Written by Joshua Jay
Work of Joshua Jay
142 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Joshua Jay Introduction
Joshua Jay Part One: Overlap Gaff Basics
  • The "Shared Artwork" Principle
  • Two-Handed Spread
  • One-Handed Spread
  • A Light Touch
  • Orientation
  • Spreading Distance
  • As a Short Card
  • The Locking Overlap Gaff
  • False Signatures
  • Transitions
Joshua Jay Palming
Joshua Jay With a Close-up Case
Joshua Jay, Jason Alford, Mark Aspiazu Hold 'Em adding extra-cards from top of tabled card case
Also published here 35
Part Two: Routines
Joshua Jay Overlap Homing Card
Also published here 39
Dai Vernon Optical Move no crossing
Also published here 43
Doc Eason Simplified Overlap Homing Card
Joshua Jay Jumbo Overlap Homing Card with jumbo cards
Also published here 46
Joshua Jay Overlap Hitchcock
Inspired byAlso published here 48
Frederick Braue Braue Addition
Joshua Jay Assembly and Reverse assembly with reverse surprise ending
Also published here 53
Broken Up Elmsley
Jack Parker Parker Ace Vanish
Joshua Jay Scatter Jacks put in different parts of the deck come to top, they then vanish and distribute in deck, repeat with change into Aces
  • Phase One: The Jacks Assemble
  • Phase Two: The Jacks Scatter
  • Phase Three: The Jacks Assemble...Again
  • Phase Four: The Jacks Change to Aces
Inspired by 61
Joshua Jay Overlap Twisting visual, instant turnover as kicker ending
Also published here 68
Joshua Jay Overlap Jacks to Kings Jacks turn over one by one, then change to Kings
Also published here 72
Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin Overlap Jacks to Aces Jacks turn over one by one visually, then change to Aces
Joshua Jay Overlap Jack Cutting first spectator cuts to the Jacks, then performer tries but really they all come to the top and he cuts off three single cards as gag
  • Phase One: The Spectator Cuts to Four Jacks
  • Phase Two: The Magician Cuts to Four Jacks (Sort of)
Also published here 81
Joshua Jay Overlap Gambling fake Center Deal demo, repeat with Ace kicker
  • Phase One: Four Jacks Dealt into a Chosen Hand
  • Phase Two: The Double Duke
Related to 88
Joshua Jay Overlap Open Travelers
Also published here 95
Alex Elmsley Prayer Vanish sandwiched card vanishes
Also published here 100
Jay Sankey Face-Up Tent Vanish Charlier pass
Also published here 101
Joshua Jay, Mark Aspiazu Overlap Hofzinser
Related to 103
Joshua Jay Overlap Travelers
LTP Vanish
Part Three: Other Routines
Joshua Jay Deuces are Wild four Twos and the Ace of Spades change into Royal Flush
Joshua Jay Overlap Transposition transformation kicker
Michael Close Last Card Push handling the last block in an undercount
Also published here 120
Joshua Jay Four Card Tunnel Change
Joshua Jay Collectors and Back Again three selections in case, they appear between the Aces, then Aces vanish and are found in case
Duc Nhien The Quarter Pass
Related to 131
Part Four: Bonus
Joshua Jay Shrunken Revelation Jennings Revelation with cards shrinking to mini cards as an ending
Also published here 137
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