins, the other brainwave/invisible deck
Also published here 294
Hen Fetsch Ghostatic Touch several coincidences with two decks
Also published here 295
Orville Wayne Meyer The Guidance of Fate two decks, two cards match, chosen with handkerchief force
Also published here 296
Newton Hall Hypnosthesia three spectators see a card even though that one is apparently removed
Also published here 297
Vincent Dalban Mental Numbers chosen number from stack of number cards divined, fibonacci system
Also published here 299
Robert Brethen As in a Mirror Darkly billet index on back of cards
Also published here 301
Theodore Annemann New $1000 Test Card Location stacked, risky
Also published here 303
James G. Thompson Jr. Utility Routine Svengali deck with the different cards stacked, ends clean, bridge deal finale
Also published here 304
Eddie Clever Only an Image some card names written down by spectators that think of any one, one of them selected, blank card first becomes wrong card (re. Elmsley gag, someone might be thinking of that one or not), then right card, fainted card (Larsen idea)
Also published here 306
Dr. Stanley Jaks Crystal-Viso chosen card divined in crystal ball first by performer, then spectator
Also published here 308
Charles Nyquist "Before Your Eyes" Business Card message on business card, name of selection appears
Also published here 309
Newton Hall Controlled Luck fifty-two numbered cardboards & cards are shuffled and read one by one until performer tells to stop, card and number combination is predicted
Also published here 309
Herbert Hood A Mental Test Revamped thought-of card divined via center tear
Also published here 310
Harris Solomon Diabolical Influence multiple prediction of cards and a number on face of playing card, stacked
Also published here 311
Chapter Twelve - Psychic Codes
Theodore Annemann Thoughts in the Air medium divines card and object in room, code via cards
Also published here 320
James G. Thompson Jr. The Eyes Have It coding only with eye movement
Also published here 322
Orville Wayne Meyer A Practical Card Code verbal
Also published here 323
Charles T. Jordan A Complete "Silent Thought Transmission" Act medium divines various pieces of information, bills, dice, playing cards and names, placement on table code
Theodore Annemann Weird Wire medium phoned and tells one out of five designs, selected cards and word
  • The E.S.P. Symbol Projection
  • The Word Projection
  • The Card Projection
Also published here 327
Ralph W. Read A New Method of Tabulation tip for question and answer reading act
Also published here 331
James G. Thompson Jr. Moonlight Madness thorough discussion of his and Julia Thompson's Two-Person Code Act, involving flash light for coding, ESP coding
  • General Test
  • Analysis
  • Questions
Also published here 332
Orville Wayne Meyer Hit Parade spectator thinks of song from top ten, pianist starts playing it, verbal code
Also published here 340
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