Written by Doc Docherty, Various
Work of Various
45 pages (Spiralbound), published by East Coast Super Session
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
16 entries
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Doc Docherty Introduction
Don England The Dousing Card selection lost, Joker torn in two parts to make an impromptu dousing card, it then transposes with the selection
Kostya Kimlat Two Step, Two Step two cards chosen from two decks match, one by performer and one by spectator, the cards are replaced and then transpose
Steve Beam Predecktion spectators get seven cards each and turn some over, cards are shuffled and turned, number of reversed cards match prediction
Also published here 5
Lee Asher Touché - Is What You Say! ".....is what you say !!", number named, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selection
Also published here 8
Rich Aviles Subwich card travels from packet to sandwich, sandwich card transform into mates
Inspired byAlso published here 13
Rich Aviles Invisible Sandwich first selection appears between tabled Jokers, second selection becomes the two Jokers which are invisible and reappear around third selection in the deck
Scott Robinson Illogical Probability Sandwich two Kings face-up on the deck, one sinks through deck and eventually selection is caught between Kings
Variations 20
Reinhard Müller Three Card Catch
Doc Docherty The Zoso Change
  • Triple Color Change
Inspired by 22
Joel Givens Shrink and Drink card shrinks, then again into tiny piece of paper, it is dropped through a transparent straw into a bottle where it grows to regular size again
Scott Robinson The Da Vinci Coin three silver coins change to Chinese one by one
Scott Robinson Over the Hills and Far Away three coin vanish and reproduction
  • Over the Hills - They Vanish
  • Far Away Sequence - They Come Back
Unknown Thumb Palm Steal of stack
Robert Moreland Bic a Chink Transpo four coin production with bic pen, chink a chink, pen and coins transpose from hand to pocket
Jason Mauney Scamming the Silverware Piano Card Trick with forks and spoons, with vanishing spoon
Inspired by 42
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