Written by Ian Baxter
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39 pages (Stapled), published by Aladdin's Magic Shop
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Ian Baxter Acknowledgements
Alton Sharpe Introduction
Ian Baxter Crazy Coincidence three prediction cards removed, three selected cards match, humorous presentation
Ian Baxter Baxter Switch packet in left-hand dealing position switched for side-jogged packet at the bottom of the deck in right-hand end grip as deck is put in left hand
Related to 6
Ian Baxter Forgotten Poker Deal dealing straight flushes and a royal flush from Si Stebbins
Inspired by 9
Ian Baxter Cheeky Aces Jacks lost and they appear on top again, lost again and Aces are found face-up in deck together, Aces lost and they are found reversed again, put aside and Jacks are found reversed finally
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring
Packet Overhand Shuffle Reverse overhand shuffle cover
Inspired by 13
Ian Baxter The Somersault Card Aces of Spades put on deck, in vanishes and appears face-up next to another card that was previously pushed into the center
Ian Baxter Impromptu Transmigrationalism duplicate of a card reverses in second deck, then the two duplicates are turned over and shown to have transposed (with odd backs)
Inspired by 18
Ian Baxter Joker Monte monte routine with Queen and Joker, cards dealt off the deck onto table before spectator guesses, then both are shown to be Jokers, all Queens seen face up in center
Ian Baxter Royal Marriages with Kings and Queens
Ian Baxter The Wallet Mystery dollar bill shown in transparent wallet compartment, selected card is found under the bill later, Four of Diamonds with extra pip to pose as Five
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring
Ian Baxter The "Expert" at the Card Table??? card freely chosen and tabled face down, performer produces the three cards of same value, all quartets grouped together
Ian Baxter Encore Elevators with Ace, Two and Three, transformation kicker into blank cards with message
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