Written by Stewart James
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24 pages (Stapled), published by Sterling Magic Company
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Stewart James Mike and Ike spectator removes any number card mates, puts any two cards on top and then counts twice the value of the mates on top, all is placed on deck, performer removes some cards behind his back and deals them out on the table, then he finds the mates, the selections and the amount of cards placed onto them
  • Variation (using two different-colored decks)
Stewart James Seven Wonders several cards are chosen via dealing packets themes around the number seven, they are eventually found
Stewart James The Name is the Same two decks used and two cards spelled two, decks exchanged and same words used to spell to each other's cards
Inspired by
  • "My Name - Your Name" (Peter Warlock, My Best Card Trick, 1953)
Stewart James Matchimera
Also published here 8
Stewart James The Deckspert spectator cuts off cards and puts some of them in one pocket and some in the other, card at position of total of cards in one pocket is remembered, performer changes order of deck, then card is at position of total of cards in other pocket
Stewart James The Flight of the Spelling Bee a random card and a selection are spelled to, re-count
Stewart James A Girl's Best Friend story with all cards of one suit, a selection shows up at the end
Stewart James Dateaser list with five dates shown, when the months and days are converted to letters of the alphabet they spell out a selection
Stewart James Double Time in Spiritland performer puts four cards in a glass, spectator chooses any card, performer removes cards that add up to its value form the glass, remaining cards in glass added and that number counted down and the arrived-card added, that number predicted
Inspired byVariations 16
Stewart James The Square Deal 4x4 layout, one row selected, a number generated from its values, that many cards taken from rest and a down-under-deal done with them, final card and a number are predicted
Variations 18
Stewart James Coloracle combination of previous two tricks
Inspired by 20
Stewart James Improsonic ten cards on a stand, one chosen via procedure with a number from one to ten, that card is predicted
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