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Robert Cassidy Preface
Robert Cassidy An Overview of the Act thoughts on structuring a mentalism show, Theory of Major and Minor Effects
  • The Logic of the Program
Also published here 9
The Art of Mentalism 2
Robert Cassidy Performance Details - The Psychological Forces objects found outside, with script
Also published here 13
Robert Cassidy The Name Place Routine without title, name and place are written on two pieces of paper, both are divined even though one has been destroyed
Also published here 14
Billet Switch using a lighter
Related to 18
Robert Cassidy The Book Test with two spectators
Also published here 22
Robert Cassidy The Three Envelope Test name, name of pet and drawing are put on three pieces of paper and sealed in three numbered envelopes, all is divined, technical variation of routine in The Art of Mentalism
Related toAlso published here 27
Robert Cassidy Card Memory deck is shuffled and memorized, two spectator get half the deck and performer names every card
Inspired byAlso published here 35
The Principia Mentalia
Robert Cassidy Part One - Fire prologue, on the origin of mentalism, its distinction to magic, disclaimer
Robert Cassidy Principium 1 "Plausibility depends on context (Or, as Annemann asked, 'What would a real mindreader do?')"
Robert Cassidy Riding the Web "An approach to Parapsychology and a cover story for mentalists"
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Robert Cassidy Remote Viewing sender in other room with assistant selects one of several designs, spectators in other room receive image
Robert Cassidy Principium 2 "No effect is plausible if the context is wrong. Conversely, anything is plausible in the right context. The trick is figuring out which is which." includes effect, prediction chosen postcard, cards with same city name but different images
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Robert Cassidy Extra Sensory Switch three routines with the Delight Switch
  • two rows with five ESP cards, after switching all cards match
  • two rows with five ESP cards, only one match, prediction
  • spectator and performer note a number and seal it in envelopes, they are switched and both numbers are the same
Related to
  • "Thought Coincidence" (marketed effect, 1934 by Brown Magic Company, also in Hull's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism Volume 1)
Dr. Jacob Daley Delight Switch here credited to Curry, also to switch object with spectator
Robert Cassidy Principium 3 "If more than one subtlety is at work, your method is well concealed."
Robert Cassidy Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust content of burnt billet is divined, with ashtray
Robert Cassidy Principium 4 "Varying your methods keeps you one step ahead of the dilettantes.", method to read center tear piece
Robert Cassidy The Triple Prediction gambling theme, using die, dart and cards
Robert Cassidy Principium 5 "To err is human, it makes you seem real, but err in your closer and you're a Schlemiel."
Robert Cassidy The Phantom's Thought Foretold three spectators write a word on a paper, words are divined and one paper is chosen, this word was predicted in envelope, Hoy TOD ploy
Inspired by 67
Robert Cassidy Principium 6 "It's not what you take with you that counts, it's what you leave behind."
Robert Cassidy The Erisian Force spectator cuts packet, amount of remaining cards is forced, cellophane
Robert Cassidy How I Found the Holy Grail pre-show method
Robert Cassidy Shift with Envelope Idea brief, doing a shift while dumping cards out of envelope
Robert Cassidy The M.C.A.M.N. Test using two decks and the Erisian force
Part Two - Earth
Robert Cassidy Introduction
Robert Cassidy Principium 7 "A Mentalist's primary product is his name and personality. The effects should merely serve to reinforce his image and reputation."
Robert Cassidy The Journey Continues on being real, having personality
Robert Cassidy Principium 8 "Reputations are not made by what you do. They are made by what people BELIEVE you can do."
Robert Cassidy Messing Around five spectators write an action on piece of paper, one is chosen and performer divines and copies action on billet
Robert Cassidy The Microphone Switch switching billet using a microphone
Related to 85
Robert Cassidy Principium 9 "If your initial claims are plausible, your later claims will be far easier to accept"
Robert Cassidy The Telepathic Diary birthday is looked up in book, card written next to the date is found inside envelope as a prediction, update version
Inspired byVariations 87
Robert Cassidy Take your Pick on nail writers, model to build one
Robert Cassidy Upside down and Backwards idea for nail writing, "afterfacting"
Robert Cassidy Principium 10 "Art requires attention to detail"
Robert Cassidy, Ralph Monserrat The Monserrat / Cassidy Booktest impromptu book test, paperback book
Robert Cassidy Return to the Web on alternate states of consciousness, reality tunnels
Robert Cassidy The Synchronistic Crossword crossword as prediction, business card on back indicates which letters used to form prediction
Robert Cassidy Tossing things around, and other ruminations on things psychic
Robert Cassidy Principium 11 "What's simple isn't always good, but what's good is almost always simple."
Robert Cassidy Business Card Telepathy information written on business card is divined, stack of business cards
Robert Cassidy The Jaxian Phone Book Test page is selected and name and number circled by spectator, then page is torn from book and name divined
Inspired by 108
Part Three - Air
Robert Cassidy Introduction on new age
Robert Cassidy Principium 12 "If charismatic you would be - Act enthusiastically", strategy to read billet
Robert Cassidy Blind Man's Bluff spectator thinks of a name and calls out five names, performer divines thought-of name, no props
Related to 114
Robert Cassidy Principium 13 "The more complex a routine, the less "real" it looks. That's one of the differences between mentalism and 'mental magic.'"
Robert Cassidy The Die and the Canisters die is placed in one of ten film canisters, performer locates die and divines number which is up
Inspired byRelated to 117
Robert Cassidy A Vibration from the Web on the web, explanation for supernatural powers
Robert Cassidy The UFO prediction of a date, paper between two glued paper plates to form an UFO
Robert Cassidy Black and White, and Red All Over spectator's bill in envelope, bill found in remaining envelope while other were burnt, serial number divination as climax
Robert Cassidy ESP Card Divination ESP deck is shuffled, numbers are named and performer names symbols at those positions
Robert Cassidy Packet Switch using envelope, with close-up variation
Robert Cassidy The Options Force and a Murder Mystery people write down, locations, names and weapons, one of each is selected and divined by performer
Part Four - Water
Robert Cassidy Introduction
Robert Cassidy Principium 14 "If Someone Else Your Try to Be, You're Condemned to Mediocrity."
Robert Cassidy On Originality brief
Ed "Weird" Rapoza The Weird Revelation clever verbal finesse for Hoy's Tossed Out Deck, same as Anderson
Inspired byRelated to 135
Robert Cassidy The Writer's Ditch on how and when to ditch a nail writer
Robert Cassidy Principium 15 "To Avoid Detection Use Misdirection", using a spellbound move to switch billets
Robert Cassidy Spellbilleted information of two numbered and destroyed billets is divined
Robert Cassidy Principium 16 "He Who is Wise, Knows How to Improvise - and all that jazz."
Robert Cassidy Jazz Mentalism longer and well-structured Q&A billet act, as a finale selected billet is sealed in envelope and still content is divined
Related to 143
Robert Cassidy Principium 17 "Cherish Your Mistakes, The Seeds of Miracles are Within."
Robert Cassidy Rip It Up Koran's binary newspaper, number named after newspaper is torn
Inspired by 152
Robert Cassidy Principium 18 "Anticipate the Inevitable, Because Murphy was right", out for memory test
Related to 154
Robert Cassidy Conclusion
Theories and Methods for the Practical Psychic
Robert Cassidy Introduction auto-biographical
Robert Cassidy The Difference between Mentalism and Mental Magic
  • How to tell if you are doing mental magic of mentalism
Robert Cassidy On Creativity and Originality
Robert Cassidy The Elemental Disks routine for "Super Sight, five disks and a tube, chosen disk placed inside bag is divined
Robert Cassidy Any card at any number with three-way forcing deck
Robert Cassidy The Moleskine Divination three dice with three digit numbers, to select number and place from a list in a moleskine, divination
Inspired by 168
Robert Cassidy The Pocket Watch Premonition folded prediction inside pocket watch, à la Joro/Kaps
Robert Cassidy The Cargo Switch pochete pockets in trousers
"Hosenbein-Servante", little pocket on the back of the leg, various uses
Related to 179
Robert Cassidy Pre-show clipboard technique pre-show strategy, pretending show is recorded
Robert Cassidy The Secret Language on mentalism
Robert Cassidy The Billet Switch general remarks on billets
  • Why do we call them billets?
Robert Cassidy The Open Switch and Read
Robert Cassidy, Al Baker Simplified Baker Switch from hand to hand
Inspired byAlso published here 189
Robert Cassidy The Eye of the White Dwarf information written on card and sealed inside two envelopes is divined, hole
Inspired by 191
Brain Busting
Robert Cassidy The Magazine Challenge spectator buys magazine in a hotel, chosen page is predicted, using a dictionary to get a page number
Real PK
Robert Cassidy The Disconnect in Action three pens balanced on edge of table, chosen one falls, PK pen
Robert Cassidy In Defense of the Dead - For Syd Bergson, Maker of Miracles on pirating material
Robert Cassidy Syd's Mystery Restored five ESP cards are placed inside five Envelopes, spectator guesses symbols and they are drawn on envelopes, they all match
Inspired by
  • Syd Bergson's "TelePerception"
Robert Cassidy A Magical Parable a guy wants to be as good as Paganini
Robert Cassidy The Thirty Second Rule on opening an act, performance tips
Robert Cassidy Gimmicks, Sleights and Devices chapter intro
Robert Cassidy The Watch pocket watch on chain, switch and ideas, brief
Robert Cassidy The Prediction Chest idea for using a normal box in combination with a Lippincott box
Robert Cassidy The Clipboard Index
Robert Cassidy The Billet Holder inspired by a billet holder in the Tarbell Course
Robert Cassidy The Billet Case metal case for billet routines
Robert Cassidy The Cassidy Crossover
  • The Basic Switch
  • The Mechanics of the Move
  • The Invisible Read and Holdout
  • Proper Placement and Use of the Holdout
Robert Cassidy The Godfather of All Billet Tests Q&A routine
Robert Cassidy The Quarter Bend bending a coin, reel
Robert Cassidy Eternally yours... prediction of chosen initials and time, inside pocket watch
Inspired by
  • Don Wayne's "Room Service"
Robert Cassidy Find the Dead Guy! on business cards, name is divined as climax
Robert Cassidy The Boys of October Or, How to Capitalize on a Baseball Strike outcome of a sport event is predicted, enclosed inside two boxes
Strange Impressions Performance Pieces for the mentalist and impression techniques
Robert Cassidy The Enigma of #23 oddities about number 23 are told, two spectators cut packet and cut cards are divined, total of packets equals 23
Robert Cassidy Epilogue to 23 oddities about number 23 are told, cross sum of date on spectator's coin equals 23 as well
Robert Cassidy Interlude - The Reverend Dr. Bob's "Bank Nite" apparently messing up a bank night effect, with fee of performer, gag
Robert Cassidy Signed Twice prediction billet is signed by two spectators and placed inside envelope
Robert Cassidy The Art of Pre-show - Creating the Best Impression overview and ideas on impression devices
Robert Cassidy Bonus - The Ultimate Mind Trip birthday is looked up in book, cities written next to dates, chosen date/city is predicted in envelope
Inspired by 264
But Stranger Still A Mind Reader's Revelations
Robert Cassidy Doctor Bob Live and in Persona! on the character of Doctor Bob
Robert Cassidy A Day at the Movies list with movies, selected movie is divined, backwards principle
Robert Cassidy Doctor Bob's Opening Routine description of opening
Robert Cassidy Doctor Bob's Killer Miller Caps object hidden under one of several bottle caps is found
Robert Cassidy The Billet Reading Portfolio
Robert Cassidy Smear and Hear name written among other names on pad, chosen name is divined, smear
Related to 287
Robert Cassidy Afterword
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