Written by Motoki Kaido
Work of Motoki Kaido
310 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: Japanese
46 entries
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Motoki Kaido Introduction
Motoki Kaido 本書について (About This Book)
Motoki Kaido 用語解説 (Glossary) Glossary of terms used in the book
Motoki Kaido 表記方法 (Notation Method) Formatting on credits/references
Motoki Kaido 参考映像 (Reference Video) QR code for video of performance
Motoki Kaido KATSUKARE Steal Stealing coin out when placing a card on top of the coin
with backs of fingers
Related to 3
Motoki Kaido Easy Quick Four Matrix, four coins and two cards, instant assembly, uses KATSUKARE Steal
Motoki Kaido Flash Matrix Matrix, four coins and four cards, instant assembly, uses KATSUKARE Steal
Motoki Kaido Another Flash Matrix Matrix, four coins and four cards, instant assembly, uses KATSUKARE Steal. One coin openly moved under another card, then suddenly all assemble.
Variations 24
Motoki Kaido Flashback Reverse Matrix, four coins and four cards, instant reverse assembly, uses KATSUKARE Steal. One coin visibly moved out from under the card, then sudden all the coins return back to starting position.
Motoki Kaido Another Flash Matrix (No Gaffs) Matrix, four coins and four cards, instant assembly, uses KATSUKARE Steal. One coin openly moved under another card, then suddenly all assemble.
Inspired by 40
Motoki Kaido Reverse Matrix Matrix + Reverse Matrix, four coins and four cards.
Mike Gallo Double Pick Up Move Picking up two coins at once for Matrix
Related to 54
Motoki Kaido Back Fire Assembly Matrix with Backfire ending. Four coins and two cards.
Motoki Kaido The TIME on Matrix Matrix with surprise watch production under a card as the ending
Variations 67
Motoki Kaido International Chink a Chink Chink a Chink with four different coins, backfire sequence in the middle
Motoki Kaido Only Four Chink a Chink with only four coins, backfire sequence in the middle
David Roth The Kick Move
Also published here 91
Motoki Kaido, Chitose The Sympathetic Matrix Matrix with four coins and a handkerchief, coins jump and assemble as handkerchief is dragged slowly across the coins. Backfire sequence in the middle
Motoki Kaido Three Fly Standard Three Fly effect
Inspired by 114
Daryl Martinez Slide Back Vanish
Also published here 116
Shoot Ogawa, Toshiaki Hayashi パーフェクトバニッシュ (Perfect Vanish) Coin vanish, end with open hand, coin slides to back of hand, one-handed
Also published here
  • "パーフェクトバニッシュ" (Shoot Ogawa & Toshiaki Hayashi, 最新コインマジック徹底解説, 2005)
Motoki Kaido Three Coins Across Three coins travel from one hand to another, only three coins
Inspired by
  • "Speed Fly" (Eric Jones, An Extension of Me (DVD), 2010)
Motoki Kaido Fingertip Click Pass
Inspired by
  • "Finger Palm Position Pass" (Tomoya Horiki, Sprout (DVD), 2016)
Motoki Kaido, Tomoya Horiki Invisible Traveler Open Travelers with coins, last phase involves a clear transparent coin (i.e. Silver Extraction Coin)
Inspired by 136
Paul Morris The Bottom Steal Bottom coin of a pile is stolen in classic palm of other hand
Inspired by 138
L'Homme Masqué L'Homme Masque Coin Load
Motoki Kaido One Hand Change One handed change of a coin, includes simple transposition effect
Related to 154
Motoki Kaido Monster Spellbound Coin rapidly changes between four different types of coins, lots of one handed changes. Finally changes into dollar bill
Related to 161
Motoki Kaido TEN (鼬) Three silver coins change into Chinese Coins one by one, then all change back. In the hands Wild Coin
Related to 175
Motoki Kaido Three Chip Monte Poker chip monte, with visual changes
Variations 184
Motoki Kaido Quiz Two in hand, one in pocket type of routine but with coins. First phase is standard, second phase has coins changing to copper and Chinese, final phase produces jumbo coin
Inspired by 200
Motoki Kaido Watch the Watch Producing coins from air, suddenly produce watch that was on the magician's wrist at the start
Inspired by 210
Motoki Kaido Tsukumogami (九十九神) Okito Box, production, penetration and vanish of a coin. Involves using prepared Okito Box as a rattle box to make sound of rattling coin appear and disappear
Hand to Hand Throw okito box turnover
Also published here 232
Motoki Kaido No RAVEN Replicate a RAVEN vanish using a split coin
Motoki Kaido KA VANISH Replicating a RAVEN vanish without gimmicks
Motoki Kaido NUDE Coin vanish, can show both palms empty, can show back of hands empty, then coin reappears.
Related to 248
Motoki Kaido Mott-sun's Palm Similar to Harada Hold, but in a different and more natural position nearer to the front of the wrist
Related to 249
Motoki Kaido Yin Sound Sound is heard when invisible coin is used to hit against a real coin, uses hidden coins to produce sound
Variations 254
Motoki Kaido Three Coin Production Using Yin Sound to produce three coins
Inspired by 259
Motoki Kaido Gimlet Flashy Ace production
Motoki Kaido Anytime Coincidence Total Coincidence sort of effect, four phases of increasing impossibility of card matching and coincidences. Uses half the deck.
Tomoya Horiki Monster, My Friend, Mott-sun
Motoki Kaido あとがき (Afterword)
Motoki Kaido 最後に君たちへ (Final words to you all)
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