Written by Jim Steinmeyer
Work of Jim Steinmeyer
18 pages (Stapled), published by Hahne
Illustrated with drawings by Jim Steinmeyer
Language: English
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Jim Steinmeyer The Vicissitude of Black Confetti black confetti poured in glass and covered with black silk, white confetti in another glass changes into black and black confetti changed to white under silk
Also published here 2
Jim Steinmeyer Pasteboard Under Glass using Okito's Substitution Principle with hollow stack of envelopes
Also published here 3
Jim Steinmeyer A Case of Collusion odd-backed card leaned against glass, spectator selects any card face up, they match, odd-backed rough-smooth menetekel
Also published here 5
Jim Steinmeyer Co-Conspirators spectator and performer both have a deck and alternately deal and stop anytime and place the card at that point in a glass, in the end there are three matches
Also published here 7
Jim Steinmeyer Cue Card Mentalism large cue cards with GAPS, WOW, APPLAUSE, ... shown, one chosen and predicted
Also published here 9
Jim Steinmeyer Gobbledygook large cue cards shown, one chosen and predicted
Inspired byAlso published here 11
Jim Steinmeyer The Cardless Cantico verbal force of Nine of Clubs or Six of Clubs
Also published here 13
Jim Steinmeyer The Emperor's New Deck deck is shown blank on both sides, on normal card is shown and set aside, it eventually is shown to be a named card, twenty-six blank-backed red cards
  • Variation: The Emperor & The Instant Stooge
Also published here 15
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